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Cycle Solutions Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs vs. Stock Drain Plugs

Stock vs. Cycle Solutions Magnetic Drain Plugs

Cycle Solutions Inc. has offered these magnetic drain plugs for many years now.  We thought it would be a good idea to repost about them for those that are new to us and our products and for those that may have missed the post back in 2011.  Around 2009 Cycle Solutions Inc introduced our line of super high strength Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

We have seen unbelievable steel (ferrous metal) pieces pulled from engines, transmissions, and primaries (see above). One case was a 2002 Heritage Softail that has lost it’s cam chain tensioners and stock bearings. At Daytona 2010 we added the Fueling Cam Plate, Fueling Oil pump lifter kit, and Fuel Reaper 524 gear driven cams. The motorcycle came to us very noisy and left silent and smooth. As a precaution, we installed a motor and dry sump Dimple magnetic drain plug. We had the customer return after 300 miles to change the Lucas 20w50 synthetic oil. Both the Dimple motor and dry sump drain plugs were covered in needle bearings, steel shavings, cam chain hyvo teeth, and fine ground metal dust! We could not believe what we were seeing! The stock magnetic drain plugs were clean when we took them out the day before!

Back in 2010, CRT testing labs rated these super magnetic drain plugs at 1,435 times stronger than a brand new OEM Harley Davidson magnetic drain plug. Here are the results:

The are still the best drain plugs on the market and they are available now for Victory, Indian, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati and many other motorcycle models.  Not convinced?  Watch our video demonstration we did showing off this product.

You can purchase the drain plugs in singles or take advantage of some savings and order the complete kits.  The more you buy the more you save.  No motorcycle should be without these plugs.  Click here and get started.

Lucas 50w Synthetic Oil + K&P Oil Filter vs. Harley Syn 3 Oil + Filter

I have a customer with a 2011 Screamin Eagle 110 Ultra Classic. He has complained that the bike’s top end is noisy after he takes it back to Harley Davidson for service. (We service it each spring in Daytona Beach). He states that after it’s spring service with Cycle Solutions, it is very noticable quiter. Why? Cycle Solutions Inc uses the Lucas Oil 50 weight full synthetic in the 110″ engine and 4 oz of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. The 20w50 syn 3 Harley oil is just too thin and gets thinner with the increased operating temperature of the 110″ engine. Today we drained the syn 3 again from his bike and replaced the oil with the 50 weight synthetic Lucas and stabilizer. I also replace the cheap Harley throw away oil filter with a chrome K&P billet oil cooler/filter. This filter flows about five times more freely, makes more horsepower and torque than a paper filter, and never has to be replaced (just cleaned)!!! It took at most one second on startup for the oil light to go out and the top end to quiet down! Customer present, pleased, and promised never to go back to syn 3 Harley oil!

Cycle Solutions – Stealth Touring Upgrade

Cycle Solutions Mobile Tuning crew has recently performed some magic on 2008 and newer TBW (throttle by wire) motorcycles. The 96″, 103″ and the 110″ engines have all been tested.  The goal was to significantly increase HP and torque with zero noise increase while noticeably dropping engine temperature. In our research, we installed 2009 Vance & Hines dresser dual head pipes and a ThunderMax TBW Auto Tune along with a variety of breathers including the Arlen Ness Big Sucker and RSD Roland Sands Design systems. On a 2011 103″ Ultra Classic, the results were unbelievable! Using it’s stock mufflers, the bike made 73 HP (up from 59 HP) and 86 ft lbs of torque (up from 27 ft lbs) AT IDLE! Seems impossible but in reality, replacing the OEM brain with the ThunderMax makes this bike operate at a 1-1 throttle cable ratio–literally slamming open the throttle 100% at ANY time.  Massive decrease in rear cylinder heat, no top speed restriction, and zero increase in noise! The 96″ and 110″ motors see very similar improvements.  Stay tuned for our post on the 575 Red Shift Cam swap on a similar build!