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Peak Performance While Pulling A Trailer

Hello Chris,

I just wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I have been with the service you and your team did to my 04 Ultra. As I told you my wife & I ride a lot of trips. She has a Bushtec Trailer we pull behind us so she has all of her creature comforts.  After you guys worked your magic I no longer had to drop a gear to pull hills. My wife said I was laughing and smiling all the way home from Panama City. I was. The increase in horsepower made it feel like a new bike. When I came to you I knew I was due for a check on the cam-chain tensioners. I knew I wanted to change to gear-drive cams. You took the time to go through my bike and present it to me so that I knew everything I needed to do to make it preform. You took the time to show me how the exhaust was being blocked; evident by the darkening shown in pics 1 & 2. So the True Duals were justified. I love the performance, but also the sound & look of the new 4″ Rinehart’s as seen in pic 3. The updates to the breather & filter system justified the replacement. Then the change from an old version of a DFO to a Power Commander, allowing proper mapping of the motor. After the install of the gear-drive & 510 cams (pic 4) and after the care taken to do it Right The First Time, the additional 30+ HP could be seen by the smile on my face.

I am sorry to be so long winded about this, however to date the best money spent on the bike hands down!

While I am on a roll here let me say something about your Tech Staff. OUTSTANDING!!! I felt comfortable from the start of the install because the tech working on my bike was a Biker. He understood what reliability and making it home meant. When the bike went on his lift it was HIS bike. He treated it like HIS bike. He double & triple checked everything he did to HIS bike. I appreciate that.

THANK YOU for a Job Well Done. You will be working on my bikes till I take the big Dirt Nap.

Steve Rabideaux
McDonough Georgia