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ECM on a 2007 Sportster

Dear Chris Waddell,
Hello my name is Wesley Watson. I had a yellow Sportster that I brought in to you to get checked out at your awesome establishment at Myrtle Beach Bike Week.  We both agreed that it probably was the ECM that was faulty on my wife’s 2007 Sportster after I watched you and your staff for three hours work fevereshly to provide very quick service to your customers.  Sure enough the ECM was the problem.  We did ride the bike back over 100 miles at high idle without blowing it up and made it home safely thank god.  After visiting your establishment I was really inspired by your setup and that someone could truly make money making people happy by giving them true performance upgrades in such a short amount of time.  I work for the Department of Corrections in North Carolina as a Correctional Officer and have always been very mechanically inclined. Must be something in the blood because my Great Great Uncle is Richard Childress who is the owner of Richard Childress Racing in Nascar.  Before that weekend I had been contemplating on starting my own shop that would deal mainly in performance upgrades on Harley’s considering I had already performed the stage I upgrades myself on my wife’s and my bike.  I was very proud of the upgrades I had completed and the extra performance, horsepower, and awesome sound that my bikes made after the upgrades.  I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to put the investment towards starting my own shop and becoming an awesome bike tuner like yourself.  By meeting you, you totally made my mind up.  I love wrenching on motorcycles so much that I am ready to make the sacrifices that will be needed  to be sucessful as a tuner, motorcycle repairman, and high performance upgrade provider.  I am enrolling in the fall to get my certification to work on Harley Davidson motorcycles.  This will be my first step towards becoming a performance upgrader on Harley’s.  Then I plan on doing just like you did by starting slow with just a motorcycle jack and a small shop located in my back yard.  I am sure if I provide service like you do I will definately grow out of my 20 by 30 shop in a heartbeat.  I want to thank you for being such an inspiration and pray that my dreams to be a sucessful Harley Davidson performance upgrader and professional tuner comes true just as they did for you.  As far as the 2007 Sportster it was taken to a Harley Dealership in Goldsboro NC and they covered the ECM under emmissions warranty due to the fact that it is under 5 years old.  I have truly been blessed lately and thank god everyday for his blessings.  You helped me in more ways than one.  You let me know that I truly can suceed in becoming a Harley wrench man and didn’t charge me for the advice you gave me at Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2011 and everything you did for me was truly appreciated.  I definately know why your business is so sucessful! I just didn’t know that there were people like you and I left out there that really take pride in helping other people.  I want to let you know that I would have been glad to pay you the 85 dollars that you require just to look my bike but am very greatful that you were compassionate enough to waive the charge.  May God Bless you and your family. Thank you for such an awesome experience with Cycle Solutions Inc.  Your business definitely touched my life in more ways than one!
Thank you very much!
Wesley Derek Watson

Hooters Girls Love Cycle Solutions!

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Peak Performance While Pulling A Trailer

Hello Chris,

I just wanted to tell you how extremely pleased I have been with the service you and your team did to my 04 Ultra. As I told you my wife & I ride a lot of trips. She has a Bushtec Trailer we pull behind us so she has all of her creature comforts.  After you guys worked your magic I no longer had to drop a gear to pull hills. My wife said I was laughing and smiling all the way home from Panama City. I was. The increase in horsepower made it feel like a new bike. When I came to you I knew I was due for a check on the cam-chain tensioners. I knew I wanted to change to gear-drive cams. You took the time to go through my bike and present it to me so that I knew everything I needed to do to make it preform. You took the time to show me how the exhaust was being blocked; evident by the darkening shown in pics 1 & 2. So the True Duals were justified. I love the performance, but also the sound & look of the new 4″ Rinehart’s as seen in pic 3. The updates to the breather & filter system justified the replacement. Then the change from an old version of a DFO to a Power Commander, allowing proper mapping of the motor. After the install of the gear-drive & 510 cams (pic 4) and after the care taken to do it Right The First Time, the additional 30+ HP could be seen by the smile on my face.

I am sorry to be so long winded about this, however to date the best money spent on the bike hands down!

While I am on a roll here let me say something about your Tech Staff. OUTSTANDING!!! I felt comfortable from the start of the install because the tech working on my bike was a Biker. He understood what reliability and making it home meant. When the bike went on his lift it was HIS bike. He treated it like HIS bike. He double & triple checked everything he did to HIS bike. I appreciate that.

THANK YOU for a Job Well Done. You will be working on my bikes till I take the big Dirt Nap.

Steve Rabideaux
McDonough Georgia

Cycle Solutions Inc. Teams Up with Vance & Hines and Drag Specialties

Cycle Solutions Inc. President Chris Waddell and Vance & Hines' Joe VanderBrink

It’s time to get serious of about the performance of your Harley while adding some flare while doing so. This season, Cycle Solutions Inc. has teamed up with Vance & Hines and Drag Specialties to upgrade your bike to where it should be both on the road and on the showroom floor.  Vance & Hines has set the standard with hundreds of combinations of their industry-leading head pipes, slip-on mufflers, & fuel management systems and Cycle Solutions Inc.’s Mobile Tuning Center is traveling the country fully stocked with these performance parts ready to be installed on your bike.  If you are looking to personalize your bike’s style down to the last detail, Drag Specialties offers what you want. With everything from windshields to horn covers to gas caps, Drag Specialties has dozens of new products for 2011 that will trick your bike out and make a statement. Cycle Solutions Inc. sets up shop at over 30 motorcycle rallies across the USA every year, ready to improve your Harley in every way you need. To see when Cycle Solutions Inc. will be at a show near you, check out their schedule on