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New products at the 75th Daytona Bike Week

Daytona is only a couple weeks away and we are loading up the truck this week with some great new products. We have found several new slip on mufflers, heat reduction products and Motorcycle air intakes that will be sure to add some flare to your ride.
New Products:

  • Love Jugs V-Twin Cooling System
  • Tailgunner Slip On Mufflers
  • Freedom Performance Slip On Mufflers
  • S&S Intakes
  • Arlen Ness Magnaflow Exhaust Systems
  • Rekluse Clutch Systems

Our exhaust line will now include the Tailgunners slip on mufflers called Gunships that resemble gatlin guns. This hot new product will be in high demand and we expect to sell out at the show. We will also have a couple other mufflers in the Tailgunners line so be sure to stop in and check them out.

Freedom performance and the Arlen Ness Magnaflows are also joining our exhaust lineup. They both offer a new look and a different sound. Both brands are available in a 4.5″ so you can go big!

We will be stocking the S&S air intakes also this year. This product is a nice mid-level priced system that can get the job done without breaking your budget. They have several cover options available that compliment any setup.

Another hot product called Love Jugs V-Twin Engine Cooling Fans will make their debut in our booth this year. This is the best technology on the market to keep your ride cool. If you missed our blog about this product then we suggest you go back and read about them. There are also some great videos on our website as well.

Last year at Daytona we were introduced to the folks that make the Rekluse clutch.  We now have their full product line for Harley motorcycles.  Rekluse will also be in our booth to answer questions and assist with installations.  Rush Racing Products will also have a sales rep at our Daytona location to help with exhaust sales and answer questions about their products.

LOCATION:  We have been set up for many years at the Daytona International Speedway and we will be there again this year. They are moving the vendor area from the east side of the track to the west side. We will be set up on an outside row. If you have trouble finding us then you can text Chris at 765-730-1646 and he can help direct you to our booth. If you hear the dyno then you know we are close by!


Love Jugs V-Twin Engine Cooling Systems Take Heat Reduction To A New Level!

If you didn’t have a chance last year to purchase a set of Love Jug Cooling Fans for your HD motorcycle last year you still can.  Cycle Solutions Inc. added this product as part of our heat reduction line at Daytona 2016.  This system is so efficient and keeping bikes cool that it has earned its place in our product line for 2017.  Love Jugs V-Twin Engine Cooling Fans are the latest and greatest product that is guaranteed to cool down your engine. LOVE JUGS manufactures the most powerful, and by far the most effective, high performance, waterproof fans available. Their engineers have meticulously located the unit to sit at precisely the optimum placement to concentrate the LOVE JUGS powerful air streams, at the hottest area of your engine’s cylinders. Only a two fan system can properly direct the air to the critical heat producing areas; and only Love Jugs has the power to do so effectively.

Love Jugs are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in every regard. The body is all aircraft quality stainless steel construction polished to a high chrome finish. Love Jugs do not use any welding in their manufacturing process. This is especially important considering the extreme vibrations that are generated by a Harley engine. Weld free prevents material fatigue so your Love Jugs will look the same in 10 years!

If you are tired of having to pull off to the side of the road due to an overheating engine due to slow traffic or feeling like your legs are on fire when you ride then come see us at either of our locations or at one of the events we attend. Cycle Solutions Inc will have all the Love Jugs in stock and ready for install. Click here to see all the Love Jugs styles available for purchase either at show or on our website.
Want to see this product in action? We know seeing is believing so watch this video and be amazed! We are!

Love Jugs Cooling Test

Last call for service work at our Ft. Myers location.

Cycle Solutions Inc. opened a Florida based shop in Ft. Myers Florida mid November 2015 doing business as Snowbirds V-Twin Speed Shop.  The shop has been busy doing engine builds, product installations, dyno tuning and service work.  Daytona Bike Week is fast approaching which means the Florida location will be closing down temporarily while we travel across the country to the Rallies listed on our show schedule.  It will reopen again around Mid November 2016.

If you have been considering getting some upgrades done to your bike or would like a service done before you venture up to Daytona then please stop in and see us or call us to schedule.  We will be accepting work up until around February 24th then we will be loading up the truck and rolling out kicking off the year.

Snowbirds Speed Shop is located at 10923 Kelly Rd #12, Fort Myers, Florida 33908  765-730-1646

Can changing out your oil filter give you a little extra horsepower? Yes it can!

Cycle Solutions Inc. has been working on a bike build for Dave Fisher, the owner of K&P Engineering, in Ft. Myers Florida.  Dave purchased a 2015 Street Glide that was stock and had us work our magic on it.  Before we made any modifications Dave asked us if we would test his oil filter and see if there were any horsepower gains by using his lifetime oil filter.  So we put the stock bike on the dyno and did a base run to see what horsepower it made, then we switched out the paper oil filter and installed one of our S44 Extended Length (XL) K&P Oil Filters and performed another run.  The results were just as we had expected.  There is a gain to using this incredible oil filter/cooler.  Our dyno graph below will tell you exactly how much.

If you are not familiar with the K&P Lifetime Oil Filter then you need to read on.  This filter is a lifetime oil filter so you never have to purchase another.  The Harley fitment fits all Harleys but a VROD (it has its own fitment) so if you purchase a new bike then all you have to do is spin it off and install it on your new one. The best feature of this oil filter is that it also acts as an oil cooler.  It flows oil faster than a paper filter helping to cool the oil down.  K&P Engineering has their standard S4 fitment that is for Harley Motorcycles that can be purchased from us online but they also make the S44 Harley fitment that is longer than the S4 and it is made exclusively for Cycle Solutions Inc.  The S44 is available online and on our show truck.  We mostly only carry the S44 XL on our truck because we strongly feel that every Harley should have the longer version to get all the heat reduction possible in the engine oil.  The longer the filter the faster it can filter which means more cooling than the shorter version.  If you have purchased a K&P oil filter from us at a show then it is more than likely the S44 version.

So the gain is not record breaking but nobody is going to complain about gaining horsepower!  Motorcyclists will take the gains where they can get it. This is a stock bike with no modifications done to it.  The next dyno graph on this bike will be spot on after a D&D Fat Cat Exhaust, Thundermax Auto Tune and an RC Components Airstrike Stg 1 Intake is installed.

All the K&P Engineering Oil Filters are available for purchase HERE as well as the replacement O’rings.  Remember the S44 XL version is only available through Cycle Solutions Inc and can not be purchased anywhere else.

The new Adaptive Headlight by J.W. Speaker will light your way into every turn!

Riding at night can be a challenge at times. As motorcyclists, we worry if we are seen by other drivers and we have a limited amount of visibility from our headlight(s) to see what is in our path ahead of us. J.W. Speaker introduced a new intelligent replacement adaptive headlight system that lights up when cornering to give riders more visibility on the road and out ahead of them. This easy plug and play headlight retrofits all PAR56 headlights and it is a direct replacement for most 7″ headlights.

Product features:

  • Adaptive headlight fills in the void of light during cornering, left or right, up to a 30° lean
  • Has the ability to program up to a dozen start-up sequences, flashing and swirling according to personal preference
  • Superior visibility, safety and durability
  • DOT compliant
  • Easy, plug-n-play H4-style connector
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • 1150 lumen output (high beam), 750 lumen output (low beam)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

You can watch this product in action in the following video.

J.W. Speaker Adaptive Headlight Video

Don’t ride with blinders on. Install this new Adaptive Headlight System by J.W. Speaker on your motorcycle and see the road in a brand new light.