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Never Trust Your GPS

How do you turn a 13’ 6” tall motor home into an 8’ 6” tall convertible?  Follow your GPS Route to a rally in Davenport, Iowa Sturgis on the River. In 2007 I embraced GPS technology as a way to route our trucks from show to show. It took me flawlessly and efficiently from Hartford City, In to Davenport, Iowa.  Cracks in the plan started to appear when I crested a hill rolling into downtown Davenport.  I was greeted by what seemed at the time to be hundreds of yellow flashing lights signaling that we were over the height for a low height bridge.  I was able to get stopped just a few feet from an 8’6” high railroad bridge.  I called 911 from my cell because it was a one way road with traffic stacked up behind us and no way to turnaround and go a different way.  No damage at this point except to my pride.  A dozen police officers with a lot of lights managed to get us backed up about a mile to access a road that was created for over-height trucks.  Since, we have been seriously considering purchasing a GPS that shows height restrictions.

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