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Mark your calendar for our Open House January 9th in Fort Myers, Florida

Cycle Solutions Inc. would like to remind everyone of our Open House:

When:   January 9th, 2016

Time: 10 AM- 2 PM

Where: Snowbirds V-Twin Speed Shop,  10923 Kelly Road#12, Fort Myers, Florida  33908

This location opened on November 11th, 2015 and it is a full service shop.  Our dyno is currently set up and ready to go  and will remain there until Daytona Bike Week in March.  If you are just getting into Florida and you would like your motorcycle serviced before you put some sunny Florida miles on it then call us or come by to make an appointment. We can have you in and out in no time.  Now is also a great time to do those performance upgrades that you have been thinking about.  We have a large inventory of all the greatest performance products.  Cycle Solutions Inc is know for its Thundermax Tech Service.  If you have a Thundermax Auto Tune and you have not done any firmware upgrades to it or if you are interested in getting the max from this unit then bring it to us.  We specialize in Thundermax upgrading and custom maps so no horsepower is left on the table.  Have a Power Commander V that needs re-mapped?  We specialize in custom maps for PCV’s also!

We will be offering the following specials at our open house on January 9th:

  • Free Motor Oil Change with the purchase of a pair of tires
  • FREE NGK Iridium Spark Plugs to the first 10 customers
  • SIGN UP to win a FREE K&P Lifetime Oil Filter
  • FOOD and DRINKS will also be served starting around 12 PM

Stop in and check out our new shop, our large inventory of cool products and to discuss any upgrades you have been considering.  Wishing everyone Happy Holidays from all of us here at Cycle Solutions Inc. and we look forward to seeing you on the 9th!


Wheeldock EZ Up Center Stands are now back in stock!

Wheeldock EZ Up Center stands are now back on our shelves. This center stand is easy to install and easy to use. We currently have stands for 2009-Newer Harley FLH/FLT Touring motorcycles. They are great for when you want to do some maintenance or cleaning to your bike. You can also add extra gas to your gas tank by putting your motorcycle on its center stand when fueling up! This is a nice little bonus when you are doing road trips and every mile counts. Other great product features are:

  • Incredible stability.  The passenger can mount the motorcycle without the rider on the bike.
  • The EZ-Up design maintains the rear tire on the ground when the motorcycle is on the center stand.  Getting the bike off the stand is as easy as starting the bike, putting it in gear, and easing off the clutch.
  • Save storage space by storing your Motorcycle vertically.
  • Use the center stand with a 3/8” piece of plywood under the stand to lift the back tire off the ground.  Great for maintaining and cleaning your bike.
  • Bolt on installation.  Takes only minutes to install with no modification to your bike required.
  • Black epoxy powder coated body with a hard chrome lever.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Made in the USA!

Click the link below for a video that demonstrates the versatility of this product.  These stands make a nice holiday gift. Click HERE to go directly to this product.

WheelDock EZ Up Center Stand VIDEO

Click, Click, Click to help us acheive a $5000.00 donation for our local shelter!

Attention all you animal lovers! Even if you are not an animal lover Cycle Solutions Inc. needs your help to get a $5000.00 donation for The Blackford County Animal Shelter and all you have to do is CLICK! We are not asking for money, just a minute of your time to click and vote!

Please click on this link now: It will take you to the website where you can click and vote. All you have to do is click on Indiana, Click on Pam Bonham (Pam is the president of the board for the shelter) and then click VOTE! You can go to this link everyday and vote for our shelter up until 1/4/2016 which would be much appreciated but we know that everyone is super busy this time of year so even if you just click and vote today you have already helped us reach this goal!

What the Blackford County Animal Shelter means to us? This shelter is our local county animal shelter. Kim Waddell volunteers as much as possible with this shelter mostly with adoption events, transports, special events and sometimes tasks at the shelter. The Waddell’s have adopted 5 animals from this shelter over the last several years and all dogs are currently living the dream on their large property. This shelter is a no kill/low kill shelter which means that they do not euthanize for space unless it is an extreme situation nor do they euthanize for illness, aggression or old age. Blackford County animal shelter has not euthanized in many years which says a lot! This shelter works hard every moment to care for animals, place them in homes or foster homes while waiting for their forever home. Did you know that Cycle Solutions Inc also donates on a regular basis to this shelter from products purchased on our website through the Bubba’s Hot Picks! section? If you have purchased any of these items listed in this section on our website then you have already contributed to this shelter!

If anyone has ever been to Blackford County, IN you will know that it is one of the smallest counties in Indiana. Even though our county is small we still battle the continuous intake of homeless, unwanted animals. The Shelter always has a shortfall of money every year. Money that is needed for public education, spay/neuter procedures, endless vet bills, food, building repairs, etc. This $5000.00 donation can make a dramatic impact for this very deserving shelter. Please vote as many times as you can.

kPamper yourself this holiday season with our holiday savings on Rekluse Clutch Systems!

For a limited time this holiday season you can pamper yourself with a Rekluse Clutch for a reduced price.  Rekluse began making clutches for Harley motorcycles a few years ago and they are a great investment.  All of their clutches are made of high quality billet aluminum and provide excellent performance! Rekluse clutch systems fit all 1998-newer Harley Motorcycles and are easy to install with no modifications to stock components. See coupon codes below and save.

They currently offer two styles of clutches.  Here is some basic information and product features:

The EXP Centrifugal Clutch System
WHAT IT DOES: Ever wish you could just let go of the clutch lever when stopped and not worry about a stall? Well now you can with the Rekluse EXP™ centrifugal clutch. With this clutch pack replacement, you can now come to a complete stop in gear and accelerate using only throttle. Manual clutch lever functionality is still retained and manual shifting of the transmission is still required.


  • TorqDrive™ clutch pack delivers higher torque capacity and faster power transfer
  • Cruise through traffic like you’re on the open road – just shift, twist, and go
  • Centrifugally driven technology automatically prevents engine stalls
  • Cooler operating temperatures extend clutch pack life
  • Ability to take off and stop in gear without using clutch lever
  • You don’t have to hold the clutch in at a red lights or in heavy traffic anymore

The TORQDRIVE Manual Clutch
WHAT IT DOES: This clutch puts power to the ground! Our innovative clutch plate technology allows us to put more plates into the clutch pack, which means you get more torque transferred to the rear wheel. This increase in plates allows for a smooth, easy lever pull and provides a significant boost in overall durability.


  • Proprietary TorqDrive™ technology dramatically increases torque capacity for faster power transfer to the pavement
  • Increased torque capacity handles the demands of high performance motors and HP modification
  • Improved oil flow and advanced drive plate engineering lower operating temperatures and increase clutch life
  • Virtually eliminates clutch fade
  • Significant bottom end power transfer
  • Installation does not require modification of stock parts

Just in case you missed our video of on the Rekluse EXP clutch click here!

Click here now and get that Christmas present you deserve! Use coupon code EXP120 to save $120.00 off the EXP Automatic Clutch (Regularly $799.00) and coupon code TORQ75 to save $75.00 off the Torq Drive manual clutch (Regularly $499.00)

Stock up now on Lucas Octane Boost!

Now through December 31st or while supplies last Cycle Solutions Inc. will be offering both sizes of Lucas Octane Boost for a super low price.  Stock up now so you never run out and be ready for the riding season!

18 pk on sale for less than $2.50 per bottle!

Lucas Octane Booster is a genuine performance enhancer! It has been tested and proven to deliver at least three times more boost than most other brands. It is suitable for use in fuel injected or carbureted throttle body and rotary engines.  It’s safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.  Lucas Octane Booster contains specific upper cylinder lubricants that ensure easier piston travel and valve seat protection. It also ensures maximum life and performance from pumps, injectors and carburetors.

12 pk on sale forless than $7.49 per bottle!

Lucas Octane Boost will also eliminate spark knocks, pinging and dieseling.  It promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions and more MPG.  Use with each fill-up for maximum performance and fuel mileage.  The 2 oz bottles treat up to 4 gallons of fuel and the large 15 oz. bottle will treat up to 25 gallons.


Click on the photos for a direct link to purchase these items.  Check out our super Holiday Sale while you are there!