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Ohlins Motorcycle Shocks and Fork Cartridge Kits 10% OFF Special now through May 15th!

Summer is quickly approaching and it is time to blow the dust of your motorcycle and get it in shape for riding.  Ohlins motorcycle shocks can help you with that.  We are big fans of hitting the open road on our motorcycles for a long weekend ride or a 10 day journey across the country.  These trips are the best and what makes them even better is a great suspension.  You know you have a poor suspension when your teeth clank together when traveling over bumps or holes in the road and worse yet is the pain that shoots up your spine when you hit a rough patch.  Treat yourself and your passenger with quality Ohlins shocks.  Yes, both the rider and the passenger benefit from a great pair of shocks!

Ohlins offers their original V-twin shocks and their new Blackline series in different lengths and different price levels to appeal to anyone’s budget.  These shocks are made of gas and oil and are offered in a emulsion or a dividing piston style.  What is nice about these shocks is that there is no air to mess with!  All shocks are an easy install and can be set up for you prior to shipping.  We ask you some basic questions to determine the appropriate spring rating and preload.

Don’t forget about your front suspension!  It is just as important as the rear. The Front Fork Cartridge kits feature Ohlins NIX technology that consists of rebound damping in one leg and compression damping in the other leg. This maximizes the damping that is available within the confined diameter of the fork leg. This kit, when installed in conjunction with a set of the Ohlins shocks for baggers, will give you the most comfortable, smoothest and best handling motorcycle possible.

Rear suspensions are available for most Harley V-Twins and the fork cartridge kits are for 1999-Newer FLH/FLT touring. This sale is only available through our online store and is for a short period of time. Due to the expense of traveling and the cost of installation, this offer is not valid from our show truck.


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