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Is your suspension depriving you of a comfortable ride? Come in now for an Ohlins suspension upgrade!

If you hang around us long you will often hear “Stock Sucks!” We mostly think about performance products such as the mufflers, headers, air intake or cams as upgrades. Performance can also be gained by switching out those old worn out, junk from the factory, shocks. For anyone who has purchased an Öhlins suspension from us they know that an upgrade from the stock suspension is definitely well worth the bucks. Öhlins shocks not only give you a more comfortable ride, they can also make the riding experience for your passenger more comfortable as well. As we all know, if your passenger is happy then your riding experience will improve also!

Motorcycles are designed for a broad spectrum of riders (an average), but a motorcycle’s suspension only functions properly when it’s designed for you. Öhlins USA and Cycle Solutions Inc. is dedicated to personalizing motorcycles to match the needs and abilities of the rider. That is why when you order a set of Ohlins shocks from Cycle Solutions Inc., we request information from you based on how you ride your motorcycle. We use this information to set up your shocks with the appropriate spring rating and preload giving you a perfect fit right out of the box.

We stock the original Öhlins V-Twin shocks and their new Blackline Series in different lengths and different price levels to appeal to anyone’s budget. We are currently offering free installation on any set of Öhlins rear shocks in both our Fort Myers, Florida and Hartford City, Indiana locations.

Don’t forget about your front suspension! It is just as important as the rear. The Front Fork Cartridge kits feature Öhlins NIX technology that consists of rebound damping in one leg and compression damping in the other leg. This maximizes the damping that is available within the confined diameter of the fork leg. This kit, when installed in conjunction with a set of the Ohlins shocks for baggers, will give you the most comfortable, smoothest and best handling motorcycle possible. Whether you ride a FLH/FLT Touring model or a Sportster or Dyna, Ohlins has you covered. We also offer installation of the front fork cartridges for an additional charge at both of our locations for all models.

The fastest starts, the quickest stops, the highest speeds, the slowest crawls, the tightest turns, and the sharpest bumps, are where Öhlins suspension tuning and components excel. The world’s best riders rely on Öhlins to help them ride better, and they’re already the world’s best riders. Let Öhlins and Cycle Solutions Inc. make you a better rider and put the fun factor back in motorcycling.

Call Chris today at 765-730-1646 and schedule your installation appointment. Don’t live near us? Order online or give us a call. We will ship to your doorstep with proper setup included. Don’t be fooled by other sellers online who have this product listed at a lower price. In most cases they are not selling the complete kit that you need for proper install. All of our kits include springs, fluids (if required) and any specialty tools needed for a fast and easy install. Get your upgrades done now so when sunnier days are here you are ready to hit the road!

Vance & Hines Power Dual Headers for 2017 Harley Touring Models are Now Available!

The new Power Dual Headers for 2017 FLH/FLT Touring models by Vance and Hines are now available. Vance and Hines is the first company to get the header for this new model to market. This system will work with any aftermarket slip on mufflers that are specifically for the 2017 models. 2016 and older slip ons will not work with this header because Harley has attempted to redistribute the heat on the newer models by making the inlets on each of the header pipes different diameters.

The new Vance & Hines Power Duals include full coverage heat shields for a seamless look. The new right side design wipes out the heat issues on the left side for the passenger, routing hot exhaust gases below the foot peg and protecting vital engine components and side covers from heat damage. Hidden behind a stylish contoured heat shield, the Power Duals feature a Power Chamber exclusive to Vance & Hines putting out more horsepower and torque than stock. Pair this with a set of the RC Components, Rush or Rinehart slip on mufflers for the 17′s (all three brands are currently available also) and you are in business. Vance and Hines will have 2017 touring slip ons available sometime this month.

Now that you have the Vance and Hines headers ordered for your 2017 motorcycle you will also need a tuner. Cycle Solutions Inc. has the Thundermax Auto Tune and the Power Commander V in stock and ready to ship to compliment that new header. To complete your stage one upgrade, CSR Intakes are also in stock and ready to ship. Check out our convenient Power Packs and save when you order all three parts at the same time. We are continually working on new power pack options and will have a power pack with slip on mufflers. If you would like to purchase slip ons at this time then call us. We can make you a great deal!

Looking for additional parts for your 2017? Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 765-768-6000 and we can help you out.

Check out the new D&D M8 Billet Cat 2 into 1 Exhaust System for 2017 Touring models

D&D Exhaust has beat everyone to the punch this year with a full exhaust system for the new 2017 Milwaukee 8 Touring Models. This system is similar in appearance to their Fat Cat and Boarzilla system, however, this system comes with their new 2 1/2″ core Vortex wrapped baffle for improved performance and sound. D&D Exhaust is also offering a choice of three different tip styles and a matching ghost pipe if you want to keep that true dual look.

We installed this system on our 2017 Road Glide and created the following sound byte.

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We are pleased with this new system and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get that stock system off their motorcycle, have killer performance and a great sounding bike. As Chris mentioned in the video, this system is thermal ceramic coated to help keep the heat in the pipe. This system comes with both wide and narrow band 02 Ports so it can be paired with the new 2017 Thundermax Auto Tune Module, which is also currently available. The Thundermax Auto Tune will make your engine run cooler as well. This new sound is crisp, deep and definitely still has the sound that you only get with a D&D Exhaust System.

Cycle Solutions Inc. has limited supply of this system in stock. We are currently offering this system in a convenient Power Pack option for those that want to purchase all the items at one time and knock out that complete stage one upgrade. You can also order the system, air intake and tuner separately if you would like.