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Give the gift of diamond cut this year. Our diamond cut K&P Oil Filters are now on sale.

Give the gift of a K&P Oil filter this year or purchase one for yourself and take advantage of our holiday sale on all diamond cut K&P oil filters.

Our Oil Filter/Coolers make a great gift for any motorcycle enthusiast. These filters come in a variety of finishes, sizes and there is a fitment for just about any motorcycle. Cycle Solutions Inc. has sold thousands of these filters and they are on of the best investments you can do for your motorcycles engine.  These filters not only filter your engine oil through a stainless steel mesh filter media.  The filter media is made up of thousands of very fine stainless steel wires woven into a filter cloth.  Using this type of filter media provides OEM filtration with a much higher flow rate.  This higher flow helps keep the engine flushed out.  Fiber filters use fibers that are pressed or glued together and must get to a certain thickness to achieve the appropriate filtration, which introduces an inherently higher restriction to flow.  This filter can be 80% plugged and still flow as much as a new paper fiber filter.

This filter also acts as an oil cooler.  It helps cool your engine oil down with its large finned cooling surface area and faster filter flow.  Cooling alone makes this filter a great investment.  Did we mention it is washable and reusable?  This product reduces the number of oil filters that get dumped into a landfill each year.  That’s a win in our book.

Not sold yet? Watch the video below about this amazing filter.

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