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Install “The Schlong” XXXL S69 Oil Filter Cooler and be envied by all!

Cycle Solutions Inc. works hard to to provide customers with the best products available  We are constantly testing products and looking for ways to make them better.  Many years ago we rolled out the S44 XL K&P Lifetime Oil Filter/Cooler which is an improved version of the S4 original K&P Oil Filter.  The S44 has approx. 25% more filter media area and 33% more cooling fin area than the S4 style. Dyno tests reveal a 1 horsepower gain as well just by using this oil filter! We will take more horsepower and performance any way we can get it.

Last year we met with Dave Fisher, the owner of K&P Engineering, and discussed how to even more improve the K&P Lifetime Oil Filter and we have developed the ultimate oil filter on the market.  We would like to introduce to you ”The Schlong” XXXL S69 Oil Filter  Why is it called ”The Schlong” you ask?  Because this filter is the longest  oil filter money can buy.  Once you put this oil filter in your hands it will become quite clear.

Product Features compared to the S4 Oil Filter:

*100% more housing size

*100% additional cooling fin area

*100% Additional filter media area

*This filter has a huge WOW factor due to its large size

*Environmentally friendly! Never buy another oil filter again.  This filter fits all Harley’s but a VROD so be sure to replace it with a paper filter when you trade in or sell your motorcycle and use it on your next Harley.

This product will be available at Daytona Bike Week and is currently available for purchase online by clicking here.  Is your oil filter schlong enough?

Check Out The New Lighter, Slimmer Mighty-Mite Cooling Fans By Love Jugs

We are very excited to announce that Love Jugs will be launching a new smaller profile cooling fan that is lighter and more attractive than their original Love Jugs Slots, Bullets and Cool Master fans.  Even though they are smaller, they still very effective at cooling down those hot Harley engines.

Anyone that is familiar with the Cooling fans that were offered by Ward’s but couldn’t get their hands on a set are going to love the new Love Jugs Mighty-Mites because they are very similar in appearance.  We have used the Wards fans for years to keep our hot engines cool but we were never able to get enough of these fans to supply our customers.  We began offering the Love Jugs fans at Daytona in 2016 and they have been a huge success.  Their fans are high quality, perform as advertised and they have a warranty that can’t be beat.

The Mighty Mite Fan will feature:

Plug and play wire harness complete with a Deutch plug that plugs into the accessory switch plug on Harley’s equipped with that feature. Also included are all electrical parts required if direct battery hook up is preferred.

Mighty Mite’s also includes a new heavy duty Vibration Damper that better positions the unit for the strongest and most desired installation.

Smart engineering assures easy and accurate installation which positions the Mighty-Mite precisely where it does the most good.

The small profile Mighty-Mite, surprises all with an amazingly powerful air velocity. Not quite the power of the Cool-Master, yet very effective in engine cooling abilities.

We will have this product available for sale at Daytona in a couple of weeks as well as taking orders online.  Introductory price is $299.00 for the flat black and $349.00 for Chrome for 60 days.  We strongly suggest you pre-order your fans now so you get your fans drop shipped to you quickly.  We will do our best to keep plenty in stock on the show truck for those of you who would like a professional installation at an event.