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Cycle Soutions Inc returns to Fort Myers, FL. Call for an appt today!


October 8th through October 12th

November 13th, 2019 through February 2020 and beyond

Cycle Solutions Inc. we be at the Fort Myers, FL location accepting appointments for product installs, oil changes, dyno tuning, engine builds and much, much more.  Cycle Solutions Inc. has a large inventory of performance products to get your motorcycle to its peak performance.

Featured Products and Services:

  • iRIDE Intelligent Ride Control system for 2014-newer touring motorcycles. This system will precisely and automatically adjust to the rider, passenger and luggage weight as well as automatically raises and lowers based on speed for improved suspension performance.
  • Front Fork Suspension kits for M8 models by JRi and Legends as well as Ohlins for 2016 and older models. Cycle Solutions stocks all levels of suspensions ready for a quick install.
  • Feuling Vented Dipsticks, Revolution Performance Oil Pressure Gauges, T-Man Performance Breather Valves and many other products designed to help reduce the risk of your Milwaukee-Eight motorcycle wet sumping.
  • Big Bore kits for Twin Cams and M8′s. These kits will be in stock and ready for install. Our kits are made by T-man Performance, Revolution Performance and Zippers Performance. 128″ kits are available for M8′s!
  • 55mm-68mm Throttle Bodies for Twin Cams and 58mm-62mm Throttle Bodies for the Milwaukee-Eight models
  • Professional Dyno Tuning available for all models including Tri-Glides! Cycle Solutions Inc. has a state of the art dyno in an enclosed dyno room that will accommodate Tri-Glides.
  • Complete cam chests-We stock many cam sizes and brands as well as top performing camchest components. Let us build you a brick shit house cam chest that you can enjoy for many years and miles.
  • Complete High Performance Engines-We currently have several engines in stock to chose from. Most installations can be done in 24 hours. Come see us and get the engine that everyone wants!
  • Exhausts & Air Intakes-Cycle Solutions has the largest inventory of these products than any other speed shop. Ready to add some rumble to your motorcycle?
  • Love Jugs Engine Cooling Fans will cool your cylinders down so you can ride in any heat and any traffic conditions. Guaranteed to keep that engine cool!
  • Baker Compensators are in stock for both twin cams and Milwaukee Eight models. Evolution Industries compensator delete kits are also instock for those who want to eliminate the stock compensator all together and go with a bullet proof solid drive.
  • Baker Grudge Box transmissions are built to take horsepower abuse! They are designed and geared for performance buffs, racers and speed freaks and also for everyday riders.

Call/text/email Chris to schedule an appointment or discuss future appointments for upgrades at our shop or at an event.
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Watch Chris as he shows off our Florida shop and some of the great products we have available.

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