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Cycle Solutions powers Engines in the Black Hills Rally with ThunderMax, Red Shift Cams and Exhaust systems by RC Components, Rush Racing Products and Rinehart Racing

Cycle Solutions provides riders their skill and expertise to provide an excellent tuned engine package at the Sturgis rally with the no hassle flexibility to keep their engines tuned after the event no matter where they ride. Our customer’s engines equipped with Thundermax Auto Tune are always properly tuned regardless of riding conditions or time of the year. Cycle Solutions also sells and installs many other parts including high flow intakes, throttlebodies, camshafts and performance engine kits.

We can add an additional and dramatic improvement to your engine power curve with Red Shift Cams; they are available for installation on H-D motorcycles including the Twin Cooled Rushmore Models and Trikes at our Show Truck in downtown Sturgis at 8th and Lazelle Street through August 10th.

Red Shift® Cams are designed to get your motorcycle moving – and moving fast. Feel an immediate power increase of torque improving engine performance, and 6th gear will be strong with little need for downshifting even on the hills! Feel an immediate torque improvement across the entire power band.

Cycle Solutions recommendation: upgrading your existing cam chain tensioner system with Red Shift® Dual Piston Cam Chain Tensioners for improved chain control, accurate valve timing, reduced engine noise and added valve train life.

From stock displacement to 131 CI engines or the Twin Cooled Rushmore models Cycle Solutions can install or set up your existing ThunderMax Auto Tune System for immediate results for any engine combination. Our ThunderMax® customers experience a dramatic increase in power, throttle response, reduced engine temperatures, and we can eliminate exhaust popping on deceleration.

ThunderMax® is purpose built for performance specifically designed with the unique ThunderMax® WideBand feedback w/AutoTuning. ThunderMax® Auto Tune automatically keeps the engine properly tuned to your riding style every time the engine fires regardless of changes in your riding conditions.

Cycle Solutions is proud to represent and prepare the finest in aftermarket EFI technology offering our customer’s top-shelf no hassle technology with our family of products and services we perform at our show truck.

To learn more check out our testimonial and YouTube pages, please join our family of satisfied customers.