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New Arlen Ness Inverted Air Intakes available with a 58mm Backing plate

Cycle Solutions Inc. currently offers the popular Arlen Ness Inverted Air Intakes with a 58mm backing plate so that it can be used with a 58mm throttle body. A lot of our customers have or will do an upgrade to their throttle body.  If you go with a larger throttle body then you should also update your motorcycle air intake with a matching 58mm backing plate.  Even though many stock and aftermarket air intakes will bolt right up to the 58mm throttle body, the airflow is restricted and you are not getting all the gains from your throttle body investment.

Cycle Solutions Inc. sells the Arlen Ness Inverted Air Intakes with a milled out backing plate that will bolt up to a 58mm throttle body.  We have the backing plates milled out allowing more unrestricted air to pass through.  We keep the backing plates in stock and ready to ship out with any Arlen Ness Inverted Series Air Intake.

Already have an Arlen Ness Inverted Air Intake on your motorcycle?  If you already have one and just need the 58mm backing plate you can call us and order just the backing plate and we will ship it out to you. Arlen Ness offers this air intake in several styles.  The 10 Gauge, Deep Cut and the Beveled Arlen Ness Inverted Intakes are most popular.  Check out all the intakes available here.

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