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Oil filter media inspection can tell you a lot about your engine.

K&P Engineering Oil Filters are available for almost all types of motorcycles, automobiles and airplanes.  Cycle Solutions Inc. has sold this oil filter for years and there are a lot of reasons why this is, in our opinion, the best oil filter for your engine.  Using an oil filter that easily allows you to view the debris or lack of debris that the oil filter has collected is a huge benefit.  Especially for motorcyclists who have purchased used motorcycles and want to know the condition of the engine but also for new motorcycles as well.  By viewing debris collected in your oil filter, you can possibly head off any major issues that may be going on with your engine and have confidence that you are doing everything you can to help take care of your investment.

Below demonstrates some examples of the K&P Oil Filter media before and after use.

This is a new unused filter element.  The filter media is made up of thousands of very fine stainless steel wires woven into a filter cloth.  Using this type of filter media allows us to provide OEM filtration with a much higher flow rate.  This higher flow helps keep the engine flushed out.  Fiber filters use fibers that are pressed or glued together and must get to a certain thickness to achieve the appropriate filtration, which introduces an inherently higher restriction to flow.  This filter can be 80% plugged and still flow as much as a new paper fiber filter.

This is the K&P Engineering filter media after approximately 2500 miles in a 5.7 liter Chrysler engine with 215,000 miles on it.  This engine has used a K&P Engineering oil filter since new.  Very little debris on the filter media.

The oil changes for this engine had been neglected during the cars lifetime, and there is an abnormally high amount of debris on the filter media.  It is, however, substantially less than the amount of debris from previous oil change (after approximately 4000 miles) which was the first using the K&P Engineering oil filter on this engine.  This engine is getting cleaner with time as the K&P Engineering filter continues to clean the oil that is flowing through the engine.

This is the K&P Engineering filter media out of a customers M5 engine.  The amount of debris on the filter media is so extreme that you can not even see the filter cloth, it is completely plugged.   The customer indicated that the filter had only been in the engine for 1500 miles.   This is a huge flag that the engine is begging for attention.  The good news is the debris pictured here has been removed from the engine.  The bad news is it looks like there is plenty more that should be removed from the engine.  With the engine being this dirty we highly recommend an overly attentive program to get the engine back to normal.   This would include very frequent filter cleanings until the filter looks more like the one out of the 5.7 liter engine above.

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Don’t forget about your drain plugs!  Our magnetic drain plugs can also dramatically reduce debris in your oil. They can catch the particles that somehow by-passed your oil filter.  Watch our Magnetic Drain Plug video by clicking here.  Purchase the Dimple Magnetic plugs by clicking here.  The more you purchase the more you save per plug.  Most Harleys have 4 plugs.  The engine, primary, transmission and the dry sump.