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Now everyone can safely haul their motorcycles with the Condor Pit-stop/Trailer Stop

Cycle Solutions Inc. came across these awesome trailer stops back in late winter when a customer had one in his trailer to haul his motorcycle.  Since we travel to numerous bike rallies every year hauling our display bikes we need the ultimate transport set up.  Nothing sucks more then to pull in for a pit stop while traveling across America and peek into your trailer to check your cargo and discover your bike is leaning over, or worse, on its side.  Yikes!  We ordered a few in 6-7 months ago and have really put them through the test.

We have used the Condor PS-1500 all year now and it has been flawless.  Our 2014 Street Glide rides in this trailer stop all over the country.  It is sold as a stand alone pit stop device that sits on the floor of your garage and you ride your bike into it and walk away.  No strap, cables or clamps needed for garage use.  You can order additional hardware to mount it to a floor of a trailer or for easy use with E-Track.  We currently own 4 of these condors and use them in our 24″ cargo trailer.  They are easily mounted to the floor with the trailer adapter kit and easily removed when you arrive at your destination to use on the ground to stand your bike up.  If you have seen us at a show you have seen how we remove the stands from the trailer and line them up on the ground to easily display our bikes. With this stand you can easily perform service on your bike, detail your bike or just have better peace of mind knowing your bike is going to be safe no matter how you use it. We still put tie down straps on our bikes when traveling even with this unit just to be extra sure and the manufacturers of this product still recommend the use of straps as well. Never hurts to have extra protection when traveling down the road because if it can happen, it will!

It is made of light weight aluminum, weighing only 30 lbs., and folds down for easy storage. The cradle is adjustable and fits all bikes from heavy touring bikes to dirt bikes and sport bikes. One person can easily load and unload a bike with the use of this device. They keep our show room pleasing to the eye with a tidy display of all our bikes.

Condor makes several different chocks for use with different applications. They have a scooter model, a chopper model and a trailer only version. There are several different adapter kits available to cater them to your needs. Check them out HERE and start transporting with ease and better peace of mind today!

Cycle Solutions Inc. raises $1325.00 in donations for Blackford County Animal Shelter from Sturgis Bandanna Sales

Cycle Solutions Inc. sold Sturgis Bandannas at the 75th Sturgis rally to help raise money for the Blackford County Animal Shelter (BCAS). BCAS is the local shelter for Hartford City, IN and all of Blackford County.

Chris and Kim currently have 5 dogs that have been adopted from this shelter. Kim volunteers on a regular basis assisting with adoption days, fundraisers and other events. Cycle Solutions Inc. also makes monthly donations to BCAS from a selection of products purchased from our website in the Bubba’s Hot Picks section.

Chucky sporting his Medium Vintage Sturgis Bandanna

In Sturgis, Cycle Solutions Inc. was able to raise $1325.00 from the sales of the Sturgis bandannas and through donations for the BCAS. We are thankful for our customers and all those animal lovers out there that made this possible. We will continue to sell the bandannas at upcoming rallies throughout the rest of the year so that others can purchase as well. They are also still currently available on our website for purchase. You can use the coupon code of BANDANNA to get free shipping of any bandanna with an order or for bandanna sales over $40.00. Purchase yours today so that we can continue to help the homeless animals of Blackford County.

We had several people make donations that were not interested in the bandannas. If you would like to make a donation you can do so through the following link: Please scroll down for information on donating to the Paws for Care Building fundraiser and to make other donations through PayPal.

Thank you to everyone who made this fundraiser a huge success!

Box of Lubes now on sale! Get your free sample of the 2oz Octane Boost with your order!


With summer in full swing, it is probably time to perform a service on your motorcycle. We got you covered! For a limited time you can purchase our custom Box of Lube Service Kits at 10% off the regular price using coupon code BOXOFLUBE10. Our Box of Lube Kits come with everything you need to perform a simple engine oil service or a full service with the primary and transmission oil as well. You can even save more when you add our NGK Iridium spark plugs and Super Magnetic Drain Plugs to your kit before checking out.

We highly recommend the Lucas Motorcycle Oil Products. We are an authorized Lucas Oil Pit Stop and we only sell and install Lucas products from our show truck. If you have had us service your motorcycle at one of the rallies we attend then you have Lucas Motorcycle Oil in your bike. We use this product for the following reasons:

  • Lucas Oil runs cooler than the other brands reducing your engine temperature which is a big deal when we are talking V-Twins
  • It increases the life of your engine by reducing the wear and tear
  • Lucas Gear Oil helps the transmission shift smoother and quieter
  • Lucas is the only company that manufacturers a lubricant specifically for the primary chaincase. It is designed to quiet the chains and improve performance and the life of the clutch.
  • Check out our video HERE filmed at Daytona Beach Spring Bike Week 2015 featuring Lucas Oil Products.

    Our Box of Lube Service kits are shipped right to your door so now is the time to check that service off your list. Even if your motorcycle is not ready yet for a service, take advantage of the savings and order now and have it there for when the time comes.

    While supplies last you can try a FREE sample of the Lucas Octane Booster.  This Octane Booster eliminates spark knocks, pinging and dieseling.  It promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions and more MPG.  Use coupon code FREEOCT when checking out and we will send you a 2 oz. octane boost for free to try with any order!  We are convinced that once you try it you will run it all the time.  We sell it by the case for additional savings!  Check out this product and other fine Lucas Motorcycle products on our website.




    RC Components Power Max and RC Components True Dual Headers for FLH/FLT Touring

    In early 2015 RC Components launched their new Power Max Headers. This system has the same smooth and stylish curves of their true dual headers but has the addition of a precision tuned collector that has a unique chamber that balances the exhaust between each cylinder. This incredible new system is available in chrome or with a black heat shield, with 12mm 02 ports only or with 12mm and 18mm ports (Cycle Solutions Inc Exclusive) and also with or without the ceramic coating inside and out. Pair this system with a set of their 4″ or 4.5″ mufflers and you are well on your way to get great low end torgue and horsepower.

    Cycle Solutions Inc has been selling and installing the RC Components True Dual Headers for a couple of years. We like them because they are easy to install and RC Components makes them exactly how we need them. On our show truck we only stock the ceramic coated inside and out headers with both the 12mm and 18mm 02 ports (Cycle Solutions Inc Exclusive). These two features are important to us because we know all to well how much heat a Harley can put out and the ceramic coating is a nice little bonus to help keep the heat in. 90% of our installs require the 18mm 02 ports for the Thundermax Auto Tune module so having the wide band 02 ports is a must! These headers feature smooth radius bends and are wrapped in a 2.5″ heat shield. These true dual headers are designed for their 4″ and new 4.5″ slip on mufflers but will work with most aftermarket slip ons. Also available in chrome or black.

    Both of these systems fit 2010 and newer Harley FLH/FLT Touring and Harley Tri-Glides with the trike adaptor kit, however, our special fitment that has both the 12mm and the 18mm 02 ports they will also fit 2009 models as well. Check these out on our website just be sure to pay attention to which style you are ordering. If you are not sure which ones you need then please give us a call and we can help you out! If you will be using this system with a Thundermax Auto Tune or a Power Commander V Auto Tune module then you will need our fitment with both the 12mm and the 18mm 02 ports. Don’t Forget to add your flange and gasket kit!

    Purchase these headers along with a set of their mufflers and save even more. The RCXhaust 4″ slip ons have exceptional sound but the 4.5″ ones are even better. Call 877-871-0053 for special pricing. Matching Axle Nut Covers, Motorcycle Air Intakes, Grips, Foot Pegs and Shift Pegs also available.