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Milwaukee-Eight Breather Valve Assemblies are now available!

Cycle Solutions Inc. has always been suspicious of faulty reed valves when it comes to wet sumping motors.  It is hard to be convinced otherwise when you remove the rocker box lids and see the plastic stock valves.  Cycle Solutions Inc. has been selling an external one way valve for a couple of years now to help with the issues of wet sumping caused by air getting back into the engine due to the factory parts improperly sealing.  We are excited to say that now we have an internal option.  T-Man Performance has new patented breather valves that are billet aluminum and they get the job done.

Check out our video that compares the T-Man valves versus the stock ones.

What is nice about these new valves is that they do not have an umbrella valve that can get gummed up with blow by oil or harden over time allowing improper sealing.  This new valve is much like the valves you would see in a 2 stroke engine.  These valves can help cool down the temperatures in the cylinder heads and smooth down the running of the engine in general.

This kit will be come part of every engine kit we sell for a Milwaukee Eight motorcycle.

Cycle Solutions Inc. currently has some of these kits available for installation at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Come out and see us on the corner of 8th Street and Lazelle Street.

If you have questions about this product please call or text Chris at 765-730-1646 or email him at [email protected]