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Daytona Twin Tec Ignition Modules

Whether it is out of necessity or for performance, installing one of Daytona Twin Tec’s ignition modules are fairly easy to install and are an excellent upgrade for any 1999-2006 twin cam motorcycle.
There are many manufacturer’s of ignition modules but we prefer the simple plug in style manufactured by Daytona Twin Tec.

It is a programmable module with ignition maps. It also has quick lock dials so you can set the rev limiter and ignition timing advance features. A Harley with a stock ignition module has a low rev limiter and a retarded timing curve. This is to ensure you purchase an ignition module from them to increase your performance. It is amazing how many bikes have performance upgrades done to them and they still have a stock carburetor with a changed jet and a stock ignition module.  If you have made performance modifications to your twin cam then we recommend you consider upgrading your ignition system to one of the Daytona Twin Tecs available on our website.

We also stock these modules on our show truck and offer set up and install.

SALE! Deep Cut Arlen Ness Hot Legs and Boot Forks in Chrome or Black

Cycle Solutions Inc sells and installs a lot of Arlen Ness parts and accessories on our mobile truck.  We have the largest selection of Arlen Ness products than anyone.  Many people are surprised when they see our inventory and thrilled when they find that one special part they have been searching for!

We are currently offering the Arlen Ness Hot Legs and Boot Forks at a discounted price.  We only have one set of each on hand so if you have been considering adding these two items to your motorcycle now is the time.  We are not able to do the install on these products at a rally so we are removing them from our truck inventory.  Get yours while supplies last!

Here is what we have:

Deep Cut Black

Part # 06-511  Fits 2008-2013 Harley FLT Dual Disc Touring motorcycles.  They are in the original box, has all the hardware and installation instructions.  These have been on display on the road so the left side fork leg has a couple small scratches in the chrome part.  We can send a picture if you are interested in this product.  Other leg is in original sealed plastic.  Scratches are minimal and product is brand new. Retail is $599.95  Sale price $465.00

Deep Cut Chrome

Part# 06-510 Fits 2008-2013 Harley FLT Dual Disc Touring motorcycles.  They are in the original box. Box has been opened but has all the hardware and installation instructions.  These have been on display on the road but they are still in their original sealed plastic and are in great condition. No scratches that we can see. They are all chrome. Retail is $599.95  Sale price is $485.00


Deep Cut Black Boot Fork

Part# 20-014  Fits 1986-2013 FLT, FLHR, FLHT Harley Touring motorcycles.  They are in original packaging, never been opened.  Retail price is 259.95  Sale Price $225.00




Chrome Deep Cut Boot Forks

Part# 20-012  Fits 1986-2013 FLT, FLHR, FLHT Harley Touring motorcycles.  They are in original packaging, never been opened.  Retail price is 259.95  Sale Price $225.00

If you purchase the Hot Legs and Boot Forks together then the sale price is $$680.00 for the Deep Cut Black and $699.95 for the Chrome.


Hide those ugly wires! Products you should not do without when updating your air intake.

If you own a 2008 or newer FLH/FLT touring motorcycle and you have toyed around with replacing your stock motorcycle air intake with a stage 1 then this is a a product that you really should consider. Most people do not realize that the huge stock intake covers up the TBW system that is behind the intake. When you replace that intake with a better performing one then most likely the wires and tubes will be visible that we’re once covered up. Most people are not aware of this and are left with an eyesore when they are installing that new shiny intake.
There are several companies that make servo covers and brackets to solve this problem.

Kuryakyn Chrome Servo Cover and Bracket

They do not look like much when you see them in their own packaging. You may even think that they are not worth the money to purchase them, however when you see the before and after picture you will see how effective they are.

Kuryakyn Servo Cover & Bracket

We stock a couple of different styles on our mobile truck and encourage people to purchase them at the time we are doing the install of their stage 1 upgrade so they are not disappointed with the finished look. Let’s face it, performance parts are expensive and who wants to spend the money on a super trick air intake to only be disappointed with the wires underneath.

Performance Machine Servo Cover


If you have already replaced your stock intake and you are left with this problem, you can easily remove your intake and install this item. If you are on the market for a new intake and your motorcycle is TBW then you should consider purchasing this at the same time. You will be glad you did!
Click here to see the color and styles available.

Battery Replacement

A battery in your motorcycle will last a lot longer when it is kept on a battery tender when not in use.  We have found that the best way to do this is to plug the battery tender into a timer that you can buy at any hardware or department store that is used to turn lights or any other device on or off at set times.  We have one battery tender unit that charges all of our display bike batteries when not on display and it is set up to come on for 3 hours once a week.  This is what works for us.  Depending on how many bikes you have and what type of battery tender you purchase you may need to play around with that a little to find what works best for you.   One of the dial type wall timers work best because if you loose power they will still keep the programming and still work when the power comes back on so you don’t have to remember every time there is a power outage to reset your timer.  This way your bike will fire right up every time you want to ride it!  We do not recommend that you plug your battery into a tender and leave it on all the time.  Batteries can overcharge and cause the lead plate in the battery to breakdown which will greatly reduce the life of your battery and lets face it, batteries are to expensive to replace before they have to be!

We do recommend upgrading your battery to one of our premium performance batteries.  Stock batteries have not changed over the years.  They are the same stock batteries that Harley has always been using and today’s modern conveniences takes a toll on them. The addition of LED lights, accent lighting, phone charges, Ipods, high powered stereo systems and speakers all put a draw on your battery.  The addition of a Thundermax Auto Tune can also have a bigger draw from the battery.  We get many customers that call and say they are experiencing trouble with starting their motorcycle after installing a Thundermax Auto Tune  and 9 times out of 10 it is because they have an old weak battery and it is not able to power their motorcycle anymore.

We stock many premium performance batteries on our show truck and we sell every battery we bring to every show and then some.  Motorcyclists that have bigger high compression motors really benefit from a premium performance battery.  When performing a large engine build in our shop or on the road we always check the vitality of a customers battery to be sure it has what it takes to start every time flawlessly.   Adding a better performance battery will also increase the durability of the starter because it does not have to work so hard.

If you are in need of a new battery please check out our premium 400 and 500 CCA (cold cranking amp) batteries.  They are good old fashioned lead acid batteries that are manufactured by Yuasa and privately labeled.  If you do not see the fitment you need then call us!

RC Components Wheel Packages now available from Cycle Solutions Inc

Raider Eclipse

Today wheels for motorcycles have become a work of art. There are so many styles and contrasts available to choose from that it can be quite a difficult task to make up your mind!  Our 2012 Road Glide got a fresh look at Sturgis this year with an RC Components Front and Rear Wheel kit.  The style we went with is called Raider Eclipse and it screams BAD ASS!  We added the matching stage one air intake to carry out the theme.  If you have seen our Road Glide at one of the shows you know that it is decked out with a wide range of Arlen Ness Deep Cut pieces as well as a few Performance Machine, Roland Sands and RC Components parts.  The wheels really finished the look of the motorcycle.

Widow Eclipse

We are so pleased with our new wheels that we have decided to add RC Components entire line of wheels to our product list. Most people usually only change out the front wheels on their bagger because of the expense and also because you really do not see much of the rear wheel.  Chris likes his bikes to display all the products it possibly can (and he wants it to look good!) so we went with the rear wheel too.  You can also purchase the rear wheel kit if you are like Chris. You will just need to call or email us to get a quote. **Please note that some 2014-Newer Street Glide specials, Road Glide Specials and some Ultras require the that you replace the rear wheel too due to the reflex braking systems that they have.

There are currently 69 different styles available on our website.  Our front wheel packages come with the 21″ forged wheel of your choice with an Avon tire pre-mounted and a 2 piece floating brake rotor kit.  Our 2 piece rotor package is far superior to the 1 piece stainless rotors you will see others selling at a reduced cost.

Savage Chrome

Our 2 piece rotors are also more durable, less prone to warping and match the wheel style much better.  At Cycle Solutions Inc we believe in doing everything right!  Appearance, quality, performance and safety are our top considerations when installing parts on our motorcycles and our customers motorcycles!  we do not take shortcuts ever!  Don’t be misled by other sellers and receive a inferior product.

Click here to view all of our wheel kits.  We are certain there is a wheel here that fits everyone’s style!

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