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Will a Stage 3 CSR Throttlebody be your next upgrade?

So you have already done your complete stage 1 upgrade by changing out your stock exhaust, motorcycle air intake and added a tuner plus our complete stage 2 cam chest upgrade so whats’ next?  How about a throttle body upgrade with one of our new CSR TBW throttle bodies?

Cycle Solutions Racing launched its CSR Performance Product line last year offering ceramic coated headers, high performance intakes and billet cam plates. Now available are our TBW throttle bodies in a 55mm-58mm size. These throttle bodies that are made exclusively for CSR by Horsepower Inc. are CNC ported and hand polished for maximum flow. Our throttle bodies are designed to increase airflow and improve horsepower gains between 10-15hp depending on vehicle application and other build modifications that you have done to your motorcycle. Our throttle bodies have a 48% increase in air flow over the stock one!

One of the weakest links and restricted points on any fuel injected Harley is the stock throttle body. It is truly the limiting factor of how well an engine can perform. For example, Harley’s 50mm throttle body on a 2008 and newer FLH necks down to 41mm. What this means is there is only enough incoming air to feed 1 cylinder at a time. With our performance throttle bodies, the back side of the intake ports are sized to fit your specific application. It is easy to bolt on 10 to 15 additional horsepower and improve the ride-ability of a motorcycle by simply switching throttle bodies. Check out our comparison video demonstrating different throttle body sizes.

Throttle Body Comparison Video

Sale! Chrome out your motorcycle with Arlen Ness chrome products!

Everyone likes to add personal touches to their motorcycle to add flare and personality. Now is a great time to take a look at our Arlen Ness Chrome Accessory sale and get your bling on.  Cycle Solutions Inc. has the largest selection of Arlen Ness Accessories in stock.  We are currently offering 20% off the already 10% off prices on Arlen Ness Chrome Accessories. That’s 30% off retail with FREE SHIPPING ON orders over $50.00!

All of these are items that have been on our show truck and some of the packaging maybe tattered due to the outdoor conditions but the products are all unblemished, In their original package, unblemished and brand new.  Take advantage of our sale and get those chrome pieces you have always wanted.  We have limited quantities and in most cases only one left.  Buy now so you do not miss out!


Keep your motorcycle firing with our High Performance Lead and Lithium Batteries.

In order to keep your battery in tip top shape then you must practice proper maintenance.  First you must start with a quality battery.  Cycle Solutions Inc. only stocks high performance batteries in our shop and on our show truck.  While these batteries can be a bit pricey, they also deliver confidence that your bike is going to start every time and it will also support all those accessories that draw power that we add to our motorcycles such as LED lights, phone chargers and accessories, and super stereo systems!

A battery in your motorcycle will last a lot longer when it is kept on a battery tender when not in use. We have found that the best way to do this is to plug the battery tender into a timer that you can buy at any hardware or department store that is used to turn lights or any other device on or off at set times. We have one battery tender unit that charges all of our display bike batteries when not on display and it is set up to come on for 3 hours once a week. This is what works for us. Depending on how many bikes you have and what type of battery tender you purchase you may need to play around with that a little to find what works best for you. One of the dial type wall timers work best because if you lose power they will still keep the programming and still work when the power comes back on so you don’t have to remember every time there is a power outage to reset your timer. This way your bike will fire right up every time you want to ride it! We do not recommend that you plug your battery into a tender and leave it on all the time. Batteries can overcharge and cause the lead plate in the battery to breakdown which will greatly reduce the life of your battery and lets face it, batteries are too expensive to replace before they have to be!  If you have a lithium battery then you must use a lithium battery charger.  Do not use a lead battery charger on a lithium battery.  If you need a lithium battery charger then you can purchase one here.  They are very inexpensive and will increase the longevity of your battery.

Motorcyclists that have bigger high compression motors really benefit from a premium performance battery. When performing a large engine build in our shop or on the road we always check the vitality of a customer’s battery to be sure it has what it takes to start every time flawlessly. Adding a better performance battery will also increase the durability of the starter because it does not have to work so hard. Stock batteries have not changed over the years. They are the same stock batteries that Harley has always used and today’s modern conveniences takes a toll on them. The addition of LED lights, accent lighting, phone charges, Ipods, high powered stereo systems and speakers all put a draw on your battery. The addition of a Thundermax Auto Tune can also have a bigger draw from the battery. We get many customers that call and say they are experiencing trouble with starting their motorcycle after installing a Thundermax Auto Tune and 9 times out of 10 it is because they have an old weak battery and it is not able to power their motorcycle anymore.

If you are in need of a new battery please check out our premium Lead 400 and 500 CCA (cold cranking amp) batteries and the lighter weight Lithium Ion Batteries that have 625 CCA’s! Call us if you are not sure of your fitment. If you are due for a tune up then check out our full service oil kits, NGK plugs and replacement air filters.