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Time to get rid of that plastic throttle body inside your M8 and unleash more power!

Cycle Solutions Inc. is known for their top performing throttle bodies. You can squeeze more power from your M8 engine by switching out that plastic stock throttle body and replacing it with a CSR 58mm throttle body. We are getting huge horsepower gains with the new M8 engines with a stage 1 and 2 cam upgrade so it is no surprise that there are even more gains to be achieved by getting that plastic stock throttle body out of there and installing one of our 58mm CSR throttle bodies.

The stock M8 throttle body is a 55mm and it has a plastic plenum that can change shape under load and also has been known to melt due to high cylinder head temps. Nothing is more disappointing then to take off an air intake to discover that the throttle body has failed.

Our high performance motorcycle throttle bodies are made from high quality 356 aluminum castings to ensure perfect OEM fit every time. They will not warp or melt! We utilize your stock core electronics and build them into a new throttle body casting, CNC ported manifold, complete with new intake flanges and seals. Our throttle bodies are compatible with stock map sensors, fuel rail and cruise control and are all designed to increase airflow and improve performance. We stock many styles of 58mm motorcycle air intakes that bolt right up and will complement any motorcycle.

Our dyno shows huge gains on the M8 engines when using our quality products. This dyno graph is for our 2017 Road King. We installed the D&D Billet Cat exhaust system, a ThunderMax auto tune module, CSR air intake, 58mm CSR throttle body and a T-Man 216 Cam chest upgrade. This bike gained 38 horsepower which is incredible!



We currently have throttle bodies in stock and ready for shipping.  2017-2018 M8 fitments require the core to be shipped to us prior to a new one being shipped out since cores are currently in limited supply. Click here to check out our throttle bodies or call Chris at 765-730-1646 and lets get you the performance you deserve.

Rinehart Racing is one of the first to offer products for the new 2018 M8 Softail Models

Not everyone is happy with Harley’s announcement of killing off the Dyna models in 2018.  Their new 2018 Softails will be a merge of the Dyna and Softail Big Twins and are aimed for the next generation of motorcycle customers.  HD will offer eight different models that are claimed to be faster, lighter and more nimble and Rinehart Racing has mufflers that will fit them all!

Whether you have purchased, or are going to purchase, a 2018 Fat Boy, Heritage Classic, Low Rider, Softail Slim, Deluxe, Breakout, Fat Bob or Street Bob we have you covered for mufflers.  These mufflers will be 3.5″ in a chrome finish with black classic Rinehart tips or you can purchase them with their new updated Slot style tip. A 4.5″ Black muffler is available for the 2018 Softail Fat Bob. Rinehart is ahead of the game being one of the first manufacturers to offer slip ons for the new M8 Softail line.

Orders placed now for these new Rinehart Racing Softail M8 slip on mufflers are expected to begin shipping by 11/15/17. Sounds like a nice holiday gift four yourself or a special someone….

Slip ons are a great way to gain some horsepower and sound out of your motorcycle.  The M8 motors are quieter than the older V-twin ones so changing out your exhaust on the new M8 will not give you the same sound gain that you get on the 2016 and older models but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get this new machine to sound like a Harley should.  Cycle Solutions Inc. has mastered the art of the cam chest on the M8 engines and offer several Cam Packages that will get you all the sound your heart desires as well as torque and power to the ground. If you are interested in a cam upgrade for your M8 then click here.

Is a Thundermax tuner in your 2018′s Softail future? It can be! Thunderheart has made an announcement that a Thundermax auto tune module is in the works for the new 2018 Softails as will be available soon. We will keep you posted on its release as well as many other new products as they become available.