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Baker Compensators and GrudgeBoxes are back in stock!

A shipment has been received finally from Baker Drivetrain of Compensators and GrudgeBoxes.  Our customers who have been patiently waiting will be the first orders that will be shipped.  We anticipate having additional compensators available for order for a short time for those who want to get an order in.  Baker Drivetrain has released a compensator the Milwaukee Eight models.  Cycle Solutions Inc. will also be receiving a few of this fitment along with the Twin Cam version.

If you have any issues deriving from your stock comp sprocket, or merely need to replace your original comp sprocket, this is the way to go. It has been no secret that there has been a serious issue with the factory comp sprockets. With poorlubrication and the spring pack failures, many have had to live with that annoying metal-on-metal CLUNK. We have engineered the solution that takes care of these issues and gives you peace of mind with quieter function and improved lubrication.

Looking for a more durable transmission that does not require case modifications?   Cycle Solutions Inc. has installed many of the GrudgeBoxes and we are very pleased with the product.  This transmission upgrade is fantastic for high horsepower applications but should also be considered for everyday riders.   It is built for a beating!

  • All gears are straight cut for negligible parasitic power loss, providing maximum power transfer to the rear wheel
  • Wide ratio gearing for heavier performance applications
  • Built for aggressive takes offs and long distances at above average speeds
  • 250 RPM drop at higher highway speeds (approx. 80 mph)
  • Engineering focus on excessive durability
  • Bulletproof main drive gear bearing (patent pending)
  • Gears up to 40% wider than stock
  • Positive dog tooth engagement in gear with pie shaped shift dogs
  • Frictionless linear detent shift system for smooth shifting
  • Redundant neutral detent to make it easy to find neutral
  • Low effort, single axis/linear motion ratchet pawl for crisp, tight and easy shifting
  • More durable than stock
  • No case modifications required for installation

Both of these products are available for installation from our show truck at the events we attend and from our shop locations.  If you will be at an upcoming event and are interested in have some performance upgrades completed please reach out to us and we can pre-schedule.