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Everyone On Board?

During part of the show season in 2009, the Cycle Solutions Dyno rig was staffed with corporate employees from time to time from some of the companies that manufacture the products we sell.  After a very busy Leesburg Bikefest of installing countless fuel injection devices, exhausts, etc, we tore down both rigs and headed for the nearest truck stop and all night diner.  After a filling dinner everyone, or so we thought everyone had piled back in the trucks to head to Thunder Beach.  The plan was to get to our next destination early Monday morning so the crew could enjoy a couple of days of R&R before setting up.  About 3:00 AM, more than halfway to Panama City Beach the phone rings.  The voice on the other end says “Dude, where are you guys?  I have been walking around this parking lot forever trying to find you.”  Needless to say the plans changed very quickly for the one truck that had to turn around and drive all the way back to pick up the AWOL employee.  The name of the offender is still being withheld.

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