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See how the perfect parts combination can create power!

Cycle Solutions Inc takes pride in their knowledge of the perfect recipe (so to speak) to gain exceptional power from V-Twin motorcycles.  For years we have boasted about the reduction in heat from ceramic head pipes and a ThunderMax Auto Tune unit.  These two products paired together can drop the temperature from the head pipe by up to several hundred degrees.   D&D Exhaust now offers their Fat Cat and Boarzilla systems with ceramic coating.  Their systems were already top notch in performance but now they exceed above and beyond most other systems.  The ThunderMax Auto Tune is a powerful device and when properly set up for its peak potential and with the right parts combinations then the sky is the limit for maximum horsepower AND a great running motorcycle.

Check out this video done on a customers 2013 Harley 110 CVO that came to us absolutely stock.  This bike had 68HP as a stock machine but after we worked our magic it rolled away with 91HP and with a very happy customer.   These are the results that keep our customers smiling…

RCXhaust Now Offers Slip On Mufflers for Indian Chieftain and Scouts

The Indian Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular.  Because of this, manufacturers are coming out with new product lines to offer the individuals that own these great motorcycles.  Just recently RC Components came out with their spin on slip on mufflers for the Indian Chieftain and Scout.  These mufflers are currently in stock and can ship within 3-4 days of ordering.

The RCXhaust 4″ Slip on mufflers for the Chieftain consists of your choice of chrome or black finish with 9 different tip options similar to the slip ons they currently offer for HD FLH/FLT touring models.  These new slip ons set a new standard in both styling and sound with a large 4″ diameter muffler body which houses a 2.5″ louvered core baffle inside.  Sound off with a deep rich exhaust tone!  All necessary hardware included for easy bolt on installation.

The RCXhaust 3″ slip ons for the Indian Scout offer both performance and style.  Each mufflers features a full length 3″ diameter muffler body with a precision tuned 2″ louvered core baffle.  This unique baffle design works to produce great back pressure while producing a deep and aggressive exhaust tone.  These mufflers come with your choice of 4 different tip designs in two color options.