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Milwaukee Eight Oil Pressure Gauge Now Available!

Milwaukee Eight powered motorcycles do not have an oil pressure gauge and adding a conventional oil pressure gauge is difficult. The all new Revolution Performance Milwaukee Eight oil pressure gauge is a complete, made in the USA, bolt-on solution that includes everything you need to install a premium oil pressure gauge with zero hassle.

Revolution Performance Milwaukee Eight oil pressure gauge kit includes:

  • Premium oil pressure gauge
  • Top mounting bracket
  • Retention plate
  • (2) Lock nuts
  • Male compression fitting
  • Female compression fitting
  • Tee fitting
  • 1/8″ Nylon tubing
  • Heat shield tube
  • O-Ring
  • (3) Shims



Organize Your Saddlebags with Hardbagger Glock and Tray Organizers!


Tired of digging around in your saddlebags? The Top Shelf Tray Organizers for Hardbagger are the perfect solution! This custom-molded plastic tray stores valuables in the top rear section of saddlebags for quick and easy access.
Store your cell phones, iPods®, sunglasses, keys and more. Hardbagger even has an insert to fit your Glock! The trays remove and install quickly using the factory ball head stud lock pin. The trays are high-impact custom molded for both right and left side compatibility. Kits include tray, grip rubber floor mat, mounting spacers and tether screws and are made in the U.S.A.


New Complete Cam Packages for 2017 Harley M8 Models!

Cycle Solutions is at it again!  We take the guesswork out of piecing together a camchest for your Milwaukee 8 Harley. Let us take your 2017 to the next level with this brand new camchest package. We have combined the latest and greatest parts available that will take your M8 to a whole new level.  You will be amazed at how changing out the cam in the M8′s make this bike come alive!

The Milwaukee-Eight motorcycle head design is making cam design completely different. When looking at cam specs you cannot compare traditional cams to these new M8’s – valve size, port size, exhaust port length, port location on the head and combustion chamber shape will all effect the cam design.

Our 2017 Cam Packages come with your choice of T-Man Performance cam or the S&S Gear Drive cam, S&S adjustable pushrods with keepers, our exclusive K&P Oil Filter/Oil Cooler, and all necessary gaskets and seals.

Check out the dyno graph for a 2017 CVo 114″ M8 that came to us with the HD Stage 4 upgrade kit making it a 117″.  We installed the T-man 2016 Cam chest and gained 20 more horsepower.  Wow!

Check out the video below on our own 2017 M8 Road Glide to see the huge performance gains you can get with a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Cam Upgrade.  The D&D Billet Cat makes incredible sound once the cam is changed out!:

New Permanent Dyno at our Hartford City, IN Location!

For years, we have had customers ask us to dyno their ThunderMax or Dynojet Power Commander at our Hartford City shop during the summer months. This has not been possible due to our traveling schedule and the fact that the dyno is in a packed trailer when the road crew is back in Indiana.  That has now changed. We will have a stationary dyno in our Hartford City shop for good!

If you would like to schedule dyno time with Chris this summer, our next available dates are after Sturgis from August 19th-29th. Make your appointments soon because they will be filled up in no time!

Our Hartford City shop will also be running all winter long with technicians providing service, performance upgrades and dyno tuning for Zipper’s ThunderMax and Dynojet Power Commanders. During those winter months Chris will be at our Snowbirds Speedshop in Fort Myers, Florida offering the same products and service you have come to know on our road show.

CALL CHRIS AT 765-730-1646


Kim Waddell on Rekluse EXP Automatic Clutch Kit for Harley XL Sportster Models

View on YouTube

Order your Rekluse EXP Clutch online now and be ready for Sturgis or come see us in Sturgis and let Cycle Solutions Inc. do a professional install.  Once installed, we will go over with you how the clutch works so you can safely enjoy this incredible clutch system!

Have questions about this clutch prior to purchase?  A Rekluse representative will be in our booth in Sturgis at 8th and Lazelle Street to answer questions.  Stop by and get all your questions answered and schedule the install.

What makes the Rekluse EXP Clutch unique is its centrifugal lockup clutch. The manual action of the clutch lever is still fully functional at any time for shifting and taking off. You can pull your clutch in at a stoplight, drop the bike into 1st or 2nd gear and release the clutch. This was designed so that when you are in heavy traffic you can leave your bike in gear and not have to keep pulling the clutch in constantly during stop and go traffic. Anyone that has experienced traffic on Main Street during Daytona and Sturgis Bike Week could benefit from this product. You feed it throttle & it automatically expands, locking the clutch.

The Rekluse EXP Clutch performance is smooth as glass. You can take off on loose surfaces with more confidence and excellent traction control. You can inch along in traffic and then when traffic clears you can shift up a gear by pulling the clutch in and go back to normal clutch function.