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Watch our video as Matt from Ohlins and Chris Waddell discuss Ohlins HD159 Rear Shocks

In the video above Matt and Chris discuss the HD 159 Ohlins rear suspension. It is Ohlins top seller and the best shock on the market for the money. Ohlins offers many different suspensions to accommodate all riders and a range of budgets and we got them all. Check out all the products by clicking here!

We mostly think about performance products such as the mufflers, headers, air intake or cams as upgrades. Performance can also be gained by switching out those old worn out, junk from the factory, shocks. For anyone who has purchased an Öhlins suspension from us they know that an upgrade from the stock suspension is definitely well worth the bucks. Öhlins shocks not only give you a more comfortable ride, they can also make the riding experience for your passenger more comfortable as well. As we all know, if your passenger is happy then your riding experience will improve also!

Motorcycles are designed for a broad spectrum of riders (an average), but a motorcycle’s suspension only functions properly when it’s designed for you. Öhlins USA and Cycle Solutions Inc. is dedicated to personalizing motorcycles to match the needs and abilities of the rider. That is why when you order a set of Ohlins shocks from Cycle Solutions Inc., we request information from you based on how you ride your motorcycle. We use this information to set up your shocks with the appropriate spring rating and preload giving you a perfect fit right out of the box.

We stock the original Öhlins V-Twin shocks and their new Blackline Series in different lengths and different price levels to appeal to anyone’s budget. We are currently offering free installation on any set of Öhlins rear shocks in both our Fort Myers, Florida and Hartford City, Indiana locations.

Don’t forget about your front suspension! It is just as important as the rear. The Front Fork Cartridge kits feature Öhlins NIX technology that consists of rebound damping in one leg and compression damping in the other leg. This maximizes the damping that is available within the confined diameter of the fork leg. This kit, when installed in conjunction with a set of the Ohlins shocks for baggers, will give you the most comfortable, smoothest and best handling motorcycle possible. Whether you ride a FLH/FLT Touring model or a Sportster or Dyna, Ohlins has you covered. We also offer installation of the front fork cartridges for an additional charge at all of our locations for all models.

Call us and make an appointment for install or let us ship them to you. Let us help you get that comfortable ride! All appointments can be scheduled through Chris at 765-768-6000 or you can purchase online by clicking here. Got questions? We have answers! Call 765-768-6000 or email us at [email protected]

Update from your factory shock from our Progressive Shock clearance sale!

Cycle Solutions Inc is in the process of clearing its shelves to make room for new 2018 products. We are currently offering the following Progressive Shock systems at a lower price to deplete our inventory. All of these shocks are brand new, never used and have the original box. Some have been used as a display but are in perfect condition. If you are interested in any of these shocks them please make an offer using the form below or call us.

412-4072 13″ Progressive Economy Shock FITS all 1986-2018 HD Touring Models
The 412 Series Shocks are simply the best value shock on the market. The double-wall steel body construction with nitrogen charged, multi-staged velocity sensitive valving gives you smooth, consistent damping. A five-position cam style pre-load adjuster lets you dial in your ride whether you’re a light rider or a heavy hitter. We have one set of this shock in a Chrome finish and with the heavy duty springs recommended for 250+ lbs. It has been used a display but is in perfect condition. Retail price is $299.95 Make us an offer!

444-4020 13″ Progressive Shock FITS all 1986-2018 HD Touring Models
The 444 series shocks feature a proprietary patented Frequency Sensing Technology (F.S.T.) that has the unique ability to dynamically adjust damping as you ride; whether you’re hitting the small or big bumps in the road, the shock distributes oil through ports accordingly to soak up the hit making for the ultimate comfortable ride. A top mount threaded pre-load adjuster allows for fine-tuning with a simple twist of the cap. We have this shock in chrome or black and they have the heavy duty springs rated for 250+ lbs. Retail price is $624.95 Make us an offer!

944-4020UT 12″ Progressive Shock w/ Ultra Touring Technology FITS all 1986-2018 HD Touring Models
The 944 series Ultra Touring shocks are designed to deliver a comfortable ride at 1″lower stance. Built around Progressive’s latest proprietary patented F.S.T. technology, the Ultra Touring shocks utilize all the suspension travel provided by the full-length stock units, but in a 1″ lowered ride height. The unique Ultra Touring spring combination not only delivers a lowered ride height while it’s being ridden, but also while it’s on the side stand. This is a black shock with the heavy duty springs rated for 250+ lbs. Retail price is $759.95. Make us an offer!

944-4019UL 12.5″ Progressive Shock w/ Ultra Touring Technology FITS all 1986-2018 HD Touring Models
This is the lowest version in the 944 series shocks. Designed to sit 2″ lower than a stock HD touring model and provide the best ride a short shock can. This shock is the same design as the one above, however, it sits 2″ lower than the Ultra Touring shock. This is a black shock and has the heavy duty springs rated for 250+ lbs. Retail price is $759.95. Make us an offer!

31-4000 Monotube Front Fork Kit FITS 2014-2016 Street Glides, Road Glides, Ultra Limited and Classic
31-4005 Monotube Front Fork Kit FITS 2014-2016 Road Kings
This front fork tube kits are a true high performance front suspension. Progressive Suspension has combined their road smoothing Frequency Sensing Technology (F.S.T.) damper with a progressive rate spring to create a state of the art fork cartridge kit. This kit has a improved resistance to front brake drive and front end stability, cornering and bottoming control. Retail price is $499.95. Make us an offer!

Reach out to us as soon as possible to purchase any of these shocks. We have very limited quantity available, in most cases, just one pair of shocks per style.

Progressive shocks not the shock for you? Cycle Solutions Inc. also sells the leading brand in motorcycle suspensions Ohlins. Ohlins has many shocks to choose from. Check them out online or reach out to us. We can help you with your quest of finding the perfect shock for you and how you ride.