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Crank out the power with Cycle Solutions Inc. High Performance Harley Engines!

Performance has just gotten easier!  Cycle Solutions Inc. currently has in stock several high performance motorcycle engines that can replace your old, tired and fun robbing engine and quickly put some fun back in your ride.  These engines are up to 131 cubic inches of pure horsepower.  Our engines are tested to be dependable and rock solid.  Our high performance Harley engines are recommended for any FLH/FLT Touring model that wants more power and dependability of everyday riding.

Cycle Solutions' Chris Waddell finishing up a 131" Diamond Cut Engine

We are known for our phenomenal engines that are dependable and lightning fast!  We can install a complete engine here at the show or in our shop by appointment.  Most installations can be done in a 24 hour period. Cycle Solutions Inc. makes quick work of removing your old engine and then installing the new engine of your dreams.  We have 124″ & `127″ engines in the works and 131″ engines on hand at the Sturgis Rally and ready for installation to get you back on the road faster! …AND WE MEAN FAST!


• New HD Screamin’ Eagle MSO crank with billet S&S crankshaft
• Timken bearings are added to increase crankshaft durability
• Crankshaft has been trued, pinned, welded and balanced then installed into the case with proper crank runout
• Billet S&S Cycle connecting rods are standard on the crank
• The case has been bored to accept 4.25″ pistons

• OEM cylinder studs are replaced with ARP/Feuling cylinder studs and caps
• S&S Cycle piston oiling jets are installed to cool/lubricate the cylinders and to accept the deeper stroke of the crank
• We use Revolution Performance cylinders that use a nickel-silicon carbide technology to bore cylinders
• Cylinders come with Wiseco pistons
• Available in black, silver and granite finish.  Diamond cutting is also available for an additional cost

• We utilize HD OEM head castings for trouble free fitment
• Stage 3/4 service includes 5-axis CNC porting, larger valves, new guides and seat, new higher lift dual-coil springs and keepers, sand rolled ports and assembled.
• Head Specs: 2″ intake valves, 1.63″ exhaust valves, .675 max lift springs, 1.81″ throttle body intake port
• CSR uses both manual and automatic decompression valves in the head for easier starting

• CSR billet rocker stands for increased strength needed for high lift cams
• S&S Cycle forged roller rocker arms and pins are used for their extreme strengthening ability
• OEM Rocker box lids as well as other aftermarket rocker box lids are utilized

• 657 Zipper’s Red Shift High Lift Gear Drive Cams
• S&S Cycle Inner and Outer Gear Sets
• S&S Cycle Adjustable Push Rods are used for ease of maintenance
• Feuling Hydraulic Lifters are included for durability and to remove noise
• We use the best inner cam bearings available
• Feuling Stage 2 Geo-Rotor Oil Pump
• The CSR Camplate is the foundation of the build. It controls oil pressure and oil delivery to the entire engine

Pricing is 12,999.00-$15000.00 (installation included) depending on the color and finish of the engine. Local sales tax will be additional.

Come by our booth in Sturgis and check out the engines on display and ready for installation!