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Introducing the NEW Arlen Ness by Magnaflow Exhaust Systems and Slip On Mufflers

Here is another great product that just recently became available from Arlen Ness made by Magnaflow. MagnaFlow, for over 30 years has been the leader in performance exhaust products, making a strong statement about the future of “Quality • Power • Sound” and the American V-Twin motorcycle by partnering with Arlen Ness.

Arlen Ness is recognized around the world as the Godfather of Custom Motorcycles. An icon of the industry, Arlen Ness has been producing custom motorcycles and high-end, trend-setting parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson®, Victory and Indian motorcycles for over 40 years. Arlen Ness now turns his talents to design a complete line of co-branded exhaust systems known as Arlen Ness by MagnaFlow.

Redline Tru-Duals 2 into 2 System in Chrome

There are systems available for FLH/FLT Touring, Dyna, Softail and XL Sportsters. For touring models they have a Tru-X Crossover full system and a Tru-Dual 2 into 2 system both available with a 4 1/2″ muffler or a Megacone style in chrome or black Slip on mufflers are also available if you are interested in only switching out your mufflers.

They offer a super cool F-Bomb 2 into 1 system, Ness-Comp 2 into 1 and a Lowdown 2 into 2 for Softails, Dynas and XL Sportsters.

Check out the video on a Tru-X Crossover system installed on our 2012 Road Glide.

Arlen Ness by MagnaFlow MegaCone Tru-X Exhaust for Harley Touring

All of these systems are currently in stock and ready to ship. This is a new product so demand is high and supply is low. Once supply is depleted then it could take 2-3 weeks to get your hands on a set. Cycle Solutions Inc is currently offering 10% off on an order of any of the Arlen Ness by Magnaflow Full Systems of Slip On mufflers for a limited time. Please use off code MAGNAFLOW at checkout to receive this great offer. Code will expire when stock is depleted on an item or by May 15th, 2015.

Introducing Cycle Solutions Inc Premium Max Flow and Hi-Flow Motorcycle Air Intake Kits

Cycle Solutions Inc has been selling these quality motorcycle air intake kits from our mobile truck for the past couple of years and are now offering them through our online store. One of the reasons we have been selling and installing these stage 1 intakes is of course because they perform exceptionally well, but mostly because they are a step above all the other stage 1 air intake kits on the market that uses your stock intake cover in quality. These heavy duty kits are stronger and are made from a higher quality casting. We also like the fact that all the parts to produce this kit are manufactured in the USA! You can purchase these complete motorcycle air intake kits individually or you can upgrade to this kit in our power pack selections.  Also if you already have a stage 1 upgrade on your bike, you can easily upgrade it just by purchasing the 2 3/4″ max flow filter element by itself HERE.

There are three kits currently available. Choose from the following based on color and fitment:

Complete Max Flow Air Filter Kits:
Our Max Flow Air filter kit is designed to completely replace the stock air cleaner assembly. It features a pleated element that is over 2 3/4″ deep to really let that engine breathe! This is a washable, oilable and reusable filter. Also included is a one piece cast backing plate with internal crankcase venting and mounting hardware. This is a higher quality intake than most Stage 1 intakes that use the stock cover. Fitments available are for 2008-2013 TBW FLH/FLT Touring and 1999-Newer Big Twins Carb or Delphi EFI. Color choices are Natural, Chrome and black and are available in a stock 50mm or a 58mm fitment.

Complete Hi-Flow Air Filter Kits:
These kits are similar to the Max flow air filter kits except the filter is a standard 2 1/4″ deep. This filter kit increases flow without increasing the overall width of the air cleaner for those with leg room concerns. As mentioned above, these also include a one piece cast backing plate with internal crankcase venting and mounting hardware. This is a higher quality intake then most Stage 1 intakes that use the stock cover. Fitments available are for 2008-2013 TBW FLH/FLT Touring and 1999-Newer Big Twins Carb or Delphi EFI. Color choices are Natural, Chrome and black and are available in a stock 50mm or a 58mm fitment.

Premium Rushmore Intake Kit:
2014 brought a lot of changes to the Touring series bikes, including a new, distinctive air cleaner cover shape. The Rushmore Air Intake is a new air cleaner designed to retain the Rushmore cover while increasing airflow 47% over the factory system. The Rushmore cover is twice the weight of the previous ‘football’ cover so we felt it important to not only making a substantial flow increase, but to retain 360 degree support of the outer cover for durability and longevity purposes. Backing plate is fully CNC machined from billet with radiused entry and additional air inlet ports, finished in black for a stealthy, almost un-noticeable upgrade to the intake system. Fast and easy installation; oiled gauze HighFlow element is fully washable and re-useable.

Base maps versus custom built maps for Power Commander V’s

Power Commander V’s are one of the most popular tuning modules. They have been around for a long time and we have been building custom maps for them on our Dyno for over 13 years.

We sell Power Commander V’s on our website and if the customer provides us with the modifications that they have made to their motorcycle, (i.e. exhaust, intake, cams, engine upgrades) we can download a base map and ship it out ready to install. These base maps are the same maps that are available on Dynojet’s website. They used to supply a disk with software and maps but just recently did away with them to eliminate the cost and environmental impact. By installing the base map for you, we are taking the guess work out of the equation for our customers to make their install easier. These base maps are generated by Dynojet for the Power Commander V using the most common parts combinations. For many motorcycles and motorcyclists these base maps perform well. If the base map is not performing well then the customer can go online and choose a different map and continue to do so until they find one that the are happy with.

For many though, the base map is just a starting point. Power Commander V’s work their best when the motorcycle is put on a Dyno and a custom map is created for that motorcycle. On the Dyno, Chris is able to go in with our advanced software and add and take away fuel through all the throttle positions in conjunction with the RPM’s and make the bike perform better. A Dyno with an Eddy current brake is required to tune. Motorcycles gain more horsepower and run smoother after this process. It is a misconception that motorcycles gain better fuel mileage when custom tuned. It is true that fuel economy can improve for some bikes, but many could lose fuel economy. It just depends on how rich or lean a bike is prior to tuning. We get customers that ask us to tune for better fuel mileage. This is something we will not do. The true purpose of custom tuning is to gain performance and a smooth air/fuel ratio by adding and taking away fuel where the motorcycle needs it.

Base maps are maps created for the Power Commander V by the manufacturer for general use with common parts combinations. Custom maps are built by a professional tuner for an individual motorcycle. It is amazing how every bike we professionally tune, even though it maybe the same model and year and the same parts combination, requires different fuel mapping.

When you purchase a Power Commander V from us online and we ship it to you then you are receiving one of those general base maps. If you bring a bike to us at a show or to our shop and pay for tuning, we will create a custom map for your bike and you will gain every ounce of performance from your motorcycle, the parts and the tuner. We do not download custom maps we have created into the Power Commander V’s because they were not created for you motorcycle. That is why there is a price difference between buying online versus buying from us at a show and we professionally install and tune it. We cannot create a custom map for motorcycles over the internet. The motorcycle must be on our Dyno to properly tune.

When you receive a Power Commander V or a ThunderMax Auto Tune from us you will receive a free Dyno run that you can bring to a rally and we will put your motorcycle on the Dyno and do a diagnostic run. This is an extra bonus that will tell you your current horsepower, torque and your air fuel ratio. Based on this information, Chris will discuss with you ways that you can improve performance and recommend if you should have the motorcycle tuned on the Dyno. There is an additional charge to do custom mapping so customers need to decide if they are happy with how their motorcycle performs or if they want all that it can offer.

Keep in mind when ordering from retailers online 99% of them have never used a Power Commander V. They do not have access to a Dyno so they have no clue how to properly use the unit. We get many customers that have purchased Power Commander V’s from other sellers and installers and they come to us because their bike is not performing well. Many times it is because the stock O2 sensors are still plugged in and the Power Commander is not able to function. They have to be blocked off to override the stock ECM or the stock ECM will continue to revert the bike back to stock.

We stock all the Harley Power Commanders on our truck and in our shop. We also have Power Commanders for Indians, Victory and Yamaha motorcycles in stock and ready to ship! We also can ship within 3-4 days Power Commanders for other makes and models.

Dynojet has great customer support team and offers a 1 year warranty with this product. They also have additional add-on products available for purchase depending on what you want to acheive.

Rain Socks for the GLS Stage 3 Ultimate Intake are Now Available

The wait is over! We recieved our first shipment of the new GLS Stage 3 Motorcycle Air Intake Rain Socks at Daytona Bike Week. These rain socks have a velcro edge so that you can easily slip it around the filter and remove it anytime you want.

We recommend using a rain sock to keep unwanted water from getting into your intake on days that you can not avoid the rain. Who hasn’t left their home on a gorgeous day for a great ride and
then turn a corner and enter a downpour. Rain happens!

Purchase one now to keep in your saddlebag for those rainy days.

Create a custom look with Extended Saddle Bags from Arlen Ness!

Cycle Solutions Inc. has a limited supply of Arlen Ness’ 5″ longer than stock extended bags. Arlen’s Angled cut design gives you the ultimate look while providing the maximum corning clearance. 5″ more of space in your bags mean that you can carry more much needed items with you such as a small tool bag, extra quart of oil, cleaners and clothes for that long bike trip you have been wanting to take. These bags have unlimited possibilities to create a custom look to your motorcycle. Bags are unpainted so you can color match to your current paint scheme or why not have them hydro dipped with a cool design? Bags can be used with most 4″ or smaller FLT Touring slip on mufflers and full exhaust systems.
You will need to use your stock saddlebag lids, latches and mounting hardware for installation. Injected molded ABS exhaust block off plugs are available for those wanting to run single (2 into 1) or no exhaust in the rear when running Arlen Ness Angled Saddlebags. Modification of saddlebags and rear fender may be required when installing block off plugs.

• Each Saddlebag is stretched 5″ longer than stock to cover your muffler from front to back and provide a stretched look.
• These injected molded ABS Saddlebags provide consistent quality, superior strength, and rigidity for a perfect fit every time, from a name you can trust.
• Saddlebags have cutouts for Dual Exhaust applications. For custom applications with Single Exhaust or no Exhaust exits, Block Off Plugs are available separately.
• Designed to work with factory fenders, Ness Angled Fender Extension, or Arlen Ness Bagger-Tail fender kits
• Saddlebags are sold in pairs (one left and one right)

Click HERE and start your custom look today!