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Thundermax Auto Tune versus HD Tuner

We frequently get motorcyclists that are searching for someone to professionally tune their motorcycle that has the HD Tuner.  The HD Tuner is not something that we can provide tuning on because it is a HD specific tuner and it is not the type of tuner that we prefer to work with because of its restrictions.

We had a customer come to us who had a stage one done to his motorcycle with the HD tuner and he was not happy with the overall performance.  Chris spent some time explaining the Thundermax Auto Tune and the benefits that it has above all the tuners currently on the market.

Cycle Solutions installed the Thundermax and rolled the motorcycle on the dyno.  Chris spent some time tuning, which is what he does best, and the motorcycle got a nice gain.

The graph shows just over 10 horsepower from switching to a quality tuner with a quality tune.

Cycle Solutions keeps Thundermaxes in stock and ready for install,  Come see us at a show and get the best quality products available.  If you currently have a Thundermax auto tune and you are running a base map come see us at a show or at one of our locations and we can professionally tune your Thundermax for better performance and perform a tech service on your existing Thundermax to make sure it is installed and running properly.

We will be in North Myrtle Beach for Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Week Friday May11th through May 20th.  We will be in the back vendor lot at Barefoot Landing.

Amazing gains with the switch of a Spark Plug! Check out the NGK Iridium CR9EIX for the Milwaukee-Eight Motorcycles


Looking for a cheap upgrade that really does produce? NGK is the answer.

With our recent purchase of a 2018 CVO Road Glide, Cycle Solutions Inc. decided to switch out the stock spark plugs and install 2 pairs of the NGK Iridium CR9EIX Spark Plugs and perform a dyno test to see how these plugs compare on the new M-8′s to the Twin Cams.  Its no secret that Cycle Solutions Inc. has always been a fan of the NGK Iridium Spark Plug and recommends them for every Harley.

This dyno test was done while our CVO was bone stock.  The base before plugs shows 84.8 horsepower and 97.02 ft lbs of torque.  We did another dyno pull after switching to the NGK Iridium Spark Plug CR9EIX and the results are just as we expected them to be.  We gained almost 6 horsepower as well as 5.52 ft lbs of torque.  All by just switching out the spark plugs! Purchase your plugs here.

Twin Cams also benefit from NGK Iridium Spark Plugs.  Twin Cams gain almost three horsepower from the use of these plugs.  Check out the graph and see for yourself!

Product details:

  • The ultimate in spark plug technology and performance from the industry leader
  • The iridium electrode is 25% smaller than a platinum electrode, and it’s just 1/4 the size of a conventional nickel electrode
  • Ultra-small diameter center electrode reduces voltage requirement and extends ignition system life
  • New metal shell plating has enhanced anti-corrosion qualities
  • Come pre-gapped

Find your fitment by clicking here or purchase from us at a show.

They’re here! CSR Performance Products are now available. Let us make your motorcycle ROCK!


Cycle Solutions Inc. knows performance. We have sold and installed the top performing products for many years helping our customers get the most out of their hard earned money. We have paid attention over the years as to what works and also what is important to our customers and have created a product line called Cycle Solutions Racing (CSR) Performance Products to meet both of these criteria and then some.

Our new line of CSR exhaust headers feature a high quality ceramic coating on the inside and outside of the pipe to help keep the heat in and not on your leg! We have customers constantly seeking relief from the burning heat that is emitted from their header pipes. Our header system will easily reduce the heat and when paired with our other heat reduction products such as a ThunderMax Auto Tune and our K&P XL Lifetime Oil Filter. Heat will quickly become a distant memory. Our mechanics have installed many sets of exhausts and we understand the difficulty that some systems have when trying to do the install. We have designed our system for a fast, easy installation. Nobody wants a wrestling match when installing their new exhaust system! Performance is our middle name so of course this was a top priority when creating a system with our name on it. Our new high quality system will give you the performance gains you want and will work great with any parts combination you can throw at it!

What good is an exhaust system if you do not have a high quality air cleaner? In Sturgis, we launched our new air intake product line. The new CSR Performance Air Intakes will not disappoint. Our Intakes are made from a billet piece of aluminum, not a casting. Castings break from the vibration of the engine leaving you frustrated and having to purchase a new system. We offer them in a stage 1 or a stage 2 air filter fitment. All of our air intakes use your stock cover or you can update your look and add a stage 1 round aftermarket cover. Our motorcycle air intakes also feature a washable, reusable air filter element that lets the air in and allows your engine to breathe.

These products are now currently available on our show truck and also on our website. We have many more products in the works for our CSR product line so check back with us regularly.

Introducing our new 62mm Throttlebody. Why? Because sometimes 58mm just isn’t enough!


One of the weakest links and restricted points on any fuel injected Harley is the stock throttle body. It is truly the limiting factor of how well an engine can perform. For example, Harley’s 50 mm throttle body on a 2008 and newer FLH necks down to 41mm. What this means is there is only enough incoming air to feed 1 cylinder at a time. With our performance throttle bodies, the back side of the intake ports are sized to fit your specific application. It is easy to bolt on 10 to 15 additional horsepower and improve the ride-ability of a motorcycle by simply switching throttle bodies. Check out our comparison video demonstrating different throttle body sizes.

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Larger throttle bodies are our stage 3 performance upgrade. We stock many sizes to fit our customer needs. In addition to the 51mm, 55mm and 58mm sizes, we now offer a 62mm. These are all available from our online store or you can come see us at a show and we can do the install for you.

One thing to note is that if you go with a 58mm or larger throttle body then you will need to update your air intake. If your intake is stock, then you can purchase an intake that is already built for a 58mm or 62mm throttle body. We stock brands such as RC Components Air Strikes and GLS Ultimate Intake for this application. If you have already upgraded your intake then it maybe possible to mill out the backing plate to allow for more air flow. Most intakes have enough “meat” on the backing plate to be milled out for fitment. We offer this service to our customers. Just contact us and we can provide a quote to have this done.

Could a larger throttle body be your next upgrade? We recommend that you do a cam upgrade before you do a throttle body. We have a lot of customers that have already done a stage 1 upgrade on their bikes and come back to do the stage 2 cam upgrade and at the same time go ahead and do the stage 3 throttle body. Whatever your next upgrade is be sure to check out our performance products. We specialize in parts combinations to make your ride rock!

Love Jugs V-Twin Engine Cooling Systems Take Heat Reduction To A New Level!

If you didn’t have a chance last year to purchase a set of Love Jug Cooling Fans for your HD motorcycle last year you still can.  Cycle Solutions Inc. added this product as part of our heat reduction line at Daytona 2016.  This system is so efficient and keeping bikes cool that it has earned its place in our product line for 2017.  Love Jugs V-Twin Engine Cooling Fans are the latest and greatest product that is guaranteed to cool down your engine. LOVE JUGS manufactures the most powerful, and by far the most effective, high performance, waterproof fans available. Their engineers have meticulously located the unit to sit at precisely the optimum placement to concentrate the LOVE JUGS powerful air streams, at the hottest area of your engine’s cylinders. Only a two fan system can properly direct the air to the critical heat producing areas; and only Love Jugs has the power to do so effectively.

Love Jugs are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in every regard. The body is all aircraft quality stainless steel construction polished to a high chrome finish. Love Jugs do not use any welding in their manufacturing process. This is especially important considering the extreme vibrations that are generated by a Harley engine. Weld free prevents material fatigue so your Love Jugs will look the same in 10 years!

If you are tired of having to pull off to the side of the road due to an overheating engine due to slow traffic or feeling like your legs are on fire when you ride then come see us at either of our locations or at one of the events we attend. Cycle Solutions Inc will have all the Love Jugs in stock and ready for install. Click here to see all the Love Jugs styles available for purchase either at show or on our website.
Want to see this product in action? We know seeing is believing so watch this video and be amazed! We are!

Love Jugs Cooling Test