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Take $40 off now of CSR Exhaust headers!

Spring is definitely in the air and it is time to get those new headers for your motorcycle.  To kick off the 2019 riding season, Cycle Solutions Inc. is offering $40 OFF any of our CSR Headers.

CSR Headers are the perfect upgrade to replace your stock headers. Our systems come with new heat shields, 18mm Wide O2 ports for those who want to use a ThunderMax Auto tune module and they also have ceramic coating.  This ceramic coating will help keep the heat in your pipes and reduce the amount hitting your legs!

No matter what HD Touring model you ride, we got you covered.  This sale can be applied towards any CSR headers listed below that are purchased on our website between now, April 5th through April 17th.  Don’t wait!



We got ‘em! The NEW Vented Dipstick made by Feuling for Milwaukee Eight Models

Feuling has came out with a new product to help relieve pressure in the oil tank.  They have a vented dipstick that allows pressure to escape to reduce the likelihood of a wet sumping engine that many of the Milwaukee Eight models have been experiencing.  Chris Waddell from Cycle Solutions Inc. explains this new product and how it works in the video below.

Feuling 3088 Vented Dipstick for Harley Milwaukee Eight

We have a very limited number of these dipsticks currently available here at Daytona Bike Week. If your in Daytona stop in and check them out. You can also purchase them from our online store.

Now is the time to get your upgrades done! Cycle Solutions Inc. has appointments available.

Cycle Solutions Inc. has a large inventory of performance products to get your motorcycle to its peak performance.  We have appointment times still available to get your upgrades done before peak riding season.

Watch Chris as he shows off our Florida shop and some of the great products we have available.

Cycle Solutions’ New Fort Myers, FL Location Showroom

Cycle Solutions offers faster turn times than most shops.  Call us today or check us out online

Featured Product: D&D 2:1 Fat Cat for 2018-Newer M8 Softail Models

D&D Exhaust Products now offers a killer 2:1 exhaust system for the new M8 Softail models.  This system sounds great and like all D&D products it makes great performance as well.  Systems are available in chrome and black and a fitment is available for all M8 Softail Models.

This system is designed especially for the M8 motors.  The Fat Cat is a stepped header system at 1 3/4″-1 7/8″-2 1/8″ at collector -2 1/2″ where the muffler goes to the header. The M8 Softail Fat Cat full system is equipped with heat shields, exhaust gaskets, bolt kit and baffle and has a 4″ muffler housing.    It also comes with both 18mm and 12mm O2 bungs so it can be used with an auto tune module such as the ThunderMax Auto Tune.  This system is also designed to increase low end torque and horsepower.

All systems are currently in stock and ready to ship or have installed at one of our locations.

Give the gift of diamond cut this year. Our diamond cut K&P Oil Filters are now on sale.

Give the gift of a K&P Oil filter this year or purchase one for yourself and take advantage of our holiday sale on all diamond cut K&P oil filters.

Our Oil Filter/Coolers make a great gift for any motorcycle enthusiast. These filters come in a variety of finishes, sizes and there is a fitment for just about any motorcycle. Cycle Solutions Inc. has sold thousands of these filters and they are on of the best investments you can do for your motorcycles engine.  These filters not only filter your engine oil through a stainless steel mesh filter media.  The filter media is made up of thousands of very fine stainless steel wires woven into a filter cloth.  Using this type of filter media provides OEM filtration with a much higher flow rate.  This higher flow helps keep the engine flushed out.  Fiber filters use fibers that are pressed or glued together and must get to a certain thickness to achieve the appropriate filtration, which introduces an inherently higher restriction to flow.  This filter can be 80% plugged and still flow as much as a new paper fiber filter.

This filter also acts as an oil cooler.  It helps cool your engine oil down with its large finned cooling surface area and faster filter flow.  Cooling alone makes this filter a great investment.  Did we mention it is washable and reusable?  This product reduces the number of oil filters that get dumped into a landfill each year.  That’s a win in our book.

Not sold yet? Watch the video below about this amazing filter.

K&P Engineering: Why K&P?


to enjoy $40.00 off for a limited time on all K&P Diamond Cut Oil Filters. Shop now!