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New Product – Method Clear Series Air Intakes by Arlen Ness

Looking for an Air intake for your new motorcycle or just ready to switch up your look?  Let us introduce the Method Clear Series by Arlen Ness.

This intake is similar to their inverted series in terms of size and has a similar air filter but the new Method clear version has a clear polycarbonate face that is like a window looking into your engines soul. Have a throttle body that you want to show off?  This intake is perfect to display that new throttle body you are proud of.

Cycle Solutions Inc is currently working on backing plates for this intake that are milled out for 58mm or 62mm throttle bodies and will be available to ship soon.

Product features:

  • Forged billet aluminum air cleaner featuring a polycarbonate window allowing you to view the internal working of your air intake system
  • Forged billet aluminum backing plate with our patented internal hidden breather backing plate technology resulting in no need for external hoses or hardware for a virtually closed loop system
  • Radius air inlet provides unobstructed airflow into engine
  • High performance filter is constructed from black pre-oiled cotton for optimum flow and filtration. Filter is washable & re-usable, recharge kits available separately
  • Available in chrome, black anodize or black anodize with machined aluminum accents
  • Each kit includes backing plate, forged filter housing, clear polycarbonate top, filter, gaskets and necessary hardware

You can order one of these Method Air Intakes by clicking here or see all the intakes available from Arlen Ness by clicking here.

Not all performance shops give you performance…This is a perfect example!

Cycle Solutions Inc. takes pride in providing customers with performance upgrades that really make their motorcycles rock.  There is a recipe to performance and we have done our homework over the years on quality products and the proper combination.  Recently someone visited our shop in Fort Myers, FL because he was disappointed in his motorcycles performance after taking his 2006 Street Glide to another local shop.  We had spoken to this potential customer about our services and products and quoted a price to get the job done.  Unfortunately, he had decided to take his motorcycle to another local shop to have the upgrades done for reasons that we do not know and the results were terrible.  We put his motorcycle on our dyno and all we could say was “Wow”. It was one of the worst running motorcycles we have seen across our dyno in a while.

First, lets take a look at his bill below (shop information has been removed). As you can see he paid a very large amount of money for engine upgrades.  This is a nice list of parts and should for the most part increase the performance on the motorcycle.  Instead of receiving a rocking machine, he got a motorcycle that performed less than stock and ran absolutely terribly.

Unfortunately, this customer ended up with a very sad running machine.  He spent roughly $8400.00 for a motorcycle that performs worse than a stock one.  His dyno graph below tells all.  His motorcycle barely made 60 horsepower and with the big bore upgrades he paid for he should at least be over the 100 mark.  His air/fuel ratio is not even close.  The dotted red line represents a perfect air/fuel ration at the bottom of the graph and his curve is so far off that we can not decide if the Power Vision tuner he had was just for looks because it was clearly not setup to do any proper tuning to his motorcycle.  His bill does clearly state that his bike was tuned and taken for a test ride.  One ride on our dyno and we knew this motorcycle needed surgery and asap!

First thing that needed done was to replace the exhaust that his motorcycle had that was robbing his motorcycle of performance.  A quality exhaust is the key and this customer had SE mufflers that had the baffles removed along with a true dual header that appeared to be home made.  The shop that did the work to his motorcycle installed torque cones into his exhaust.  Torque cones are a thing of the past,  We have never been a fan of torque cones anyway and with today’s top performing exhaust systems there is no reason for them, if there even was a reason, and no reason to take the baffles out of your exhaust.  We can not talk enough about investing in a great exhaust system.  We installed a D&D Fat Cat 2 into 1 exhaust because top performance needs proper supporting products!

Secondly, the power vision needed to be replaced with a Thundermax Auto Tune with a professional tune for the engine build.  Power Visions when set up properly might be OK for a stage one but if other upgrades are in your future or you are all about top notch performance then invest in a Thundermax and have it professionally installed and tuned by Cycle Solutions Inc.

We cracked open the camchest and tore down the big bore upgrades to inspect what he had.  The local shop had used stock heads with a set of poorly bored out cylinders.  This motorcycle had no compression. No wonder it was struggling.   We replaced the cylinders, heads and pistons with a 98″ big bore kit from Zippers and upgraded the throttle body to a 55mm because this should be done when you are doing engine upgrades.  Larger lift cams and bored cylinders and heads allow your motorcycle to take in more air for better combustion.  Leaving a restricted stock throttle body on your engine will restrict the amount of air flow that your engine can breathe in, potentially robbing the engine of power.  A quality air intake is also required so the engine can breathe so we also replaced the modified stock intake that he had on his motor with one of our CSR Air Intakes.  Luckily we were able to re-use the S&S camchest that was previously installed.

Lastly we installed a Rekluse Torqdrive clutch that is designed to handle high horsepower builds.  This is not an absolute necessity, however, the stock clutch is not designed for large amounts of horsepower and will begin slipping eventually and need replaced.  The Torqdrive clutch is a well built system and puts the power to the ground complimenting the build.

Another trip to the dyno for precision tuning of the Thundermax and this bike has new life.  The graph below shows the finished result.  This motorcycle went from 60 HP to 115 HP which is where it should be for this type of build.  Again, it is all because of the proper parts, professional installation and professional tuning.

Unfortunately, we see this often.  Customers bring us motorcycles with performance upgrades that don’t perform as well as they should.  Please reach out to us for your next upgrade.  This customer paid twice for upgrades that should have performed the first time around.  We have skilled mechanics on staff and the best dyno tuner in the country that will make your motorcycle top-notch no matter what level of performance you are looking for.

We are taking appointments now at our Fort Myers, Florida location now through April 24th.  Call Chris at 765-730-1646 for your spot in our schedule.



Factory warranty holding you back on performance upgrades on the new Milwaukee-Eights?



Some customers we talk to are hesitant about pulling the trigger on performance upgrades on the new M8 motorcycles in fear of losing their factory warranty.  Legally Harley Davidson is not allowed to void your warranty unless they can prove how the aftermarket product caused your motorcycle to fail.  Check out the Magnuson-Moss act by clicking HERE for further reading.

Not ready to go to bat with your dealer? Check out these products that you can install and enjoy the benefits of now until you are ready to go to the next level:

K&N Replacement Air Filter - K&N is known for their high air flow replacement air filters.  If there is only one upgrade that you do we recommend removing the stock paper air filter that is in your motorcycle and replacing it with a quality one.  This applies to all Harleys that are using the stock air filters.  The stock paper filter will break down over time and can get sucked into your motor and cause damage.  K&N filters are a washable, reuseable filter that can be recharged with a recharge kit.

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs – These spark plugs offer an easy and inexpensive horsepower gain. They come pre-gapped for quick install.  We have seen up to 3 horsepower on Twin Cams just with running these plugs.

Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs – Protect your motorcycle with these magnetic plugs.  They are 100 times stronger than factory drain plugs. These magnetic drain plugs do not break down from normal or excessive engine oil.  Harley Touring Models, Softails and Dynas all have 4 drain plugs.  You can purchase one plug or buy all 4 and save when purchased as a package.  Check out our video demonstrating this product.

K&P Lifetime Oil Filter/Cooler – K&P manufacturers the best oil filters period. These filters are made from billet aluminum with a stainless steel filter insert that can be cleaned and re-used. The finned case also performs as an oil cooler that will help cool down your engine oil which will in turn, allow the oil to flow faster and keep your engine performing more efficiently.  This filter is available in three different lengths so you can choose the amount of cooling and filtration you need as well as one that fits into your budget.

Box of Lube Service Kits – We have service kits for your motorcycle that contains everything you need to perform a simple engine oil change to a complete full service.  Our kits come with your choice of Lucas Motorcycle Oil or Amsoil.  These oils will help the engine run cooler, quieter and extend your engines life.

Love Jugs Cooling Fans – Love Jugs is an external fan system that mounts to the stock horn.  They are designed to blow air across the cylinders to keep them cool.  They are very effective and you will never have to worry about overheating in traffic again.  They have several styles to choose from as well as black and chrome and are a great investment.  You power them on and off with a control switch when you need them.  If you ride in a lot of stop and go traffic then this is a great investment.  Makes a great gift also.

Ohlins Suspension – Shocks can either make a motorcycle trip most enjoyable, or they can make a trip miserable.  All Harley owners know that the stock shocks fall into the miserable category.  Ohlin’s can put the fun back into your rides.  All motorcyclists can benefit from a quality shock.  Cycle Solutions Inc. stocks several styles of Ohlin’s suspensions.  Enjoy a quality ride now while you contemplate future performance upgrades.  Quality performing shocks will also put a smile back on your passenger’s face so if you won’t do a shock upgrade for yourself, you can do it for your passenger!

All of these products are available for installation from our show truck or available online.

Daytona Bike Week is fast approaching. Cycle Solutions Inc. will have all your product needs at the show!

Daytona Bike Week is fast approaching and Cycle Solutions Inc has been working hard to get the truck loaded and ready to roll.  The official show dates for 2018 will be March 9th-17th.  Going to be in Daytona early and want to beat the crowds and wait times?  We will be open on Thursday March 8th accepting work for those that want to get their upgrades done and just ride!  Call/Text Chris at 765-730-1646 to get on the schedule.

Daytona is our first event of the season and we are excited to bring our services to you.  We will be set up at the Daytona International Speedway on the West side of the vendor area at the track right under the blue Florida Hospital Gate.

Looking for performance upgrades on your Milwaukee-Eight?  We got you covered!  We have everything you need starting with exhaust systems, intakes, killer camchest upgrades, tuners and Stage 4 engine upgrades.  We can do a complete stage 4 engine upgrade in 24 hours or less!  We have a limited supply of these kits so if a stage 4 is on your list then reach out to Chris.

Here are some of the products and services we specialize in:

  • Thundermax installation and set up plus we can also provide custom mapping
  • Thundermax diagnostic service for individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their unit
  • Power Commander V installs and custom mapping
  • Stage 1 performance upgrades (intake, exhausts & tuners)
  • Stage 2 Cam Upgrades
  • Stage 3 Throttlebody Upgrades
  • Stage 4 Engine Upgrades
  • Complete 131″ Performance Engine Installs
  • Ohlins USA Suspensions
  • Sales and installation of exhausts, slip on mufflers, intakes, etc
  • Carb tuning for S&S and Mikuni Carbs plus carb tuning on Stock carbs with the purchase and installation of Dynojets Thunderslide kit
  • Full service oil changes with Lucas Oil Motorcycle Products
  • Plus many, many, more services and parts

Come see us at the show.  If you need help finding us you can call/text Chris at 765-730-1646 and get directions.

Not coming to Daytona?  Due to a change in our event schedule we are extending our Fort Myers Florida location dates to the end of April.  Our Snowbirds Speed Shop will re-open on March 27th and remain open until April 23rd.  Mark your calendars and trust us to get your motorcycle in great shape for the 2018 riding season.  Call/Text Chris to book your Fort Myers, FL appointment.

Services can also be scheduled during this time at our Indiana shop.  Whether you need an oil change service or a complete engine build, we are your one stop speed shop!