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With the purchase of any Dynojet Power Commander V, Power Commander III or Thundermax Auto Tune you will receive a free diagnostic dyno test run at an event of your choice. This complimentary dyno run will tell you your current air/fuel ration, horsepower and torque. This is information will help determine if your bike needs additional tuning.  Our dyno man, Chris Waddell, can make recommendations to you based on the information obtained from this diagnostic test.  For an additional fee, we also offer professional motorcycle dyno tuning that will help you gain horsepower and a smoother ride.  Users have the ability to download base maps to Power Commander V’s & III and Thundermax Auto Tunes that are provided by the products manufacturer.  Some riders are happy with the performance this base map can provide.  Most can benefit from having a custom map built for their individual bike especially if you are having problems with backfiring and popping.  It is a misconception that custom maps can not be built for the Thundermax Auto Tune.  There are hundreds of base maps available for the Thundermax based on common parts configurations.  With the use of our dyno, advanced software and knowledge, we can build custom maps for those individuals that have unique part combinations, that are experiencing some trouble areas or just want every horsepower they can get!

You will receive a coupon in the box with your purchase.  You will need this coupon to receive your complimentary run.  Check out our schedule to see if we will be in an area near you.  Present your coupon at the event and you will be put in the rotation for the dyno.  We operate as first come, first serve at the events.

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