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Fall Specials! Cool down that hot engine with heat reduction products like Love Jugs, K&P Oil Filters, Lucas Motorcycle Oil Products and CSR Ceramic Coated Headers

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Temperatures may be cooling down outside but that doesn’t mean that your engine is. We have so many customers that come to us stating that their motorcycles are running super hot and they are looking for ways to cool it down and be able to ride again without worrying about damage caused by overheating.  We have products that can help with this issue that have been tried and tested.  These products are worth the investment:

Love Jugs:   These fans are installed on the factory horn mount and blow air across the cylinders to keep them from getting in an overheated state.  You control when they run and for how long either by your accessory switch or by turning them off and on manually. A lot of people are skeptical if the fans really work and we can honestly say Yes! they do work.  We have the Mighty Might fans installed on all of our V-Twin motorcycles which allows us to ride anywhere.  Stop and go traffic? No problem.  We have never seen a motorcycle overheat after the installation of these fans.

Some customers raise concerns about the hot air that the fans blow over to the right side of the motorcycle.  Here is our response.  The fans are going to help cool the cylinders down so the air will be warm but not ridiculous.  If you are riding a motorcycle now that overheats or runs so hot it is on the verge of overheating then what does it matter?  The fans are designed to cool the motor, not the rider.  Cycle Solutions Inc offers many products that can help with heat.  You can check out our heat reduction packages to get that heat in check.

K&P Engineering Oil Filter Coolers: K&P manufacturers the best oil filters period. These filters are made from billet aluminum with a stainless steel filter insert that can be cleaned and re-used. The finned case and the faster flowing stainless steel filter media also performs as an oil filter cooler that will help cool down your engine oil.  The S44 and S69 lengths are a Cycle Solutions Inc exclusive product and can only be purchased from our website, show truck or shops. There are other companies selling a knock off version of the K&P Oil Filter. Do not be fooled. They are cheaply made and do not perform.

Lucas Motorcycle Oil Products:  It is no secret that by using Lucas oil products you can reduce some heat in your motor.  Cycle Solutions uses Lucas Oil Products exclusively so if you have had us do your oil change in the past then you have experienced the benefits of Lucas Oil.  Lucas Oils are proven to run cooler and also to help your engine run quieter.  All of their oils are superior and are a great companion to the K&P Oil filter we spoke of above.  Don’t forget the Lucas Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer!  This additive is designed to reduce heat and friction extend your oil life and helps against oil breakdown due to overheating.

CSR Ceramic Coated Headers:  CSR has installed a lot of head pipes over the years.  We know which ones perform better and which ones are easier to install.  We have combined all the qualities that riders look for in a header and sell our own line of performance headers.  All of our headers have ceramic coating inside and outside of the pipe to help keep heat in.  Our pipes reduce the amount of heat you feel on your legs and when paired with a quality tuner like a Thundermax Auto Tune they will also help the engine run cooler.  Our headers are available as a true dual style or one with a cross over chamber for more low end torque.

All of our heat reduction products can be purchased at 10% off for a limited time. Use coupon code FALL2018 at check out and take advantage of the savings.

Myrtle Beach Fall Rally will take pace this upcoming weekend Oct 4th-7th 2018

Despite the rain and winds that Hurricane Florence brought to the Carolinas we are advised that the Fall Myrtle Beach rally will still take place.  We have been told that the area did not suffer much damage and are anticipating a great rally!

Our location will be at Barefoot Landing in the back vendor lot.  Show dates are October 4th through the 7th.  Come see us and let us make your motorcycle rock!

The show will go on! Ocean City Bikefest will take place this weekend

Cycle Solutions Inc. will be open for business in Ocean City, MD on Sept 13-16th.  Our location is at the Convention Center this year and you can’t miss us.  The threats of hurricane Florence are tracking to the south so we setting up and looking forward to a great show.  There will be many other vendors there as well so come check it out and see what everyone has to offer!

Cycle Solutions has all the top performance products on board and ready for installation. All big bore kits and complete engines are in stock as well as exhaust systems, tuners, air intakes and throttle bodies.  Need a cam upgrade?  We got you covered.  Cam upgrades can be completed in 3-4 hours so while you are out shopping for t-shirts or other rally goods we can have your upgrades done and ready for you once you return.

Come help us make the 2018 Ocean City BikeFest the best one yet!


Ocean City Bikefest Update

We have received many calls in regards to the status of the motorcycle rally in Ocean City Maryland this weekend.  At this point the rally is still scheduled to take place.  The city has not made the decision to cancel the show so our show truck is currently in Ocean City in a holding pattern with all the other vendors until we are told we can set up at our location.

Our location has changed!  Due to the high waves on the coast of Maryland allowing water to be dumped into our spot from the remnants of the last hurricane that passed through the area we will not set up in our usual location.  At this time,  our new location will be at the North end of the Convention Center in Ocean City Maryland.  We have also been informed that vendors in the inlet area have been moved to other locations as well.

We will send out more information as we are updated with the status of this show.  For those attending the rally we wish you safe travels and pray for the safety for those who are in the direct path of the storm.

New CSR 2-into-1-into-2 Ceramic Coated Headers now available

Cycle Solutions Inc. is always upping the game. We have added to our CSR performance line a New Header System for 2009-2016 Touring models that provides top performance over other aftermarket headers with a bonus! Ceramic Coating!

Ceramic coating is applied to the entire head pipe under the heat shields that help keep heat in the pipe and from radiating out onto your legs.  We see a lot of HOT Harleys on the road and this pipe can significantly reduce the amount of heat you feel.  It does not cure the engine heat by itself, however, when paired with a ThunderMax Auto Tune module you can help your engine run cooler.

This new system is a 2 into 1 into 2.  it has a crossover chamber that produces more power.  Did we mention that it comes with the heat shields already installed? Yep, that’s right.  This system is a breeze to install.  No more time consuming clamps to tighten down to install the heat shields because this is already done!  Once you have the old system off then all you have to do is bolt this one right up and get back on the road.

This system is available in chrome and ready to ship.  It fits all 2009-2016 HD Touring models and comes with 18mm 02 ports so you can run an auto tune module such as the ThunderMax Auto Tune.