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Kim Waddell on Rekluse EXP Automatic Clutch Kit for Harley XL Sportster Models

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Order your Rekluse EXP Clutch online now and be ready for Sturgis or come see us in Sturgis and let Cycle Solutions Inc. do a professional install.  Once installed, we will go over with you how the clutch works so you can safely enjoy this incredible clutch system!

Have questions about this clutch prior to purchase?  A Rekluse representative will be in our booth in Sturgis at 8th and Lazelle Street to answer questions.  Stop by and get all your questions answered and schedule the install.

What makes the Rekluse EXP Clutch unique is its centrifugal lockup clutch. The manual action of the clutch lever is still fully functional at any time for shifting and taking off. You can pull your clutch in at a stoplight, drop the bike into 1st or 2nd gear and release the clutch. This was designed so that when you are in heavy traffic you can leave your bike in gear and not have to keep pulling the clutch in constantly during stop and go traffic. Anyone that has experienced traffic on Main Street during Daytona and Sturgis Bike Week could benefit from this product. You feed it throttle & it automatically expands, locking the clutch.

The Rekluse EXP Clutch performance is smooth as glass. You can take off on loose surfaces with more confidence and excellent traction control. You can inch along in traffic and then when traffic clears you can shift up a gear by pulling the clutch in and go back to normal clutch function.



Ohlins introduces a first-ever bagger fork kit that provides an incomparable balanced suspension package that has never been available before for HD touring motorcycles.

The FKC 101 Fork Cartridge kit is Ohlins high-quality, high tech suspension that is now available for Harley Davidsons most popular line of motorcycles, the HD Touring models. This kit, when installed in conjunction with a set of the Ohlins shocks for baggers, will give you the most comfortable, smoothest and best handling motorcycle possible.

The kit features Ohlins NIX technology that consists of rebound damping in one leg and compression damping in the other leg. This maximizes the damping that is available within the confined diameter of the fork leg.

This kit is easy to install in the originally equipped fork legs. Kit is shipped with same as stock height spring. A 1″ lower spring is also available.

Product Features:
* 25mm Piston
* Ohlins NIX Technology
* Aluminum damping tubes
* Improved control, comfort and feel
* Easy to Install

Cycle Solutions Inc has product available and ready to ship!
Order now along with rear shocks and save!

2014 Sturgis Lucas Oil Roadhouse Poker Run Winners!

Cycle Solutions would like to congratulate the two big winners of the 2014 Lucas Oil Roadhouse Poker Run. The 1st prize winner of a Zippers Cam Chest package goes to Steve Lineberger. 2nd prize winner for the Thundermax Auto Tuner goes to Stan Constantino. We also like to thank all of the people who participated in the poker run and throw out a big thank you to all of our customers for making Sturgis 2014 a success for us!

Sturgis 2015 is the 75th anniversary show and everyone is anticipating a big turnout. We will be located in the same location at the corner of 8th and Lazelle next year so be sure to come back next year and checkout our new products and offers

Cycle Solutions powers Engines in the Black Hills Rally with ThunderMax, Red Shift Cams and Exhaust systems by RC Components, Rush Racing Products and Rinehart Racing

Cycle Solutions provides riders their skill and expertise to provide an excellent tuned engine package at the Sturgis rally with the no hassle flexibility to keep their engines tuned after the event no matter where they ride. Our customer’s engines equipped with Thundermax Auto Tune are always properly tuned regardless of riding conditions or time of the year. Cycle Solutions also sells and installs many other parts including high flow intakes, throttlebodies, camshafts and performance engine kits.

We can add an additional and dramatic improvement to your engine power curve with Red Shift Cams; they are available for installation on H-D motorcycles including the Twin Cooled Rushmore Models and Trikes at our Show Truck in downtown Sturgis at 8th and Lazelle Street through August 10th.

Red Shift® Cams are designed to get your motorcycle moving – and moving fast. Feel an immediate power increase of torque improving engine performance, and 6th gear will be strong with little need for downshifting even on the hills! Feel an immediate torque improvement across the entire power band.

Cycle Solutions recommendation: upgrading your existing cam chain tensioner system with Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners for improved chain control, accurate valve timing, reduced engine noise and added valve train life.

From stock displacement to 131 CI engines or the Twin Cooled Rushmore models Cycle Solutions can install or set up your existing ThunderMax Auto Tune System for immediate results for any engine combination. Our ThunderMax® customers experience a dramatic increase in power, throttle response, reduced engine temperatures, and we can eliminate exhaust popping on deceleration.

ThunderMax® is purpose built for performance specifically designed with the unique ThunderMax® WideBand feedback w/AutoTuning. ThunderMax® Auto Tune automatically keeps the engine properly tuned to your riding style every time the engine fires regardless of changes in your riding conditions.

Cycle Solutions is proud to represent and prepare the finest in aftermarket EFI technology offering our customer’s top-shelf no hassle technology with our family of products and services we perform at our show truck.

To learn more check out our testimonial and YouTube pages, please join our family of satisfied customers.

Introducin​g the GLS Ultimate Intake for All Harley Models! Gain HUGE HORSEPOWER​!

The GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner is a stage 3 motorcycle air intake that is meticulously machined by hand in the U.S.A and truly is one of a kind. This product is made exclusively for Cycle Solutions Inc. for all those riders that are seeking the ULTIMATE! This intake is a true power house and includes a built in velocity stack and built in heat shields. If you are looking for the top performing motorcycle air intake on the market then this is the one. It is a premium quality, well built air intake that produces huge horsepower gains! Pair it with a ThunderMax Auto Tune or Power Commander V, NGK Iridium Spark Plugs and many of our aftermarket Harley exhaust systems like Rush Racing Products, Rinehart Exhaust and RC Components and the gains keep on getting better.

Cycle Solutions has all fitments available for Harley Davidson V-Twins. Check out the 58mm version that works nicely with our HPI 58mm throttle body. Our 58mm throttle body and GLS Ultimate Intake is a must have for all you riders with a 120R motor.

The GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner is available in Black or Chrome or a combination of both. This intake now has three different styles of faceplates. The original slot version plus new Flame and Star patterns are now available. If you do not see the combination that you are looking for then give us a call. We will be happy to switch it up!This product also features a washable, re-useable air filter that is available in 6 color choices.

LED lighting can be installed with this unit through the clear glass faceplate letting your bike shine.

The Dyno graph below shows the gains from installing the GLS Ultimate Intake on our 2012 Road Glide. This graph reflects approximately 15% gain in horsepower. A lot of brands boast about producing this kind of power, however most of them barely make it to 10%.