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Dynojet Thunderslide Jet Kits

A stock keihin carburetor (CV-constant velocity) is thought of as a terrible undesirable carb, however, it is an incredibly good carburetor, it is just saddled with an ignition control that starts with the slide. The term Jet Kit is a loosely used term. For example, we can call a tissue a Kleenex but that does not necessarily make it a Kleenex. There are many brands out there that make tissues but they are not all Kleenex’s.

Harley dealers tend to charge a lot of money to re-jet a carburetor. A shim and a needle are technically re-jetting but does nothing to improve the performance of a motorcycle. It usually just uses more fuel. We recommend and use Dynojet’s Thunderslide Jet Kit. It replaces the aluminum vacuum operated heavy CV carb slide. It replaces it with a bake-lite plastic featherweight slide. The throttle response is dramatically improved because it takes much less vacuum to open the slide.

The slide spring is replaced with a lighter spring allowing for a smoother close of the slide in a roll off throttle position. The emulsion tube is also replaced with one that controls fuel delivery better. In most cases the main jet is much smaller allowing for better fuel economy and more power. The titanium needle in this jet kit is adjustable and the fuel metering is much more accurate than the other jet kits or stock needles.

We have installed thousands of these jet kits with perfect results every time and we have never had a warranty issue with them. We are carburetor tuning experts. Chris learned to tune these long before fuel injection was invented. We sell and install these kits at all the rallies we attend or you can purchase online and do the install your self. Bring it to us at a show and we can dial it in for you for a small fee. We also have the jets required to perform tuning on S&S and mikuni carb kits as well.

Thundermax Auto Tune Tech Services Offered From Our Mobile Truck

Cycle Solutions Inc is known for their skill and knowledge with the Thundermax Auto Tune modules.  We sell and install thousands of these units each year.  When you purchase a Thundermax Auto Tune unit from our mobile store you receive the best professional install and set up possible.  We take the time to go through each install to ensure the proper map is installed, the latest firmware is uploaded plus we have advanced software that allows us to go in and make adjustments to the unit that is not made available to consumers who purchase and install on their own.  Your bike also spends some time with Chris Waddell on our dyno.  He reviews the initial setup by our qualified crew and fine tunes it to give you every ounce of power, performance and smoothness from your motorcycle.

We also offer a Thundermax Auto Tune tech service for individuals who have purchased a thundermax auto tune unit and have concerns about its performance or that just wants the latest firmware installed and a full diagnostic ran to make sure their unit is functioning to its fullest potential.  See details below:

NEW! Cycle Solutions Ft Myers, FL Location November 2015

Cycle Solutions Inc will be headed to sunny Ft Myers, Florida during the winter months of 2015-2016. We are expanding our winter location to offer our performance upgrades to the southern part of the country. We will specialize in our stage 1,2 and 3 performance upgrades as well as full engine upgrades. Lets face it, it is cold here in Indiana in the winter! What better place than Ft Myers, FL to work for the winter months. We can work and get a little sun on our face too!

We will be offering pick up and delivery to customers that live in that area. If you have a motorcycle and you store it there or you are coming in to be a snowbird and enjoy that Florida weather bring it to us to perform a full service with our 3 hole oil change plus all the inspections you would get from your dealer. This will also be a great time to do performance modifications and dyno tuning.

Check out our website for the address of this location. We will be handing out flyers at the rallies to customers who are interested in our services during November-March.

We will still have our shop in Hartford City Indiana open all winter as well. Hartford City is our main location and will still be up an running with normal business hours.

Knucklehead is already excited about escaping the cold harsh weather and stretching out in the grass in the warm Florida sun.

Daytona Bike Week 2015 is Almost Here!

Daytona Bike Week is just around the corner once again.  The show dates for 2015 will be March 7th-14th.  Daytona is our first event of the season and after being in cold Indiana for the winter we are sure ready for it!  Our location is the same as the past years.  We will be at the Daytona International Speedway on the east side of the vendor area at the track.  We have some great new products on the truck this year along with the same great parts and services we have offered in the past.  New this year will be slip on mufflers, oil filter/coolers. drain plugs and several other parts for Victory and Indian motorcycles.

Here is a list of some of the services we specialize in:

  • Thundermax installation and set up plus we can also provide custom mapping
  • Thundermax diagnostic service for individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their unit
  • Power Commander V installs and custom mapping
  • Stage 1 performance upgrades (intake, exhausts & tuners)
  • Stage 2 Cam Upgrades
  • Stage 3 Throttlebody Upgrades
  • Stage 4 Engine Upgrades
  • Ohlins USA Suspensions
  • Sales and installation of exhausts, slip on mufflers, intakes, grips, exhaust tips, etc
  • Carb tuning for S&S and Mikuni Carbs plus carb tuning on Stock carbs with the purchase and installation of Dynojets Thunderslide kit
  • Full service oil changes with Lucas Oil Motorcycle Products
  • Plus many, many, more services and parts

Come see us at the show.  If you need help finding us you can call/text Chris at 765-730-1646 and get directions.

Introducing the NEW Rush Racing Products Split Baffle (SB) Slip On Mufflers for 2010-Newer Catalyst Equipped FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles

Rush Racing Products are always on the cutting edge of technology and has worked diligently to offer a resolutions to help reduce the heat that riders often experience from their motorcycle.  They were the first company to offer their head pipes with a double ceramic coating to help keep heat in and off on your legs.  They have just released new 4″ Big Louie slip on mufflers in chrome and black that are designed specifically for 2010-newer Harley FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles that have catalyst equipped head pipes.

Since the introduction of the catalytic converter to the motorcycle exhaust system, the temperatures in the exhaust have been steadily increasing.  With the placement of the catalytic converter into the head pipe the temperatures have not only increased in the factory head pipes, the heat has permeated into the muffler and the motor itself.  These temperatures have created a number of problems with discoloration of the mufflers, uncomfortable riding conditions, and in extreme cases, rider burns and engine problems.

The new Rush SB (split baffle) slip on mufflers have different sized baffles.  The right side has a 2.5″ baffle and the left has a 3″ baffle.  This forces more exhaust to flow through the left side to help even out the flow.  By evening out the flow, the temperature is greatly reduced on that right side reducing the possibility of seeing discoloration to your mufflers.

Price is the same as their traditional 4″ big Louies and they are available on our website for purchase as well as our mobile truck.  They are available in slash up, slash down and tip compatible with your choice of tip.

If you decide to change out your head pipes for the Rush Racing Products double ceramic head pipes or another aftermarket brand then these Rush Slip On mufflers can still be used with most aftermarket headers.  If you are changing out your headers now then we would recommend you order their traditional 4″ Big Louie Rush slip on mufflers which are available with different sizes of baffles for sound and performance preferences.