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Another example of an extended K&P Engineering Oil Filter/Cooler hard at work to protect your engine!

Cycle Solutions Inc. received a negative post in regards to a K&P Oil Filter a few days and we thought we would take a few minutes and break down what this really means.  Our customer had a cam upgrade completed by us in Daytona this spring and our cam upgrade package includes our extended K&P Oil Filter made exclusively for Cycle Solutions Inc. by K&P Engineering.  Why does a camchest include a K&P Oil Filter? Because this quality part flows the oil faster than a paper filter and helps cool the engine oil down.  This filter is also washable and re-useable making it environmentally friendly!  Since you can take it apart to clean it you can see the debris that is coming out of your engine to help evaluate and head off possible problems in your motor.

The customer is stating that the filter had tape on it and Cycle Solutions installed this oil filter, tape and all and it went into his oil filter.  K&P oil filters do not come with any tape in the package nor on the filter.  The only tape on the package is to hold the lid on the plastic container that all the components come in.  Below are some images showing the filter right out of the package as well as what came out of this persons motorcycle.  Thank goodness the filter did its job and kept the tape from going back in the engine.

We wanted to share this with our customers and potential customers so they can see the power of the K&P Oil Filter!  Since this filter flows the oil faster it can help clean out your motor and remove particles that shouldn’t be there.  Our best guess in this case is that what this customer found in his washable/re-useable oil filter is remnants of a paper filter that was installed previously on his 2014 Street Glide.  This debris could have been in there for a while and finally worked itself out and it was more than likely due to the help of the new oil filter.  It is so easy to blame the last person that touched your motorcycle but sometimes stuff just happens and it may seem to be in regards to something recently done.  If you go to the doctor for a stomach ache and after being treated you come down with a toothache then should we blame the doctor right?  You didn’t have the toothache before you went so it makes sense that the doctor is to blame for your toothache.  NOT!  Reality is that motorcycles have motors and moving parts that can fail at any given time.

In closing, here are a few words from the maker of the K&P Oil Filter Cooler:

“This is just another example of why our filter is so much better than a paper filter.  We see plenty of other examples of shocking debris being washed out of engine cavities due to the higher flow of our filter.” – READ MORE

Another truth is that Cycle Solutions does care about their customers and their motorcycles.  We have not been in business for over 15 years by using tape to install cam upgrades and oil filters.  We do thousands of cam upgrades each year and we only use quality products.  We do not sell cheap sub par products nor do we offer sub par work.