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Tailgunner Slip On Mufflers now available online and on our Event Truck.





People flock when they see a set of the Tailgunner GUNSHIP mufflers on a motorcycle at a rally.  This is because of the unique tips that resemble gatlin guns that actually spin when the bike is running.  If you have not seen these awesome mufflers then be sure to check out our video below to witness them in action.  They are 4″ diameter mufflers that are made in the USA and are available in several finishes.  They are easy bolt on mufflers that fit 1995-Newer FLH/FLT Touring motorcycles with stock headers or with many other non-stepped aftermarket headers.

The mufflers feature rotating barrels with a deep sound and produces power in the low to mid range where most riders need it the most.  They also have a 2.5″ power baffle that produces a much louder than stock muffler sound but not over the top.  They come with a full 1 year mechanical warranty.

These mufflers are a great addition for any motorcyclist that is looking for something unique, original and guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go. Pull your old set of mufflers off, sell them online and get the hot new look that you have always wanted!