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Cycle Solutions Inc. raises $1325.00 in donations for Blackford County Animal Shelter from Sturgis Bandanna Sales

Cycle Solutions Inc. sold Sturgis Bandannas at the 75th Sturgis rally to help raise money for the Blackford County Animal Shelter (BCAS). BCAS is the local shelter for Hartford City, IN and all of Blackford County.

Chris and Kim currently have 5 dogs that have been adopted from this shelter. Kim volunteers on a regular basis assisting with adoption days, fundraisers and other events. Cycle Solutions Inc. also makes monthly donations to BCAS from a selection of products purchased from our website in the Bubba’s Hot Picks section.

Chucky sporting his Medium Vintage Sturgis Bandanna

In Sturgis, Cycle Solutions Inc. was able to raise $1325.00 from the sales of the Sturgis bandannas and through donations for the BCAS. We are thankful for our customers and all those animal lovers out there that made this possible. We will continue to sell the bandannas at upcoming rallies throughout the rest of the year so that others can purchase as well. They are also still currently available on our website for purchase. You can use the coupon code of BANDANNA to get free shipping of any bandanna with an order or for bandanna sales over $40.00. Purchase yours today so that we can continue to help the homeless animals of Blackford County.

We had several people make donations that were not interested in the bandannas. If you would like to make a donation you can do so through the following link: Please scroll down for information on donating to the Paws for Care Building fundraiser and to make other donations through PayPal.

Thank you to everyone who made this fundraiser a huge success!

Get your 75th Sturgis South Dakota Bandana now and help save animals’ lives!

Cycle Solutions Inc. has a limited supply of Sturgis South Dakota 75th commemorative bandanas available for sale online and at Sturgis. We have regular size bandanas and bandanas made specifically for your pet! All the profits from the sale of this item will be donated to the Blackford County Animal Shelter to help them reach their goal of building a newer updated facility to house more animals in need until they find their forever home. Free shipping will be offered on bandanas when added to any order while supplies last.

Our super cute animal bandanas are triangular and come in 3 different sizes for best fitment. Sizes are 14″, 18″ and 22″. We also have 20″x20″ square bandanas for those that want a regular size one for humans or their pets. All are made from a beautiful blue and gold fabric with the 75th Sturgis SD printed on them. Edges are surged with tan and black threads giving them a nice rolled edge.

Click here and get yours now! For more information about our local shelter please click here.

Bubba’s HOT Picks – Animal Shelter Donation

Blackford County Animal Shelter

Blackford County Animal Shelter

Cycle Solutions is working to add a page to our website called Bubba’s HOT Picks.  If you are not aware of whom Bubba is please read our Bio page on the website.  Bubba travels with the crew to all our events and when he is not being super watchdog on the road, he is at home romping with our Danes.  Bubba works hard for Cycle Solutions so we decided that Bubba needs to be compensated.  He is perfectly fine with dog bones and lots of good kibble so we decided that Cycle Solutions Inc would get involved with our local animal shelter to assist animals like bubba. 

Chris and Kim Waddell are huge dog lovers.  Recently, Cycle Solutions Inc donated funds to the shelter to have an outdoor play area installed at the shelter to give the animals a place to play and take in some sunshine during their stay at the shelter.  That project will be underway soon and we will post some details when they are available.  Who doesn’t like to see cute animals running and playing and being happy? 

The shelter is in dire need of a new facility and they only way that can be achieved is through fundraisers and donations.  Cycle Solutions is going to sell a select list of products and donate a portion of the profits directly to the shelter to get them on their way to a new and improved building.   We hope to have this page up and going in the next month or so.  Please check back with us soon and see what Bubba is offering for the shelter.

We encourage everyone to contact your local shelter if you are looking for a new companion.  Shelter animals make great pets!