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Thundermax Auto Tune versus HD Tuner

We frequently get motorcyclists that are searching for someone to professionally tune their motorcycle that has the HD Tuner.  The HD Tuner is not something that we can provide tuning on because it is a HD specific tuner and it is not the type of tuner that we prefer to work with because of its restrictions.

We had a customer come to us who had a stage one done to his motorcycle with the HD tuner and he was not happy with the overall performance.  Chris spent some time explaining the Thundermax Auto Tune and the benefits that it has above all the tuners currently on the market.

Cycle Solutions installed the Thundermax and rolled the motorcycle on the dyno.  Chris spent some time tuning, which is what he does best, and the motorcycle got a nice gain.

The graph shows just over 10 horsepower from switching to a quality tuner with a quality tune.

Cycle Solutions keeps Thundermaxes in stock and ready for install,  Come see us at a show and get the best quality products available.  If you currently have a Thundermax auto tune and you are running a base map come see us at a show or at one of our locations and we can professionally tune your Thundermax for better performance and perform a tech service on your existing Thundermax to make sure it is installed and running properly.

We will be in North Myrtle Beach for Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Week Friday May11th through May 20th.  We will be in the back vendor lot at Barefoot Landing.

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