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TP Roller Rockers

A real complaint from customers about their Harleys, especially on CVO bikes, is the clickity clackity noise from the top end of those motorcycles. There are several tricks to eliminate the noise.

First would be to run Lucas 50wt synthetic motor oil in the engine opposed to other brands that get excessively hot and thin; more so on bigger motors with taller cams. Think of oil as the shock absorber between a metal on metal surface like the rocker arm and the valve stem top.

Secondly you need to increase the flow of oil through the cooler and the engine on top of the bike by using the K&P XL billet lifetime oil filter/cooler. This exclusive item is only available through Cycle Solutions Inc. It is longer than the standard K&P oil filter. It flows oil 8.1 times faster than a standard paper filter whereas the standard K&P flows oil 5.1 times faster. Faster flowing oil means thicker oil. Thicker oil acts as a better shock absorber between moving metal parts which makes things quieter.

Third install one of our axtel valve cam plate oil pressure valve to dramatically increase the oil pressure in a 2007-newer twin cam engine or any older twin cam with Harley’s upgraded hydraulic cam chain tensioner replacement kit. If you really want to increase volume and flow of oil and you have checked & ensured your crank shaft run out is .003″ or less then you can install a billet feuling camplate, oil pump and lifter combo. Note-run out must be checked and you must use a feuling camplate & oil pump together. OEM parts are not interchangeable.

Lastly, install the TP roller rocker arms. Chris Waddell’s V-Twin Speed Shop uses either S&S or TP Engineering Roller Rockers in its high end engine builds both work incredibly well but fit differently based on the spring shape and size of the valve spring retainer. You must check for proper fitment from rocker arm reach to valve spring retainer. Arm can not touch anything during rotation besides the top of the valve stem. Roller rockers are smoother in many cases, quicker and offer a longer lifespan than the conventional rocker arms. In order to install these you must clear the entire rocker box cover due to higher rocker arm lifts. We have had to make room in the top of the rocker box cover on every install so the arms can move freely and not touch the cover.

For more on the TP roller rocker arms watch our video below.


The most annoying problem we experience is the dreaded vacuum cap!

When doing inventory on the mobile truck we find it humorous that we have more vacuum caps in inventory for 2008-newer FLH then any other part and we stock a lot of parts! At any given time we have no less than 50 caps in inventory for a large show like Daytona or Sturgis. This little $0.30 part causes more people frustration then any other part from Harley.

What does it do? This rubber vacuum cap sits on top of the Throttlebodies 2008-newer TBW motorcycles. The only bikes that do not have this cap are the California emissions controlled motorcycles or older years. The California bikes have a charcoal admissions canister with a hose attached. Everyone else gets a little rubber cap. These caps get old and deteriorate and just fall off or with a weak battery they can literally pop off across a parking lot if it kicks backwards. If you have ever tried to start your bike and it coughs and spits smoke out the intake then you should get out a flashlight and check the top of your throttlebody for this cap. If this cap is missing it can create multiple problems for your bike such as low speed drivability, erratic choppy idle and problems with tuning.

Running a motorcycle without this cap is like having the worse intake seal leak. We recommend checking for this cap periodically or upgrade your throttlebody to one of our HPI 55mm or 58mm throttlebodies to eliminate the cap all together.

This cap was designed to plug the hole to seal off where the charcoal canisters go on California bikes. It serves no other purpose. On older motorcycles pre 2008 FLH and on all other Dynas, Softails and Sportsters the cap is on the outside of the throttle blade and does not effect idle. In 2008 Harley moved the vacuum port to behind the throttlebody which is the worse place they could put it.