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S&S Cycle hits the market with a brand new intake and the price is right.

New for this year is a motorcycle air intake made by S&S Cycle and it is quickly becoming one of our top sellers. This is because it is stylish and comes with a great price tag. You can purchase the entire intake assembly kit with your choice from 3 cover options for around $270.00.

S&S Cycle is a household name for any motorcycle enthusiast. Customers can purchase their products with confidence knowing it is a quality part and performs well. This motorcycle air intake has a built in stinger cone that directs air smoothly and reduces the turbulence, in which increases the air flow for more performance.

As with any air intake going on a 2008-Newer Harley that will not use the factory cover we recommend purchasing a servo cover to go on behind the new intake. The purpose of this servo cover is to hide the throttle body wires and junk that gets exposed when you take off that large bulky stock intake. The most poplar servo covers are the ones offered by Kuryakyn and Performance Machine. (add link to servo covers)
Most people are not aware of this and are often disappointed when they get their new shiny and slim intake installed and there is an eye sore behind it. We point this out during the time of install so our customers can decide if they want the cover or not.

They’re here! CSR Performance Products are now available. Let us make your motorcycle ROCK!


Cycle Solutions Inc. knows performance. We have sold and installed the top performing products for many years helping our customers get the most out of their hard earned money. We have paid attention over the years as to what works and also what is important to our customers and have created a product line called Cycle Solutions Racing (CSR) Performance Products to meet both of these criteria and then some.

Our new line of CSR exhaust headers feature a high quality ceramic coating on the inside and outside of the pipe to help keep the heat in and not on your leg! We have customers constantly seeking relief from the burning heat that is emitted from their header pipes. Our header system will easily reduce the heat and when paired with our other heat reduction products such as a ThunderMax Auto Tune and our K&P XL Lifetime Oil Filter. Heat will quickly become a distant memory. Our mechanics have installed many sets of exhausts and we understand the difficulty that some systems have when trying to do the install. We have designed our system for a fast, easy installation. Nobody wants a wrestling match when installing their new exhaust system! Performance is our middle name so of course this was a top priority when creating a system with our name on it. Our new high quality system will give you the performance gains you want and will work great with any parts combination you can throw at it!

What good is an exhaust system if you do not have a high quality air cleaner? In Sturgis, we launched our new air intake product line. The new CSR Performance Air Intakes will not disappoint. Our Intakes are made from a billet piece of aluminum, not a casting. Castings break from the vibration of the engine leaving you frustrated and having to purchase a new system. We offer them in a stage 1 or a stage 2 air filter fitment. All of our air intakes use your stock cover or you can update your look and add a stage 1 round aftermarket cover. Our motorcycle air intakes also feature a washable, reusable air filter element that lets the air in and allows your engine to breathe.

These products are now currently available on our show truck and also on our website. We have many more products in the works for our CSR product line so check back with us regularly.

Introducing our new 62mm Throttlebody. Why? Because sometimes 58mm just isn’t enough!


One of the weakest links and restricted points on any fuel injected Harley is the stock throttle body. It is truly the limiting factor of how well an engine can perform. For example, Harley’s 50 mm throttle body on a 2008 and newer FLH necks down to 41mm. What this means is there is only enough incoming air to feed 1 cylinder at a time. With our performance throttle bodies, the back side of the intake ports are sized to fit your specific application. It is easy to bolt on 10 to 15 additional horsepower and improve the ride-ability of a motorcycle by simply switching throttle bodies. Check out our comparison video demonstrating different throttle body sizes.

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Larger throttle bodies are our stage 3 performance upgrade. We stock many sizes to fit our customer needs. In addition to the 51mm, 55mm and 58mm sizes, we now offer a 62mm. These are all available from our online store or you can come see us at a show and we can do the install for you.

One thing to note is that if you go with a 58mm or larger throttle body then you will need to update your air intake. If your intake is stock, then you can purchase an intake that is already built for a 58mm or 62mm throttle body. We stock brands such as RC Components Air Strikes and GLS Ultimate Intake for this application. If you have already upgraded your intake then it maybe possible to mill out the backing plate to allow for more air flow. Most intakes have enough “meat” on the backing plate to be milled out for fitment. We offer this service to our customers. Just contact us and we can provide a quote to have this done.

Could a larger throttle body be your next upgrade? We recommend that you do a cam upgrade before you do a throttle body. We have a lot of customers that have already done a stage 1 upgrade on their bikes and come back to do the stage 2 cam upgrade and at the same time go ahead and do the stage 3 throttle body. Whatever your next upgrade is be sure to check out our performance products. We specialize in parts combinations to make your ride rock!

New Product Release: K&N is at it again with a new Aircharger Intake System

K&N Filters is rolling out their latest version of their most popular motorcycle air intake in Sturgis South Dakota and Cycle Solutions Inc will have them on display and ready for install. Cycle Solutions Inc partnered with K&N Filters many years ago because their products make power! Their wrench on oil filters are also top notch and use them in all of our oil change services for those who are not ready to step up to our K&P XL Lifetime Oil Filter.

The Aircharger has been providing motorcyclists with outstanding performance for years. K&N’s new updated design is sure to provide even more gains with its internal velocity stack and high flow cotton air filter. Built with a heritage of over 45 years of performance, K&N is focused on building horsepower and making motorcycles perform to get you moving down the highway! K&N’s AIRCHARGER Intake System will give your motorcycle an aggressive appearance while providing a significant increase in airflow resulting in more horsepower and torque delivered to the rear wheels.

The Aircharger is currently available in that nostalgic black finish. Come see us at Sturgis or order online to take advantage of their introductory low price of $339.99. Regular retail is $399.95. The polished finish is expected to be available over the next 3-4 months.

Time to show your Indian motorcycle some love with the new Love Jugs Engine Cooling fans.

Cycle Solutions Inc launched the Love Jugs engine cooling fans for Harley models at Daytona Bike Week. Why is this product taking the market by storm? Because this product does everything it was designed to do….Keep your motorcycle from overheating and causing expensive damage to your engine. Harley owners were the first ones to enjoy the benefits of this product but now Love Jugs is launching the same product line for 2014-Newer Indian motorcycles.

What is nice about the Indian Love Jugs is that there are no special mounting kits or adaptors that you need to purchase in order to install. Just purchase the fans and have your Indian running cooler in a matter of 15 minutes! The Indian Love Jugs are available in all the same styles as the Harley version and they are expected to be available for shipping starting July 20th.

Here are some of the features for those of you who have not seen the LOVE JUGS products:

  • This system uses a low amperage draw to operate. It uses a maximum of 3.2 Amps
  • Love Jugs manufactures the most powerful, and by far the most effective, high performance, waterproof fans available
  • Love Jugs are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in every regard
  • Love Jugs are by far the most powerful and effective cooling system available
  • It has been proven and well known that a LOVE JUGS cooling system will lower oil temperatures
  • 100% waterproof! They will actually run while submerged underwater!
  • On/Off switch on the front of the fans so you can turn them on and off as needed
  • Love Jugs are rated for a minimum of 20,000 hours of life. They provide you with a full year 100% warranty on electrical components and three (3) year warranty on all other parts

Want to see them in action? Check out this video of the Love Jugs clearly cooling down a overheating engine.

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All Love Jugs are available on our website. CLICK HERE to see the styles and finishes. If you have questions about which mounting kits to use please give us a call at 765-768-6000.