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Don’t count sheep, count horsepower! Our Stage 4 Big Bore Engine Upgrade Kits are a must have for your M8 motorcycle

Cycle Solutions Inc. recently installed our Stage 4 120″ Cylinder and Head kit into a 2018 Road Glide and we are very pleased with the results and so is our customer.  The motorcycle came to us bone stock and what started out to be a stage one upgrade with a D&D Billet Cat Exhaust System, CSR Motorcycle Air Intake and a Thundermax Auto Tune module led to a T-man Camchest Upgrade.  After diving into the motorcycle further we discovered an engine defect from the manufacturer.  The customer could have had his bike towed to a dealership to have them inspect it and repair it under warranty but that takes forever.  Most dealerships do not work at a fast pace especially when it comes to warranty claims.  He decided to have us to installed a 120″ Cylinder and Head Performance Kit to correct the issue and not to mention, give it more power!

Our dyno graph below shows the gains that can be made without doing work to the crank.  This is a drop in kit that can be completed in a quick time-frame so there is no long down time which is very important because warmer weather is knocking on our doors.


Big Bore kits we stock:

Currently we have 120″ and 124″ Big Bore Kits for the Milwaukee-Eights in stock.  117″ kits and 127″ kits will be arriving any day also for the M8′s.

We have many 107″ and 113″ kits for 2007-2016 Twin Cam motorcycles ready for installation.

Our kits include bored Cylinders, Pistons, CNC Ported Heads, Ring set and required gaskets.  Installation is available from our show truck at the Daytona International Speedway during Daytona Bike Week or at any of the other events we attend and from our shop locations by appointment.  Kits can also be purchased and shipped to you for the do it yourself customer.

Crave even more power?  CSR currently has 131″ High Performance Engines calling your name.  We are known for our phenomenal engines that are dependable and lightning fast!  We can install a complete engine here at the show or in our shop by appointment.  Most installations can be done in a 24 hour period. Cycle Solutions Inc. makes quick work of removing your old engine and then installing the new engine of your dreams.  We 131″ engines on hand at Daytona Bike Week and ready for installation to get you back on the road faster! …AND WE MEAN FAST!

Not ready for an engine upgrade?  Cycle Solutions Inc. can help you with building blocks of your performance upgrades whether you are starting at a stage 1 or a stage 3. We can help you with your performance upgrades along  every step of the way to ensure that you are purchasing the proper parts combinations that you can build on down the road.  Nothing is more frustrating than to spend money on performance products because you were told they were top performers only to be told that your baby is ugly!  We see it all the time. Nobody wants to hear that their baby is ugly!

Things to consider when choosing a new header…

There are so many aftermarket motorcycle headers on the market today all boasting more power. It can be difficult to know which one to invest in. Here are a few pointers when considering a new header system:

1. First decide what upgrades you will be doing to your motorcycle. If you are a motorcyclist that is just wants some sound and a little more power then there are many headers on the market that will work for this. If you are one that will be doing upgrades to your camchest, throttlebody or engine then not just any header is going to work for you. You are going to want to invest in the proper header in the beginning so that you are not spending money again later on taking it off and installing a better performing one. Headers can rob you of potential power so if you start out with a crappy header and do stage 2, 3 and further upgrades then you are still going to have a crappy header that can keep you from getting proper gains from your upgrades.

2. Cheaper is not always the best option. Cheap headers are usually sold as economy line headers and they are cheaply made and most of the time you use your stock heat shields which keeps the cost down. The problem with this is that if you are using the same heat shields then the head pipe is pretty much the same as the stock one you are taking off. They have to be the same design and the same diameter of pipe. The only thing difference in this pipe would be the lack of a catalytic converter (depending on the year) so while you are making a little gain, you are not leaps and bounds above the stock header.

3. Look for headers that have a ceramic coating inside and outside the header. Ceramic coating is a big bonus. A quality ceramic coating will help reduce the amount of heat that escapes the pipes and end up on your leg. You can feel a 300-400 degree difference between coated and non ceramic coated headers. Our CSR headers are ceramic coated inside and out and play a serious role in heat reduction. Pair our headers with a Thundermax Auto Tune Module that will actually make the engine run cooler and you have a great heat reduction package.

4. Avoid pipes with small and tight bends. We removed a restricting header from a motorcycle just recently at our Florida shop. This customer purchased the header thinking it was going to provide them great performance. As you can see in this picture the pipe is so small and pretty much at a right angle as it makes the bend that it is impossible to have proper exhaust flow. Pipes should be as open as possible and free flowing.

5. Purchase a stepped exhaust system if your budget allows. Stepped systems are the top performers when it comes to exhaust. You have to purchase the headers and mufflers together for a stepped system because the pipes get larger as it leaves the head and makes it way towards the muffler. Check out the Rinehart Racing True Dual systems and any of the D&D 2 into 1 Fat Cat, Billet Cat or Diablo System. All of these pipes are stepped and offer top performance.

6. A quality tuner is recommended when you change out your stock headers. Cycle Solutions Inc always recommends you add a tuner when you install a header. Beware though, not all tuners are created equal. There are tuners out there like flash tuners that are ok for someone who is just switching out an exhaust for a little sound and a little more power but that is all the are OK for. If you are going to do a cam upgrade or other performance upgrades then a flash tuner is not a good investment. We do not sell flash tuners at all from our speed shop. If you are going to invest in a tuner then you should invest in the best, period. We do not offer tuning in our shop unless it is for a Thundermax auto tune or a Power Commander V. These are the two tuners that we feel provide the best performance. They allow a professional tuner to go in and make the proper adjustments to the air/fuel for a proper running motorcycle, regardless of how much or how little performance upgrades you have done.

7. Pay attention to what O2 sensor bungs that are in the header. If you are considering installing an auto tune module such as the Thundermax or the Power Commander Auto tune then the head pipe will require the 18mm wide band O2 bungs. Most manufacturers currently build their pipes with both the 18mm and the 12mm size and others will build them with the 18mm only and include a reducer kit to take it down to 12mm to run the factory O2 sensors. If you have a quality header that do not have the 18mm then in most cases you can purchase a pair of angled weld in bungs and have someone weld then into your header. Make sure they get installed in the proper location for auto tune to function properly.

As we mentioned above there are a lot of things to consider when changing out your head pipes. We are biased when it comes to headers and we only offer ones that we feel are the best and that goes for every product we sell from our show truck and our shop. We are a speed shop! We are not going to install a header that is lacking! Below is our top list of exhausts and headers. If your are ready for a header upgrade come see us in Fort Myers, Florida, Hartford City, IN or check us out at the Daytona International Speedway during bike week. We will get you hooked up with a quality header and a proper tuner and any other performance upgrades your heart desires.

Top performing exhaust systems and headers that can all be purchased from Cycle Solutions Inc.
Full Systems:

D&D Diablo 2 into 1 System
D&D Billet Cat 2 into 1 System for the new M8 motorcycles
D&D Fat Cat and Boarzilla 2 into 1 Systems
Rinehart Xtreme True Dual System
Rinehart True Dual Systems

Header Pipes:
CSR Ceramic Coated Headers
RC Components Ceramic Coated Headers
Rush High Output Headers
Rinehart Slimline Headers

Here is what a quality exhaust and a professional tune can get you!

Last week in our Fort Myers, FL location we had a customer come in to talk to Chris about getting a full diagnostic dyno run on his 2009 Road Glide. This was not a typical Road Glide. This customer had a 124″ S&S Engine installed, a ThunderMax auto tune, an aftermarket exhaust system and an updated air intake. He came to us because he felt the motorcycle just wasn’t performing as he anticipated it would.

Cycle Solutions Inc ran the motorcycle on the dyno and performed the diagnostic run. We agreed that there was definitely some gains that could be had if the ThunderMax had a custom map built for it on the dyno, but also the bike needed a better performing exhaust designed for a high horsepower engine.

Our mechanic got to work and installed a D&D Diablo Gato “Devil Cat” stepped 2 into 1 exhaust system and then we rolled it up on the dyno. After Chris worked his dyno magic, this customer gained 15 more horsepower and almost 11 foot lbs of torque. Needless to say the customer was very pleased with these performance gains and he can now be assured that he has achieved the most gains for his investment. Check out the graph below.


We see motorcycles all the time that have big motors and poor parts combinations to support them and they can rob them of their potential. Quality parts are key but you can always gain something from a quality tune, whether it is 1 horsepower or 15. Cycle Solutions Inc is know for both their performance parts combination packages and for their professional tuning abilities.

Come see us at a show or schedule an appointment at one of our locations. We can get your motorcycle performing its best with same day appointments. Call Chris at 765-730-1646.

New Products for the 2018 Milwaukee-Eight Softail Models

Harley Davidson changed things up for 2018 with their new Softail Line. Whether you have Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Heritage, Deluxe, Slim, Low Rider, Street Bob or a Breakout we have the products for you! Mufflers, Air Intakes, Tuners and Cam Chests are all available now.

Rinehart Racing has their new product line available and have been shipping out orders for many weeks now. Check out their new 3.5″ slip on mufflers that fit all the Softails except the Fat Bob. Rinehart Racing has 4.5″ slip on mufflers in black for you Fat Bob fans.

Bassani has a great looking full exhaust system in a sweeper style that is available in black or chrome, as well as, Vance and Hines have introduced their Shortshot Staggered Full systems for the softails as well. Both of these systems have the 18mm O2 sensor ports that allows you to install a Thundermax Auto Tune module.

Speaking of Thundermaxes, this great tuning module is currently in stock and ready to ship. This tuner is an auto tuner so it constantly tune your motorcycle as you ride it. There are a few base maps available for it but we recommend bringing it to us and letting us create a custom map for you that way you are getting the most from this product. The new Power Commander V 15-048 is currently available with a few maps. This tuner will work well with a set of slip on mufflers an updated air intake. It will perform best with a custom map created on our dyno. We have a dyno on site in Florida and Indiana and can professionally tune your motorcycle for optimal performance. Daytona Bike Week is just around the corner and we will be stocked with M8 Softail products.

Air Intakes are also available and ready to ship. Cycle Solutions can put together a complete Stage 1 Power Pack for you and ship it to your door ao you are ready for spring. All of our Stage 2 Camchests are in stock and ready to go. We have installed many camchests on the new M8 engines so we know what works!

Call us at 765-768-6000 or email us at [email protected] and we can set you up. Chris is also available to talk upgrades and take appointments.