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A Tribute to Craig’s Yard

Years ago a gentleman named Craig asked if we would be interested in coming in and doing a private tuning party for he and his friends on the way to the next show.  We met them at a truck stop a mile or so down the road from his home in Louisiana.  He picked us up in his truck and showed us the route to his house and pointed out that the ground was very solid and firm where he wanted us to execute a very wide left handed U-turn.  The plan was to turn the dyno rig around in his well-manicured yard and then pull back up onto his concrete drive and set up to work.  We went and got the dyno, which is 60,000 lbs, and 80’ long and proceeded to execute the suggested maneuver making it through the U-turn to within 20 ft of the concrete driveway.  What Craig had thought was solid, quickly turned to quicksand.  The toter home was sunk to the body.  In order to get it out, a 20’x20’ steel 2 car carport had to be unbolted from the concrete and moved out of the way.  A neighbor showed up with logging chains and an F350 Dually 4×4 and somehow managed to recover the sunken toter.  We call this the ultimate yard job.

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