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New CSR 2-into-1-into-2 Ceramic Coated Headers now available

Cycle Solutions Inc. is always upping the game. We have added to our CSR performance line a New Header System for 2009-2016 Touring models that provides top performance over other aftermarket headers with a bonus! Ceramic Coating!

Ceramic coating is applied to the entire head pipe under the heat shields that help keep heat in the pipe and from radiating out onto your legs.  We see a lot of HOT Harleys on the road and this pipe can significantly reduce the amount of heat you feel.  It does not cure the engine heat by itself, however, when paired with a ThunderMax Auto Tune module you can help your engine run cooler.

This new system is a 2 into 1 into 2.  it has a crossover chamber that produces more power.  Did we mention that it comes with the heat shields already installed? Yep, that’s right.  This system is a breeze to install.  No more time consuming clamps to tighten down to install the heat shields because this is already done!  Once you have the old system off then all you have to do is bolt this one right up and get back on the road.

This system is available in chrome and ready to ship.  It fits all 2009-2016 HD Touring models and comes with 18mm 02 ports so you can run an auto tune module such as the ThunderMax Auto Tune.

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