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FREE Rain Sock with the purchase of an Arlen Ness Big Sucker!

Cycle Solutions is currently offering a FREE Rain Sock with any purchase of an Arlen Ness Stage 1 or Stage 2 Big Sucker while supplies last.  We have many fitments still in stock and ready to ship out.  The pre-filter rain sock is used in wet conditions to keep the air intake dry.  Pre-filter can be left on at all times or you can place it over your air filter when you are expecting rain or get caught in a rain storm.

Simply purchase an Arlen Ness Stage 1 or Stage 2 Big Sucker and add the rain sock to your cart .  Use offer code FREESOCK at checkout and it will deduct $29.95 from your order so you get the rain sock for FREE!  Offer is only valid if you add the rain sock to your order from the drop down menu within the Air Intake you are purchasing.  Offer valid while supplies last or until November 30th, 2015.

If you have been waiting to update your intake now is the time to get it done.  Most Arlen Ness Big Sucker Kits have a California Executive Order (EO D-639-3) so for those of you that live in the state of California you can install one of these on your motorcycle and still comply with the state emission laws.

For well over a decade the Big Sucker has been the best selling and most efficient motorcycle air intake on the market.  The Big Sucker is engineered to give your engine maximum airflow, which means more horsepower, more torque, and overall improved performance.  Dyno testing shown an up to 21% in horsepower gain from simply adding a big sucker kit to your V-twin engine.


  • Radius air inlet provides maximum performance by providing unobstructed airflow
  • One piece aluminum backing plate features their patented hidden breather technology.  Each hidden breather is o-ringed at the heads and exits at the mouth of the injector/carb to provide efficient engine breathing, eliminating the need for any external hoses or hardware
  • Each filter is handmade in the USA one at a time using the finest materials available
  • Filters are available in red or stainless steel jacketed filter elements


Performance upgrades from a woman’s point of view!

This year Cycle Solutions Inc. purchased a used 2014 XL1200X Sportster Forty Eight to test a variety of products and to also use as a display bike at the larger shows.  I also have the privilege of riding this motorcycle when I have the opportunity.  I rode this bike many times before the performance upgrades were performed on it so I was very familiar with how it handled and the power that it had.

Before the Sturgis rally started, Chris Waddell added many of the performance products that we sell and install for a lot of our customers.  Products installed were the Thundermax Auto Tune Module, D&D Bobcat Exhaust System, Horsepower Inc 51mm Throttle Body and stage 1 air intake, Ohlins Blackline Shocks, K&P Oil Filter Cooler and a full Lucas Synthetic Oil service.

We actually had a day or two that we could go out and ride in South Dakota before the show began and I was anxious to get out and see what this baby could do.  We took off one morning on an enjoyable ride and I was surprised right out of the gate at the throttle response.  The throttle response was so much quicker than what it had been before.  Before you had to give it a lot of throttle to get the bike to move.  Now you just point it, pull the trigger and it goes!  This is a result of the Thundermax auto tune and the HPI Throttle body working together.  I have spoken with many people about the increased throttle response when answering questions for customers about these products but I had not gotten to experience it for myself and I have to admit I am impressed.  I also appreciate the fact that I do not have to down shift as much either.  We went out and rode in the Black Hills which  have nice curvy, hilly roads and with the Thundermax unit I don’t have to frequently down shift.  I can focus on my riding and enjoy the experience more now.

The D&D exhaust system is also stellar.  This system is a perfect match for this bike. I fell in love with the D&D Fat Cat system a couple of years ago when we had one on our Street Glide.  We were in Galveston Texas for the Lonestar Rally and was able to get a little riding in around town.  This was the first time I had heard a D&D and I was hooked.  When Chris spoke with Rusty at D&D and suggested we put one on the Sportster I was all about it.  The Bobcat comes with the option of a carbon fiber, aluminum or all black canister.  We chose the carbon fiber one and it really compliments the bike.  When we fired it up in Sturgis for customers to hear it they were all very impressed with this exhaust system.  It has the perfect tone when it is idling AND when you are riding.  D&D Exhaust is the top performing system we install so I know this system was contributing to the extra power I was experiencing in combination with the HPI Stg 1 motorcycle air intake and the Thundermax auto tune.

The biggest upgrade for me I have to admit was the Ohlins suspension.  As Chris mentions in the video below the suspension we added is the new Ohlins Blackline series that are fully adjustable.  This bike was like a log wagon when I rode it prior to the upgrade.  I felt every bump in the road and when it was a big bump my teeth actually clanked together!  This system was set up with the appropriate spring rating for my weight and it is spot on.  I do not ride with a passenger nor do we have bags for it so I never have to make adjustments.  The feel of the bike and the handling was greatly improved and the new smoothness just makes the riding experience that much better.  One thing nice about the Ohlins shocks that that you don’t have to do a lot of other performance upgrades prior to installing them.  If there is only one upgrade that you can do for your motorcycle I highly recommend a set of Ohlins shocks.  No air that I have to worry about leaking out or replacing.  I can hop on the bike and go.


We also performed a full service on the bike with Lucas synthetic products along with the K&P oil filter.  We have used these products for years and have preached to customers that every Harley should use them.  Lucas oil products do help to quiet things down and makes shifting smoother and run cooler.  Even though this motorcycle did not have heat issues to start with I know that the Lucas Oil and the K&P oil filter is helping keep my engine oil cooler and running smoother.

If you have seen a lot of our videos, posts and blogs then you have heard us mention many times how important it is to have the proper combination of products installed correctly and working together to achieve what they were designed to do.  The products that were installed to the Forty Eight all provide their own individual performance perks to this motorcycle.  When they all work in harmony then the ride IS that much better!

All of these fine products and many more are available on our website to purchase.  We also offer these products and our professional install and knowledge from our Indiana location as well as our new Snowbirds Speedshop in Fort Myers Florida.

Written by Kim Waddell

Update your Rinehart mufflers with more sound and style!

Rinehart True Duals and Slip On Mufflers have been around for many years.  They look great and performance is always top notch.  They only sell their exhausts with the classic black or chrome tip style.  For those of you that have had your Rinehart exhaust system for quite some time you may be a bit bored with the style or maybe your tips are damaged and need replaced.

There is no reason to go out and purchase an all new exhaust system and spend a lot of money to update your Rinehart Racing Exhaust.  For a few hundred bucks you can have yours updated, upgraded and making more noise!

Rinehart Racing now has 3 different tip styles available that will definitely update the look and style of your mufflers.  They have a fitment for both 3.5″ and 4″ mufflers.  Performance Machine and Xtreme Machine also make stylish endcaps for the Rinehart systems.

While you are at it you can also replace your baffles with their Hi-Flo Performance Baffles.  They replace the stock Rinehart baffles that came with your system and offer more sound and airflow.  More airflow means more power!