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Get the Lead Out with Bikemaster Lithium Ion Batteries

Sometimes it pays to be at the right place at the right time. Recently we discovered the best lithium battery on the market. We have tried lithium batteries in the past and for many reasons they always disappointed us. After experiencing starting issues on our 124″ Street Glide, we installed one of these batteries to give it a try and it did not disappoint. With 625 cranking amps and the weight of 6.2 lbs we definitely have a winner!

The Lithium Ion Battery made by Bikemaster has earned our respect. After many years of turning our back to lithium batteries for motorcycles we only have good things to say about this one. This battery has a built in charge and equalizing protection board that keeps us from overcharging it. That is great news for those of us who have toasted many lead batteries on a charger due to over charging. Lithium batteries are more earth friendly to boot. Who does not love products that are more environmentally safe?

Additional product features:
• The most advanced high-power Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology from BikeMaster
• Ultra high cranking amps from a super lightweight battery. Only 1/3 the weight of a lead acid battery
• Cylindrical cell with energy storage welding technology for higher output
• Built-in charge and equalizing protection board, preventing battery from over-charging
• Remarkably low self-discharge for extended storage periods up to one year
• Suitable for low temperature environments
• More than twice the service life of conventional lead acid batteries
• Superior vibration resistant construction allows multi-directional installation without damage
• No corrosive liquids, no toxic heavy metals make the BikeMaster Li-On batteries environmentally friendly
• Two year warranty

If you are looking for a replacement for that old stock battery that’s weighing you down, click here!

New products from D&D Exhaust for 2015

Once you experience the sound and power created by a D&D Exhaust system you will be a fan for life. The sound is music to any motorcycle riders ears and with several choices in baffles to fine tune the sound to anyones liking how can you go wrong? And we have not even mentioned performance yet! D&D Exhaust puts all of their systems through scrutinizing tests to gain the maximum performance possible. We remember the first time a motorcycle came across our Dyno with a D&D exhaust. It was an eye opening experience and changed performance as we knew it. D&D exhaust systems are the top performing systems we sell and we are now increasing the number of styles and fitments that we carry with the release of some new products this year that will be sure to please everyone.

Currently available are the new 3.5″ and 4″ Slip On Mufflers for 1995-2015 FLH/FLT Harley touring models. They have D&D exhausts new Vortex wrapped baffles. They are available in black or chrome in either a back cut, slash cut, straight cut and as a tip compatible. They currently offer three different tips styles. If you are not ready for the expense of a D&D Exhaust full system or you just don’t see the need to change out your head pipes then this is a great alternative. You can keep your true dual stock headers and get the sound of a D&D Exhaust. There is a sound byte available on our website for you to listen to so be sure to check it out.

The new Stubby Cat 2 into 1 exhaust system for FLH/FLT models with stretched bags gives an awesome custom look. This system is designed for 96″ to 131″ motors. It has their new Vortex Baffle 2″ Louvered wrapped inter core and the end cap can be rotated.

In September, D&D Exhaust will be launching their new X-Cat 2 into 2 header system for 2009-Newer FLH/FLT Harley touring models. This will allow customers to utilize their D&D slip on mufflers they have already purchased or other aftermarket brands. This system will be ceramic coated inside and out and available in black or chrome. We will have this product on our new D&D display for Sturgis this year. Stop in and check them out. We can not wait to get our hands on a set and give them a run on the dyno! This product is not on our website yet since they are not currently available but as soon as we have images we will get them up so they can be pre-ordered.

We currently stock many styles and fitments made by D&D Exhaust. Fat Cats for FLH/FLT and Softails, Boarzillas for 113-131″ motors and their new FLH slip on mufflers. click here to see everything currently available from D&D Exhaust. If it is not in stock then it may take 2-3 weeks to ship but they are really great and getting products out faster than promised. They also offer exhausts for Triumph’s, Buell, Kawasaki, Yamaha and slip ons will be available soon for Victory models.