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Protect Your Ride with Kryptonite Locks

  One of the most spectacular crashes Chris Waddell has ever seen is the one where his buddy went flying over the front of his motorcycle somersaulting in the air in the parking lot after having dinner and talking crap. Why did this happen? His buddy had just bought a Kryptonite lock and had put it in his front wheel prior to having dinner and forgot to take it off. The moral of this story is that these locks work! Nobody is going more than a foot or two with this baby on your motorcycle.
     Kryptonite set the standard in security products. They are the leader in action sports security products and have got you covered for your security needs. There are a couple of things to consider when purchasing a lock for your motorcycle. You need to think about where your bike will be locked and how long it will be there. College campuses, Metro, and rural areas all have different risk levels. We recommend that you always have some type of security on your bike. If you don’t protect what you value, who will?
     When we go on a trip and have to leave our motorcycle in a hotel parking lot, sitting out at a show or just out riding for the day, we personally use the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock. This system comes with a carrying pouch for storage when not in use and has a convenient tether that attaches to your grip and the lock so that when you are out having fun with your buddies and get on your motorcycle to ride away you will see the tether and remember to remove the lock so you don’t crash your brains out like Chris’ buddy did! It comes with three keys and one key has an LED bulb to assist with the use of the lock in low light areas.
     They have high security locks with chains in different lengths for locking bikes to poles or other permanent objects as well as high security cable locks. Any of these styles can be conveniently stored in a saddle bag, back pack or tour pack for peace of mind no matter where your motorcycle takes you! We talk with so many motorcyclists at the rallies that have stories of their motorcycles being stolen. Don’t let this happen to you!
Check out all of the Kryptonite locks and put one to work for you!

Rain Socks for the GLS Stage 3 Ultimate Intake are Now Available

The wait is over! We recieved our first shipment of the new GLS Stage 3 Motorcycle Air Intake Rain Socks at Daytona Bike Week. These rain socks have a velcro edge so that you can easily slip it around the filter and remove it anytime you want.

We recommend using a rain sock to keep unwanted water from getting into your intake on days that you can not avoid the rain. Who hasn’t left their home on a gorgeous day for a great ride and
then turn a corner and enter a downpour. Rain happens!

Purchase one now to keep in your saddlebag for those rainy days.

Battery Replacement

A battery in your motorcycle will last a lot longer when it is kept on a battery tender when not in use.  We have found that the best way to do this is to plug the battery tender into a timer that you can buy at any hardware or department store that is used to turn lights or any other device on or off at set times.  We have one battery tender unit that charges all of our display bike batteries when not on display and it is set up to come on for 3 hours once a week.  This is what works for us.  Depending on how many bikes you have and what type of battery tender you purchase you may need to play around with that a little to find what works best for you.   One of the dial type wall timers work best because if you loose power they will still keep the programming and still work when the power comes back on so you don’t have to remember every time there is a power outage to reset your timer.  This way your bike will fire right up every time you want to ride it!  We do not recommend that you plug your battery into a tender and leave it on all the time.  Batteries can overcharge and cause the lead plate in the battery to breakdown which will greatly reduce the life of your battery and lets face it, batteries are to expensive to replace before they have to be!

We do recommend upgrading your battery to one of our premium performance batteries.  Stock batteries have not changed over the years.  They are the same stock batteries that Harley has always been using and today’s modern conveniences takes a toll on them. The addition of LED lights, accent lighting, phone charges, Ipods, high powered stereo systems and speakers all put a draw on your battery.  The addition of a Thundermax Auto Tune can also have a bigger draw from the battery.  We get many customers that call and say they are experiencing trouble with starting their motorcycle after installing a Thundermax Auto Tune  and 9 times out of 10 it is because they have an old weak battery and it is not able to power their motorcycle anymore.

We stock many premium performance batteries on our show truck and we sell every battery we bring to every show and then some.  Motorcyclists that have bigger high compression motors really benefit from a premium performance battery.  When performing a large engine build in our shop or on the road we always check the vitality of a customers battery to be sure it has what it takes to start every time flawlessly.   Adding a better performance battery will also increase the durability of the starter because it does not have to work so hard.

If you are in need of a new battery please check out our premium 400 and 500 CCA (cold cranking amp) batteries.  They are good old fashioned lead acid batteries that are manufactured by Yuasa and privately labeled.  If you do not see the fitment you need then call us!

When should you add a tuner to your motorcycle?

We get a lot of customers in our booth at the events we attend asking the question “When do I need to add a tuner to my motorcycle?” There are differences in opinion on this matter, however, our professional opinion is the following:  On a stock bike you can change either the motorcycle air intake OR add slip on mufflers and not have to add a tuner to your motorcycle.   When you replace the stock air intake with a higher performing one such as an Arlen Ness Big Sucker  you are increasing the amount of air that your bike can breathe in.  When you change your mufflers on your motorcycle then you are changing how the exhaust flows and escapes.  Both of these things can increase the horsepower of your motorcycle, some brands make more than others.   You are not really posing harm when you just change out one of these parts with an aftermarket one.  It is when you change out both of them at the same time OR if you install a full aftermarket exhaust such as a Rush Racing Exhaust, RC Components or a Rinehart Exhaust system you could potentially do damage to your engine if a good tuner with a proper tune are not installed.  The tell tale sign of improper tuning is blue/brown discoloration on the exhaust pipes or if you have backfiring and/or popping.  Harley exhaust systems can be an expensive addition to your bikes performance so no one wants their investment to discolor and become an eye sore nor do you want people running for cover when you ride down the street thinking a machine gun is going off.

Typically people do not experience any problems by switching out their mufflers with a set of better sounding and better looking mufflers.  Same goes for switching out the motorcycle’s air intake.  Please keep in mind though that depending on how rich or lean your bike is before you make these modifications, you may experience a difference in how your bike runs. This could be a positive thing or it could be negative.

Cycle Solutions Inc. offers complete power packs on our website for the motorcyclists that want to do a complete stage 1 upgrade right out of the gate, dial it in and be done with it until they get the bug to take the next step.  We also install all of these items and tune your bike to perfection at many motorcycle events across the country for those individuals that don’t want to do the install and wants every morsel of power they can get.  Our stage one power packs currently include several brands of Harley exhaust systems such as Rinehart Exhaust, Vance and Hines, Rush Racing Products and RC Components. Most of the packages also include an Arlen Ness Big Sucker stg 1 that uses your stock cover.  This aftermarket motorcycle air intake is the least expensive on the market and performs very well.  You can also choose from a Power Commander or a Thundermax Auto Tune to take care of your tuning needs.

These are the two tuners that we sell, install and tune from our mobile truck.  The reason we only stock the Power Commanders and the Thundermax Auto Tune is because we feel these products are currently the best performing tuners on the market.  With the use of our dyno and these two types of tuners, we can create custom maps for each individual motorcycle.  Power Commanders can be mapped for the modifications you made to your bike and then they can be re-mapped at a later time with a dyno to make adjustments for cam or engine upgrades. Thundermax Auto Tunes constantly tune your bike as you ride.  They also can be re-mapped with or without a dyno for all modifications you decide to change.  There are many other aftermarket tuners out there that you could choose from based on what your needs are.  We encourage you to do your research when purchasing a tuner because they can be very expensive and may not provide you with the benefits that you seek. Ask the pros at Cycle Solutions Racing and we can set you up with a tuner that works as well as a proper map.


Never have to buy another oil filter again!


Cycle Solutions Inc. sells a lifetime oil filter for Harley Davidson motorcycles in two different sizes and filters that fit Indian’s, Victory’s and many different metric motorcycles. This lifetime filter filters oil faster than an standard paper filter and our EXCLUSIVE Extended version filters oil 8.2 times faster plus it can reduce your oil temperature up to 50 degrees! There is one fitment for Harley FLH Touring, Dyna’s, Softail’s and Sportster’s so even if you purchase a new motorcycle you can still use the filter to get the most out of your investment. The K&P Lifetime Oil filter is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. Never have to put another filter in the ground. Product Details:

  • This is the most technically advanced oil filter you can buy
  • Consistent filtering across the entire surface of the filter
  • Superior ASTMF316 filtration performance
  • 7 times the flow of a comparable paper oil filter
  • Magnetic prefiltering
  • Billet aluminum filter case doubles as an oil cooler
  • Progressive rate bypass combined with hi-flow charateristics of the filter media avoids unfiltered oil bypassing the filter during cold start up and high rpm
  • No more filters to toss in a landfill
  • Maybe the last oil filter you ever buy
  • Inspect, Clean, Reuse!