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Baker Compensators and GrudgeBoxes are back in stock!

A shipment has been received finally from Baker Drivetrain of Compensators and GrudgeBoxes.  Our customers who have been patiently waiting will be the first orders that will be shipped.  We anticipate having additional compensators available for order for a short time for those who want to get an order in.  Baker Drivetrain has released a compensator the Milwaukee Eight models.  Cycle Solutions Inc. will also be receiving a few of this fitment along with the Twin Cam version.

If you have any issues deriving from your stock comp sprocket, or merely need to replace your original comp sprocket, this is the way to go. It has been no secret that there has been a serious issue with the factory comp sprockets. With poorlubrication and the spring pack failures, many have had to live with that annoying metal-on-metal CLUNK. We have engineered the solution that takes care of these issues and gives you peace of mind with quieter function and improved lubrication.

Looking for a more durable transmission that does not require case modifications?   Cycle Solutions Inc. has installed many of the GrudgeBoxes and we are very pleased with the product.  This transmission upgrade is fantastic for high horsepower applications but should also be considered for everyday riders.   It is built for a beating!

  • All gears are straight cut for negligible parasitic power loss, providing maximum power transfer to the rear wheel
  • Wide ratio gearing for heavier performance applications
  • Built for aggressive takes offs and long distances at above average speeds
  • 250 RPM drop at higher highway speeds (approx. 80 mph)
  • Engineering focus on excessive durability
  • Bulletproof main drive gear bearing (patent pending)
  • Gears up to 40% wider than stock
  • Positive dog tooth engagement in gear with pie shaped shift dogs
  • Frictionless linear detent shift system for smooth shifting
  • Redundant neutral detent to make it easy to find neutral
  • Low effort, single axis/linear motion ratchet pawl for crisp, tight and easy shifting
  • More durable than stock
  • No case modifications required for installation

Both of these products are available for installation from our show truck at the events we attend and from our shop locations.  If you will be at an upcoming event and are interested in have some performance upgrades completed please reach out to us and we can pre-schedule.

Check us out in Chillicothe, Ohio at the Easyriders Rodeo Tour Labor Day weekend!

This is an annual show that happens every year over Labor Day weekend in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Official show dates are August 29th through Sept 2nd, 2019.  Cycle Solutions Inc. attends this rally because it is a nice location for some of our more local customers to get to us for performance upgrades.  Customers who do not want to attend the rally overnight can purchase a day pass to reach our booth.

We will have all the latest products for Milwaukee Eight models including the T-Man Performance breather assemblies, Feuling vented dipsticks, Revolution Performance oil pressure gauges and we are also expecting Baker Drivetrain compensators not only for the M8′s but also for twin cams.

Come and enjoy the show while we perform a cam chest upgrade for your motorcycle or install that performance suspension that you have always wanted.  We even have front fork kits for the Milwaukee Eights!

ALL THINGS GRANITE currently on sale!

Granite has never looked better!  Now through August 31st (or as supplies last) you can purchase the following products with a granite finish at a reduced price. From oil filters to complete engines, we have top quality performance upgrades for a fantastic price.

$50.00 OFF Baker Drivetrain +1.5 Quart Oil Pan - This oil pan was designed to lower engine oil temperature by using a larger volume of oil to carry heat away from the hot engine.  The engine oil capacity of 4.0 quarts is unchanged from 1993 to present even though modern engines make a lot more power and a lot more heat.    Each pan features cooling fins on the bottom with a highlighted finish for more cooling ability and fits 2009-2016 FL touring models.  Black +1.5 Oil Pans are also included in this sale.

$50.00 OFF K&P Engineering S69 XXXL Granite Oil Filter/CoolerThese filters are made from billet aluminum with a stainless steel filter insert that can be cleaned and re-used. The finned case also performs as an oil filter cooler that will help cool down your engine oil which will in turn, allow the oil to flow faster and keep your engine performing more efficiently.  The S69 lengths, as well as the granite finish, are a Cycle Solutions Inc exclusive product and can only be purchased from our website, show truck or shop.  This product is a great upgrade to any stock engine as well as with one of our big bore kits or complete engines.  The granite finish is a perfect match the the Harley CVO granite motors.

$250.00 OFF 124″ T-Man Performance Big Bore Kit  for CVO Milwaukee Eight Models - With this kit, the bore size is increased to 4.180 which is the same on a 120″ kit, however, the CVO’s have a deeper stroke which makes the total cubic inch 124. What makes this an appealing kit – there is no case modification needed. This is a complete Granite water cooled kit that includes cylinders, pistons, heads, cam and ring set.   This kit requires a core exchange.

$500.00 Off CSR 131″ High Performance Engine -  This engine fits 2007-2016 Twin Cam Touring Models and features nickel-silicon carbide cylinders, CNC ported heads, a trued, pinned, welded and balanced crankshaft as well as a complete torque based cam chest.  To get the most out of this engine you will need the proper supporting products.  See the engine details and a list of suggested products below.

If you have any questions in regards to fitment or performance of the products above please call or email us.  We are happy to provide you with the information that you need.  Sale runs now through August 31st and supplies are limited.  Don’t wait!