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Check out the Adjustable Levers for V-Twins made by Powerstands Racing

We all do it! Customize our motorcycles that is! The new adjustable levers made by Powerstands Racing is another product that allows us to do just that. Customize!  These easily adjustable levers allows each individual to set their levers based on their reach.  Stock levers are set up for a basic rider.  Now a days, who is a basic rider?  No one!  We want comfort and style when we ride and these levers offer both.  Levers are machined from high quality aluminum and are available in three finishes of black, chrome or contrast black to fit the personality of every motorcycle. They are sold in pair or you can purchase individual levers.

We have them on our motorcycles and so should you!  Check out the styles and finishes currently available. Please note that the 2014-2016 fitments for hydraulic clutch is not available for a couple more weeks. Preorder and we will ship when they arrive.

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