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Dreaming of a new 21″ wheel? With RC Components New Patriot Wheel Series competitively priced at $995.00 anything is possible…


RC Components has been recognized as the premier manufacturer of custom motorcycle wheels. They believe that your motorcycle isn’t simply a means of transportation, but rather a representation of your very identity. For 25 years they have been proudly designing, engineering and manufacturing their wheels right here in the U.S.A.

RC Components is showing off their American Spirit with their new Patriot Wheel Series. These wheels were released to commemorate the services of our military men and women. The Patriot Series wheel lineup features 5 clean and unique wheel designs each guaranteed to give your bike that custom look you have always dreamed of at a price that fits your budget.

The Patriot series front wheel is competitively priced at $995.00. For a limited time you can purchase one of our 21″ Patriot Front wheel & tire package for $1,245.50 regularly priced at $1,495.00! All other RC Wheel & Tire Packages are $130.00 off our already discounted price for a total of $1,499.00.

All of our front wheel packages come with the a 21″ Front wheel with an Avon Cobra tire already installed for easy installation. Also included is an adaptor kit so you can use your stock rotors (or you can add matching floating rotors for the best look) and all the necessary parts needed for installation for your specific fitment. We can also sell the wheel with no tire upon request. Give us a call and we can put a package together specifically for your budget!

Rinehart launching their new 4.5″ Slip On Mufflers for Touring Models

We received an announcement from Rinehart this week that they are now offering their signature slip on mufflers in a 4.5″ size for all Harley Touring Models. The new 4.5″ Mufflers have a different appearance than the 4″ style. Not only are they a larger muffler body but they have a new unique tip style. Check out this sound clip that was provided by Rinehart:

These new mufflers are currently available in chrome with the new black tip style for 1995-2017 HD Touring Models. They will begin shipping out in a couple of weeks. They will also be offering black mufflers with black tips as well as chrome tip options into the new year. You can pre-order now and save $75.00 off for a limited time by using coupon code RINEHART45. Offer expires December 30th, 2016.

All Twin-Cam cam chests fail. It is just a matter of time and miles…

Cam chest upgrades are one of Cycle Solutions Inc.’s specialties. We install thousands of cam chests across the country every year. Why is this one of our popular services? Because the stock cam chests fail. They are like a time bomb ticking away until one day they let go.

One of the reasons cam chest fail is because of the stock cam chain tensioners in 1999-2006 Twin-Cams. We see springs that break on these spring loaded tensioners as well as wear on the tensioner shoe with as little as 3000 miles on them. The material that Harley uses for the tensioner shoe is not strong enough to hold up to the chain running across them over time. This shoe can be worn down to metal very rapidly and can actually break off and make its way into your engine. (see video below that shows the shoe laying in the bottom of the cam chest!) Hydraulic tensioners are in 2007-2016 models. The material used on the cam tensioners shoes for the newer bikes is slightly thinner and wear out just as fast if not faster than the older spring loaded type.

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Secondly, the inner bearings in all models have cages that separate the needles and the needles wear out. When they wear out, the needles get spit out and it trashes the motor.
There is also an oil pump o-ring where the oil pump meets the case. This o-ring hardens over time. The sump side of the oil pump becomes inefficient in removing the oil from the case. It is a dry sump engine and it is not suppose to have a lot of oil in the case. The o-ring is suppose to be soft and pliable. We have a saying at Cycle Solutions Inc. If that o-ring is harder than a woodpeckers lips then it must be replaced!

Lastly, Cam lobes can get damaged by these parts that are worn down and torn off and moving around in your cam chest. If lobes are damaged it affects the cam load and you will lose performance from your motorcycle. If you do not replace these parts then your cam chest may explode in your bike. This can cause damage to your case and it will need replaced and that is not an inexpensive part to purchase.

For 1999-2006 models Cycle Solutions replaces the spring loaded chain driven cams with gear driven cams as long as the crank has the correct run out. This eliminates the tensioners all together and makes a brick shithouse cam chest. In the 2007 and newer models our cam chest uses the Zippers hydraulic tensioner’s that will not fail. Zippers recommends checking the wear after 100,000 miles compared to 30,000 miles on the stock ones. We have inspected a pair of Zippers tensioners after 100,000 miles and there was no wear at all! We offer many different brand and sizes of cams to choose from because proper cam size selection is critical! We see so many motorcycles that have the wrong cam size and the rider is disappointed in their motorcycle’s performance. We take the time to ask our customers questions in regards to what they want to gain from a set of cams so that they get the results that they want.

Cycle Solutions Inc. is running a winter special on Cam chest installs from our Hartford City, In and our Ft Myers, Fl location for a limited time. Get that new cam chest in this winter and then you can ride the wheels off in the spring. You will have a stronger motor, more power AND confidence that your bike is not deteriorating from the inside out.

We are currently working on a bike in Ft Myers that was brought in because it was making noises and lagging in performance. Watch our video showing the results of our cam chest inspection. Classic case of cam chest failure!

Ohlins front Fork Cartridge Kit now available for some Sportster and Dyna models

At Sturgis, Ohlins surprised us with a Front Fork Cartridge kit for our 2014 Sportster Forty-Eight. We were super excited to get the installed and feel the difference we knew they would make on this particular motorcycle. It is amazing the difference that quality shocks can do for a motorcycle. Our Sporty was like riding a log wagon with the stock shocks. You felt every bump from your ankles to the top of your head. Prior to adding the front fork cartridge kit, we installed a set of the Ohlins HD 752 Blackline rear shocks at Sturgis in 2015 and the whole riding experience changed. No more taking those rough roads on the chin. You can actually relax and just ride and not have to be rigid anymore waiting for the next bump to rattle your teeth.

The Ohlins FKS 206 kit is a NIX22 cartridge kit that features compression damping in the left leg and rebound damping in the right. The kit is said by Ohlins to “deliver loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort, contributing to rider confidence”. After a quick spin on this machine we agree that Ohlins definitely know what they are doing! The handling on this motorcycle improved dramatically. Better performance was noticed while in tight turns, rough roads and even just stopping and going making this motorcycle a more enjoyable ride no matter what distance we planned to go that day.

This kit is available for 2007-2015 Dyna Wide Glides and for 2007-2016 XL883N Nightster, XL1200N Nightster and 2007-2015 XL1200X Forty-Eights. Our kits include everything you need for an easy install except a few basic tools. You get the fork cartridges, springs, 2 specialty tools and a liter of Ohlins suspension fluid. Don’t be misled by other sellers of this product that just sell the cartridges. Cartridges do you no good without the springs, fluid and tools.

We have sold and installed Ohlins since they became available for Harleys back in 2012 so we have experience making the investment in a suspension be the best it can be. Whether you are looking for a quality front fork suspension or want to treat yourself and your passenger to a set of rear shocks, let Cycle Solutions Inc be your suspension expert.

Vance & Hines Power Dual Headers will be one of the first headers available for the 2017 Touring Models

Vance & Hines will be the first manufacturer to have a header system that is compatible with the 2017 FLH/FLT Touring models. Harley has attempted to redistribute the heat on the newer models by making the inlets on each of the header pipes different diameters. Due to this manufacturers have been working hard to get an aftermarket system on the market for consumers.

The new Vance & Hines Power Duals include full coverage heat shields for a seamless look. The new right side design wipes out the heat issues on the left side for the passenger, routing hot exhaust gases below the foot peg and protecting vital engine components and side covers from heat damage. Hidden behind a stylish contoured heat shield, the Power Duals feature a Power Chamber exclusive to Vance & Hines putting out more horsepower and torque than stock. Pair this with a set of the RC Components, Rush or Rinehart slip on mufflers for the 17′s and you are in business.

Cycle Solutions Inc currently has a Thundermax Auto Tune Module for the 2017′s that we are testing out on our 2017 Road Glide. It is our understanding that the Thundermax Auto Tune will become available by the end of the year. A Thundermax Auto Tune would make a great Christmas gift for anyone! Cycle Solutions installed several sets of the Rush 4″ Big Louie slip ons during Biketoberfest and they are definitely a great sounding muffler. We will post a sound byte at our earliest opportunity customers to hear them.

You can preorder now the Vance & Hines header system, A Thundermax Auto Tune and RUSH, RC Components or Rinehart Slip ons for your 2017 and be first to receive when they begin to ship.