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Featured Product: D&D 2:1 Fat Cat for 2018-Newer M8 Softail Models

D&D Exhaust Products now offers a killer 2:1 exhaust system for the new M8 Softail models.  This system sounds great and like all D&D products it makes great performance as well.  Systems are available in chrome and black and a fitment is available for all M8 Softail Models.

This system is designed especially for the M8 motors.  The Fat Cat is a stepped header system at 1 3/4″-1 7/8″-2 1/8″ at collector -2 1/2″ where the muffler goes to the header. The M8 Softail Fat Cat full system is equipped with heat shields, exhaust gaskets, bolt kit and baffle and has a 4″ muffler housing.    It also comes with both 18mm and 12mm O2 bungs so it can be used with an auto tune module such as the ThunderMax Auto Tune.  This system is also designed to increase low end torque and horsepower.

All systems are currently in stock and ready to ship or have installed at one of our locations.

Give the gift of diamond cut this year. Our diamond cut K&P Oil Filters are now on sale.

Give the gift of a K&P Oil filter this year or purchase one for yourself and take advantage of our holiday sale on all diamond cut K&P oil filters.

Our Oil Filter/Coolers make a great gift for any motorcycle enthusiast. These filters come in a variety of finishes, sizes and there is a fitment for just about any motorcycle. Cycle Solutions Inc. has sold thousands of these filters and they are on of the best investments you can do for your motorcycles engine.  These filters not only filter your engine oil through a stainless steel mesh filter media.  The filter media is made up of thousands of very fine stainless steel wires woven into a filter cloth.  Using this type of filter media provides OEM filtration with a much higher flow rate.  This higher flow helps keep the engine flushed out.  Fiber filters use fibers that are pressed or glued together and must get to a certain thickness to achieve the appropriate filtration, which introduces an inherently higher restriction to flow.  This filter can be 80% plugged and still flow as much as a new paper fiber filter.

This filter also acts as an oil cooler.  It helps cool your engine oil down with its large finned cooling surface area and faster filter flow.  Cooling alone makes this filter a great investment.  Did we mention it is washable and reusable?  This product reduces the number of oil filters that get dumped into a landfill each year.  That’s a win in our book.

Not sold yet? Watch the video below about this amazing filter.

K&P Engineering: Why K&P?


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Feuling HP+ Oiling Systems 7096 & 7098 For the New Milwaukee Eight Models are a good investment when considering a camchest upgrade

We stock many parts manufactured by Feuling because of their performance, quality and dependability.  Feuling makes aftermarket parts for different applications depending on your budget and the performance gains you are looking for.  We have been installing the Feuling 7096 oiling system as an upgrade to our basic camchest for most of the year now on oil cooled M8 models and it has proven to be worth the investment.  Feuling just recently released the 7098 version for water cooled M8′s.  Water cooled owners can now upgrade their camchest with this camplate, lifter and oil pump combo.

This product is sold as a combo to ensure proper fitment and to also ensure you are installing the proper parts for better performance.  By installing this oiling system you will increase oil pressure, oil volume, engine oil flow and return oil scavenging.  For those that own M8 models, this good news.  Factory oil pumps can run inefficiently and cause sumping issues for this motor.  Cycle Solutions Inc. recommends to never let your M8 motorcycle idle on its kickstand because of the placement of the oil pick up port.  This can fill the engine case with oil!

Please note that the HP+ and Race Series parts are designed to work together as a kit. If you are looking to just upgrade your camplate then you can use the OE+ products such as the camplate 8037 and lifters 4000.  Feuling does not currently offer a OE+ oil pump so for this upgrade you must us the HP+ camplate with the HP+Oil pump that is offered together in the kits shown here.

Product Details:

Both HP+® and RACE SERIES® kits include FEULINGS® HIGH FLOW billet camplate made from 7075 aluminum which is 50% harder and stronger than the factory or Feuling OE+ camplates. FEULING® increases oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and critical oil passages including matching the oil port holes throughout the camplate to the port holes in the engine case which increases engine oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft and rod bearings.
The FEULING oil pumps are bench tested, the relief valve is seated and sealed to a minimum of 30 psi with full pop off at 55-60 psi. The increased oil volume from the larger gears and properly sized passages along with the pressure relief valve seat and seal from these oil pumps is essential for proper oiling system function. The FEULING® oil pump and camplate combination eliminate common pressure and scavenge issues associated with the factory oiling systems.

• Quieter and smoother engine operation
• Increase oil pressure, scavenge volume and engine oil flow
• 30% more pressure gear volume over stock
• 53% more scavenge gear volume over stock
• 42% more scavenge volume with port sizing, matched passages and holes to the engine case
• 68% more oil volume to the crankshaft and connecting rod bearing
• 15-25 degree cooler engine temperatures
• 15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures
• 10-30 more PSI of oil pressure
• Reduces wet sumping, blow by and oily air cleaners
• Magnets in oil pump to help protect gears and pressure relief valve
• Test results show 2 HP gain and 2 ft/lbs of TQ gain to the rear wheel on Milwaukee Eight
• NOTE: FEULING test results show a 50% reduction of engine sump oil level.

Cycle Solutions keeps all the HP+ kits in stock for fast shipping or for installation at one of our shop or event locations.  HP+ systems are also available for those who are looking for extra performance on the track.