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What the %^#! is a Compensator?

We get this question a lot from customers when we tell them that their compensator needs to be replaced. Most think we are pulling their chain. Nobody has heard of a compensator! This is a part that Harley has tried to get right for many years but has never quite gotten there. All stock compensators are bad by design. We have replaced compensators with as little as 1,000 miles on it.
The compensating sprocket, or compensator, acts as a cushion between the crankshaft and transmission main shaft. Compensators are made up of a spring pack and reverse cut ramps. One ramp is splined onto the crankshaft, and the other is connected to the clutch hub via the primary chain. The stock compensator is made of a very porous metal that wears quickly, and the ramp angles are not steep enough, increasing wear and allowing a lot of slop in the drivetrain.

Bakers compensator features improved function, quieter operation, and extended durability over the stock configuration. These improvements were achieved by using the tried-n-true pre-2007 cam lobe geometry ramps with a circular oil trough that channels primary lubricant into the cam lobe ramp region. Cycle Solutions Inc started installing the Baker Compensators last year and we can not keep enough in stock. We have replaced hundreds (maybe even a thousand or so) of stock compensators with the Baker Drivetrain. The Baker Drivetrain Compensator system is the best replacement compensator on the market. There is also a primary chain tensioner available called the Attitude Adjuster that replaces the stock one if your tensioner shows signs of wear.

Chris Waddell has put together a great informational video that explains the compensator and the install of a Baker Drivetrain Compensator.
Watch the video HERE

How do you know when your compensator is bad? Like we said earlier, they are all bad because of poor design. Signs of a worn compensator are rough starts, kickbacks and noise coming from the compensator. Depending on your riding style, where you’re riding, and how much you’re carrying, the compensator could show signs of increased wear rapidly. With the Bakers compensator installed we’ve noticed easier startups, smoother power delivery, quicker throttle response and no nasty slop or clunk in the primary.

The Baker Drivetrain Compensator and Attitude Adjuster are available for purchase on our website and we also offer installs at our Indiana and Florida Location. We will have plenty in stock also at Daytona Bike Week which is only 6 weeks away!

Spruce up those Pushrods with Arlen Ness Covers!

Arlen Ness has been providing motorcyclists products that can spruce up their ride for many years.  Their new billet pushrod and lifter covers do not disappoint.  Both pieces are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and they are available in all chrome or their distinctive black contrast cut style.  They fit all 1999-2016 Twin cams such as FLH/FLT Touring, Softail and Dyna models.

If you have been considering doing a cam upgrade then now is the perfect time to add these two items while doing the install.  We keep these items in stock so the customer has the option to add them when we do cam upgrades at our shop.

We also stock the Arlen Ness 10 Gauge Rocker Box Top Covers, Cam Covers and the top and side Transmission Covers.  Whether you add one cover or all the covers they certainly make a statement  We have a nice mix of the Arlen Ness 10 Gauge and  the Deep Cut series on our 2012 Road Glide.  It was on display at the 2015 Sturgis rally and received a lot of compliments.

We currently have these covers in stock and available for purchase.  We are featuring a 15% New Year Special while supply lasts. Please use coupon code NESSCOVER to receive 15% off the Arlen Ness Covers featured in this letter.

The winner of the K&P Oil Filter give away is Jim Lacovazzi!


The open house on Saturday January 10th at our Ft. Myers, Florida location was a success.  We met a lot of great new people, had great conversations about motorcycles and had a nice lunch in the Florida sunshine.  Cycle Solutions Inc. had a sign up sheet for a chance to win one of our exclusive K&P XL Oil Filters.  The K&P oil filter is a washable, reusable filter that functions as an oil filter and an oil cooler.  The K&P standard length is a great little oil filter but our EXCLUSIVE XL size flows oil so much faster that we have seen a temperature drop of up to 50 degrees when used on a V-Twin motorcycle.  No V-Twin should go without this incredible filter.  We are happy to announce that Jim Lacovazzi is the winner of our give-a-way.  He is going to love this filter on his motorcycle.

Our dyno is at our Florida location currently and we were able to do some dyno testing with a stock Street Glide that was just purchased from Cycle Solutions by Dave Fisher, the owner of K&P Engineering who makes these filters.  We are in the process of working our magic on this motorcycle and tricking it out for Dave.  Before we did anything to the bike we put it on the dyno for a base pull and then we switched out the paper oil filter with his filter and did another run.

To find out what gains, if any, there was by changing out an oil filter watch for our next newsletter.  It will be worth the read…..

In the meantime keep us in mind for all your V-Twin needs.  Our Florida and Indiana shop is still open and accepting work but Daytona Bike Week is only a little over 6 weeks away.  Once Daytona hits our shop will hit the road!


Indian Headers now available from Rush Racing Exhaust

As 2016 gets underway we are discovering many new products that are becoming available for the Indian motorcycles. We have sold and recommended Rush Racing head pipes for years.  Now they have expanded their product line to include Indians with double ceramic coated true dual head pipes for Indian Chiefs, Road Masters, Classic, Vintage and Dark Horse.  Ceramic coating is applied to the inside and the outside of the head pipes.  This process helps retain the heat inside the pipe and also helps the exhaust flow faster.  To see how great these pipes retain heat please check out our Heat Reduction video we did on the Rush 7017 headers for FLH Touring Models.

Already have aftermarket mufflers on your Indian?  No worries, this new header system works with most aftermarket slip ons so you wont need to spend more money on mufflers too.  The I1005 Chrome headers are currently in stock and ready to ship.  The I1105 black ones are in production and will be available very soon.  You can pre-order the black headers and we will ship out as soon as they are available.

In 2015 Rush Racing came out with their War Horse slip on mufflers for all 2014-Newer Indian models including mufflers for the Scout and Scout Sixty.  These mufflers have been so popular that we are not able to keep them on the shelf!  Pair the Rush Racing Indian Headers with their War Horse slip on mufflers for more torque and a nice deep rumble.  Mufflers are available with your choice of a 2.5″ or a 3″ baffle.  Rush Racing Exhaust also offers a wide selection of tips to compliment your motorcycle.

When you change out your stock headers and mufflers you need to think about adding a tuner.  Currently the Power Commander V is the best tuner on the market for Indians that we would recommend for performance gains and a great running Indian.  Thunderheart is currently working on a Thundermax Auto Tune unit for the Indians which will rule the tuner market when it becomes available.   We will be adding Indian Power Packages to our website over the next couple of months.  If you are interested in purchasing a Rush True Dual system or a complete power pack for your Indian then let us know and we can put together a package price.

Click HERE to view the Rush Racing Indian Head pipes.