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Heat Reduction for Your Trike Motorcycle

Heat Reduction for Your Trike Motorcycle

The number one complaint heard at rally after rally from customers, “My bike is running extremely hot”. Then the question comes next,” What can I do to reduce the heat generated by my motorcycle?” Good question and we hope to shed some light on solutions to this ever growing problem.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their good sense to protect us from harming the environment any more then we have, has placed stringent emission and mileage numbers on manufacturers of motor vehicles. Harley Davidson has in turn had to tune motors to run leaner then they would like to meet these EPA requirements to continue to sell motorcycles. Tuning a motor to run lean makes it run hotter and generate more heat.

Motorcycle trike owners are faced with a greater load on the motor with the addition of the rear axle and third tire and wheel. The motor must work harder generating even more heat over the two wheeled model it was built from.

Cycle Solutions has solutions:

Fuel Injection Management Tool (Tuner)
There is one aftermarket tuner used and sold by Cycle Solutions to return trike motorcycles to a correct Air to Fuel (A/F) ratio. The Zippers Thundermax fuel management system has been tried and tested to deliver peak performance and efficiency to the motorcycle it is installed on. Benefits you will notice are: quicker throttle response, increased power and a cooler operating temperature. This tuner is installed and the software for the motor and performance upgrade combination is downloaded to the tuner unit. The tuner having Auto Tune features built in the unit does not need the use of a dynamometer (Dyno) to complete the tune. The tuner uses the road and the motorcycle which act as a Dyno to constantly calibrate the correct A/F ratio, timing and ignition needs of the motorcycle.

Cycle Solutions carries a good variety of Vance & Hines and Rush exhaust systems designed to deliver performance and style to your motorcycle. The aftermarket exhaust systems allow the spent hot exhaust gases to exit the motorcycle faster and more efficiently, thus reducing the heat buildup and heat radiation experience from stock exhaust systems. The Rush head pipes are ceramic coated inside and out and drop the radiant heat from the pipes some 300 to 400 degrees. Should you have a pair of aftermarket slip on mufflers already, head pipes are available from the two manufactures above to complete the exhaust change out. 2010 through 2013 Harley Davidson Triglides really see a heat reduction and exhaust flow increase with the removal of the stock head pipes containing the catalytic convertor.

Air Cleaner (Breathers)

The third part of the cooling reduction upgrade is an aftermarket free breathing air cleaner assembly to deliver the air flow needed to bring your motorcycle to its peak potential. A stock restrictive air box limits air flow into the motor and therefore smothers the motor. The air cleaner when used with the aftermarket exhaust and tuner creates a much cooler running motor.

Oil Coolers
Many trikes come delivered with a factory or aftermarket oil cooling device. Due to restrictions in the filtration material used in most stock motorcycle oil filters, oil flow through the cooling device is not used to its potential. Cycle Solutions has found the cure for this problem, A K&P Engineering oil filter. A ribbed billet aluminum oil filter designed to increase oil flow and reduce the oil operating temperature by 20 degrees or more. The increased flow rate circulates the oil through the before mentioned factory or aftermarket oil cooling devise many times faster making it work more efficiently. The stainless steel filtration material used in the standard K&P filter flows 5.2 times that of a stock Harley Davidson replacement filter. The new K&P XL billet oil filter flows 8.1 times that of a stock oil filter. Coupled with the fact that the filter is a washable lifetime oil filter, money can be saved in the long run while making your motorcycle run cooler.

All four products in part or together will give you riding comfort and performance with a lot less heat. See a Cycle Solutions representative and ride a COOL bike today.

Easyriders Rodeo – Chillicothe, OH

The Cycle Solutions Mobile Display has landed in big Chillicothe, Ohio this Labor Day weekend. This event, one stop of the Easy Rider Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio Tour begins today August 30
and runs through Monday, September 3rd. Vendors, fun and games await you at the Ross County Fair Grounds.

The Cycle Solutions crew is setup and ready to install all your performance needs. The Show Display is packed with Rinehart, Vance & Hines and Rush performance exhaust from full True Dual systems to slip on mufflers. Performance tuners on board from Zippers and Dynojet will let the crew correctly fine tune your bike for optimum performance. Aftermarket air breathers from K&N, Arlen Ness, Roland Sands Designs (RSD), Performance Machine (PM) and the new AFFLICTION breathers from LA Choppers are guaranteed to look trick and pump performance into your bike. Visit the Show Display, make your selection, and put the fun back into riding your bike.

Tight Quarters in Lafayette, LA

Tight Quarters in Lafayette, LA

The Cycle Solutions Crew is at it again. The big winding road has landed them at the Lousiana State HOG Rally in Lafayette, LA. this week for the Louisiana State Hog Rally2012. Have you ever been to the Cajandome convention center? Our crew is getting a very close-up view of the dome’s exterior . In fact, they are setup underneath the dome’s entrance awning. If you thought a Dyno running a bike with aftermarket exhaust was loud, wait until Chris cranks up the first bike and brings the down the house. This promises to be one ear-piercing, clamorous, noisy, turbulent, you get the picture, rocking show. If you can, get on the road and see the crew in action. Tell them Tom and Jake sent you.